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Pistol Shooting Stances : How to Shoot a Gun with One Hand

Okay, now we have done the three kneeling
positions, we are going to go over a little bit of the one handed position which I kind
of touched on briefly earlier. Again when you are firing one-handed it could be for
a number of reasons. Maybe you are just trying to get proficient with your strong hand and
you’ll transition to your support hand and gauge the target. Its good practice if you
are an avid shooter whether it’s recreation or for training for professional purposes.
It’s good to transition your strong hand and your support hand one handed. Could you get
into an incident where your strong hand is injured and you have to transition to your
support hand? Absolutely. And vise versa. It’s good that we become versed in both hands
in the use of firing one handedly. There is stability for one handed positions that I
showed before. You bulge it make a fist and bring it right across your chest as you are
punching out. And again when I am punching out I am not sticking it straight out and
I am not rigid. Okay, this is where I want to stability in the wrist so my wrist doesn’t
give and cause a weapon not to cycle properly. Okay, so I am not sticking all the way out
here but when I punch it out I am coming about right here. I still got some bend there and
instead of keeping it straight here I’m just going to slightly turn it like that where
I am able to engage my target and I am tight up here which keeps everything up here in
sync with each other and keeps it tight. Where I have as much stable platform for shooting.
You will see sometimes people will stand sideways and they will aim at their target. Again,
not a bad position for training purposes this is great. You know if you just want to see
what type of marksmanship skills you have one handedly. This is fine. Okay, but in a
situation if you are in law enforcement or in the military it may not be the best position
for you to be in. For law enforcement or military there is an exposure here and this is a vital
organ if you get shot under the arm. So you don’t want to expose nothing to a bad guy
that you don’t have to. But again whenever you shoot you can still face your target square
or you don’t have to be sideways to engage one handed. Same thing with my support hand,
I come up I can turn it this way. Personally I kind of like my weaver stance. Make that
fist bring it across the chest take aim, slightly turn it. It doesn’t have to be like this.
You still need your sights to be able to hit your target so we don’t want to go like this
and have our head turning this way we hear and we slightly turn it. Now nothing has changed.
I can still see my sights and I can still see my target and I can still engage it so
those are the one handed positions.

100 thoughts on “Pistol Shooting Stances : How to Shoot a Gun with One Hand

  1. @ThePj5000: He didn`t touch the trigger because he didn`t intend to shoot the gun, he just demonstrated the stances. Also, touching the trigger wouldn`t have had any effect since the gun doesn`t have a clip in 🙂

  2. @scopefactor he meant that on the sides the body armor and bulletproof vests don't help, because they don't cover those parts

  3. @ThePj5000 Thats because he was trained properly. Your not supposed to keep your finger on the trigger unless your actually firing, thats a great way to make accidents happen.

  4. @ThePj5000 That is the exact reason why kids should never be allowed around guns. If you were at the range with me and you kept your finger on the trigger, I would fucking pistol whip you.

  5. @Willgtl As I would do the same to my kids…. listen you don't have to tell me about these things because I'm quite aware, and I was being sarcastic – I thought he was going to fire a shot at the target using that position.

  6. I wanted to try shooting with one hand, but the instructor at the police station won't let me, WTH it's not like I could kill someone!

  7. Thanks! I shoot one-handed often because of the difficulty one can have with a Weaver grip when shooting an older revolver. (SAA grips) I commonly point shoot with my revolver, but these tips still improved my shooting.

  8. Keep both eyes when you shoot Mr. professional. Law enforcemen/ melitary are trained to keep keep eyes open to not create any blindesides.

  9. @scopefactor Yes, a bullet through the torso side has the potential to damage many organs at once. There is a debate here…sideways makes you a smaller (slimmer) target, but at the risk of more serious injury. Perhaps it's time to look at side-specific protection….??

  10. @farizster I know right. I tried it a couple of times just to see what it was like but to say the least I now understand why no one ever gets shot in a gang shooting because I couldn't hit a single fucking thing or get remotly close with that "gangter hold"

  11. @farizster the German police and military shoot sideways tactically in training when confronted by an attacker in close range. So there is really no "truth" in shooting, just the seeking of personal technique known to be true for them.

  12. thanks for the vid will hopefully help trying to get a license in sweden
    have to score 46 out of 50 points on a 25 meter distance 3 times

  13. @JetMechMA Also, most bullet proof vests cover the front and the back, but not the sides, so you're exposing the part of your chest that isn't covered, AND lining your organs up for billy the bullet.

  14. It is much easier to hit a full silhouette than someone standing sideways. All this talk is silly. It's complicating a simple thing. If someone was shooting at you, would you want their target to be 24 inches wide or 12? C'mon.

  15. @benthomasmelton Yeah, but if you are hit in either position, the straight forward position is less likely to fatally wound you. Also, think about it: Would you rather be hit in the stomach straight on, or from the side? If youve ever taken a beating you know that being hit from the side hurts way more.

  16. i like what your tokeing about and iv lournd a lot from you, but do you have any videos on how to grip a handgun wile shooting it?

  17. Aren't you expose whether you are sideways or standing square. Standing square you are a bigger target.

  18. Weak-hand square or weaver stance is tough, especially with the bigger calibers. You can feel the damn thing torque you big time. Then again if you are in a situation you have to shoot weak-hand only, the technique probably wont go through your head or matter.

  19. Military forces are required to use fmj rounds which pass through the body. Standing sideways means a smaller Target but the round will go through more organs. If you are square then the round may only hit one if any organs. So its slightly better.

  20. Soldiers in the first and second world wars were tagh to fire wth one hand. One hand on the hip sometimes, mainly for balance.

  21. I good way to shoot would be to have your elbow next to your gut and take aim its very accurate and the reload + recoil is fast and shooting like a gangsta can be a good way to look around a wall to be honest I mean they created guns to do the same thing (aim around a wall..)

  22. He should have his own channel. He knows what he's talking about even though he's camera-shy. Unlock every other expertvillage video, he ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT. Give this guy a medal, a channel, and a subscriber base for our new firearm owners out there who need quick, effective, to-the-point information. I'm sure he has a wealth of other information as well…

  23. Not everyone has body armor. Standing sideways shooting with one hand is a good way to shrink your silhouette, if only slightly. For people who think you can't be as accurate with one hand, might I remind you of the old gunslingers shooting coins out of the air and cherries off cigarettes with just one hand.

  24. Not bad. When I play time-crisis in arcade, I was used to handle a gun at any position like what you have shown to us.I even want to imitate Dante from Devil May Cry, his gunslinging can kill those multiple enemies. I prefer to use dual pistols even in arcade, because a dual pistol for me, is matched to a prumary weapons. Anyway, I've been looking forward to your video of how do we hold a dual pistols, moreover, a dual semi-automatic pistols. For me by the way, semi-automayic pistols are way too dangerous than any guns.

  25. only argument is standing sideways you have less of a target. Standing broadside you open up ALL your chest. I have never had any training besides a 4th gen Montana boy hunting but just my opinion.

    Thank you for your video very much so and teaching gun safety and knowledge Sir.

  26. I only shoot one handed due to disability. When I started canting my pistol slightly to the side as this man does, my aim immediately improved. These are good tips.

  27. The sideways stance exposes you less, because you’re smaller in profile than straight on. That’s the point. There’s a reason people used to duel like that.

  28. 2:34 i shot my springfield xd 9mm like that in the range today. i grabbed my crotch and said "break yo'self muthafucka!" and dumped the whole mag

  29. The down & dirty target drill that can turn even the ultimate greenhorn into an elite shooter almost overnight… this technique alone is a "fail-safe" method for getting pinpoint accuracy, and going from buckshot to bull's-eye on every shot and never wasting a bullet ever again

  30. If firing a 9mm luger, i strongly suggest using two handed firing. I always strengthen my arms with a dowel, a rope tied to the dowel and a 25 lbs free weight, slowly rolling up and then un rolling down, SLOWLY, making it burn, arms straight out, yet, that luger round, will get away from you if you use one hand, despite how much like Rambo you are.

  31. If you were in a shootout surely it would be better to stand sideways so that the enemy has a smaller target to hit?

    If you stand facing forward your whole central mass is exposed?

    Just a curious brit!

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