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Pistol Shooting Stances : How to Take the Low-High Pistol Shooting Stance

We’ve gone over arm positioning and those
things. Now we are going to get into what I like to consider postures or positions at
the ready. We have a low ready which I will demonstrate. The low ready basically is where
the weapon is down here and I will equate it to the action movies we’ve seen in the
70’s and 80’s where a person goes in and you’ll see him down here and they will clear room
and come from up here to down here. This is essentially the low ready position. Okay it
still has its place used by law enforcement military but there are different theories
to go along with it. Down here the reaction time if you need to engage, if you are walking
down a corridor and someone pops out in front of you, the team to go from here to here,
that’s an argument. Down here if someone comes and grabs it, you’ll never be able to get
your firearm up. You may be able to get a round off but it is going to go to the ground
so you won’t effectively be able to engage a target. There are a lot of different theories
on the low ready. Also, is the medium or high ready which is again, you’ll see most military
and law enforcement use. When you come to the medium ready is when I’m out here and
say I’m on target and I’ve given a command. No threats available what so ever. Okay come
to the medium ready. I just bring my arms pretty much in and my weapon is facing down.
Okay my weapon is facing towards the ground. If you are in a specialized unit where you
have a bunch of guys and everybody is at the low ready and it is kind of exaggerated but
your hands are off the trigger and your weapons are pulled into your body right here. I like
this theory because I am in control. My weapon is an extension of my arm so if I have it
sticking out, I don’t feel like I have a lot of control over it. But my weapon is right
here and I have to go with hands on, I can still go hands on if I have to fire, can I
fire from here. Absolutely. So I like my weapon close to me because it gives me more of a
secured feeling. It’s not just out here in lala land waiting for just anybody to take
hold to it. So from here, I come to the low ready. From here I could clear a building
and walk around. I could stand here all day just like that and you know if I get the command
where I need to engage a target or I’m on the range and they tell me to fire, all it
takes is this. I’m coming from here to here versus from down here to up here. What is
going to happen you are going to come from here and go up. You are going to pass your
target and have to come back down to level out and you’ve got to try to engage your target.
Where from here just bringing it up and you can shoot from here. You don’t want to have
your weapon back here. That’s a big no no but even if you have to shoot from here, you
could but you can go from here to here. Those are the different readys. You have the low
ready which still has its place and you then have what you consider the medium or high
ready which is here close to your person.

25 thoughts on “Pistol Shooting Stances : How to Take the Low-High Pistol Shooting Stance

  1. in my opinion, unless he wants to save $600-650 to buy a pistol, you shouldnt buy a glock. Dont get me wrong, Glocks are awesome pistols, but i would start out with something like a S&W sigma, or a CZ Surplus pistol. But its all about personal preference. If you want to buy him a pistol, go to your local gun store and ask if he could hold some pistols to see which one he likes best. (a .22 is never a bad option for a first pistol either. try out a Walther P22, or a taurus .22 revolver)

  2. I'd say start with a .22 pistol to plink around with and get said 14 y/o comfortable and move up in Caliber later on. Save up some money for a good pistol of course for when he turns 21 and can carry

  3. I like this guy… good instruction. 2:33… "You DON'T want to have your weapon back HERE. Thats a BIG no-no…" I laughed a bunch at that. As in, no, really? I want to be clocked in the face by my weapon's action cycling… 😉

  4. Thank you so much. You are easy to listen to and easy to follow. I'm looking to get a Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm. Any suggestions? I tend to shoot to the lower left. I'm a righty. 

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