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  1. cant unserstNd wht theyr sayin, look love the channel but are they really teaching to do the sling shot method rather than the over the top method?

  2. out of my own teaching experience, some people have it easier to slingshot than over the top due to their body
    do what works for you, each person has a different body and it (re)acts differently

    and you, what do you prefer/use most?

  3. This looks like a really fun class, and it's always awesome to train along side friends. Keep up the awesome video work and great training.

  4. it depends how it was filmed
    our camera/montage guru has all the footage of the class so i'll have to check it out first with him
    maybe we could do a video or two that will show full drills

    new gun porn is comming soon! 🙂

  5. no, we are not teaching the "slingshot" method

    we showed a couple of different techniques and argued why some are better/more efficent than others and why we recommend them but we didn't enforce them

    some people just choose to use techniques that are the most comfortable for them and for their type of pistol

  6. it looks cool but i don't recommend it

    we showed a couple of different techniques for clearing malfunctions but i only endorse the "tap rack bang" system since it's simple, can be traing as a "muscle memory" response and it works for every type of malfunction and every type of gun

  7. thanks!
    you can get your own t-shirt like that from our store – link is in the video description

    we also have different designs like the G3, SCAR, Vz58, G36 operator and others 🙂

  8. thanks man!
    it was fun but sometimes i can be really annoying if people don't liste to me and do things the wrong way 🙂

  9. pri CSB-ju bomo kot inštruktorji sodelovali pri strelskih tečajih, ampak tam bomo trenutno učili samo čiste osnove za ljudi, ki verjetno prvič streljajo 🙂

    nekaj takega, kot smo pa delali na sodražici pa spet planiramo enkrat konec tega leta ali pa na začetku naslednjega leta, odvisno od dostopnosti terminov za strelišče in vremena 🙂

    boš obveščen preko FB 🙂

    je pa toliko vaj in snovi, da bi bilo optimalno, če bi v enem dnevu na strelišču učili samo pištolo, puško ali pa pumparco

  10. thanks! 🙂
    the song is a version of Reckoner from Michael Forest – you can find him anr this song on soundcloud

  11. Seems like you trained via the Magpul Dynamics methodology. That was a pretty freaking awesome first class, Ziga!

    Though, I would probably talk a bit about how to charge the slide with the overhand "powerstroke" method and how to insert a mag cleanly. Also, you could try "off line of attack" by having half the shooters watch during certain drills. Still great stuff!

  12. This is really well done, great job guys! Out of curiosity, is there a credentialing agency (like the NRA here) for instructors in Slovenia?

  13. Yeah. Gun goes click, check if it's jammed, tap rack. That doesn't work, lock the slide, pull the mag and reload. I do prefer to keep the mag instead of tossing it though.

  14. I I like the modified weaver stance since you can use similar stances with a rifle and shotgun too. At close range the isosceles stance is quicker to connect rounds on target. In my option in a gun battle, the goal is to hit the other guy and not get hit myself body armor or not.

  15. Love your "new video description", hehe:
    "All attendees are our personal friends, have no criminal records and range from beginners up to advanced shooters."

    By the way, you guys look like you're doing a great job teaching the gun basics and combat techniques… Didn't see it in the video, but did you think about integrating a barricade, so they can learn shooting from barricades and do transitions from cover to cover, which is actually really important in live firefights! Good job again!

  16. Very nice the Instructor actually knows what he's talking about! My first reason being his choice of pistol 🙂

  17. can someone explain to me why they were rolling the guns to the left so that the ejection ports were up, when the worked the slide? I was always taught rack and roll to the right so any malfunctions and spent casings would fall out. Correct me if i'm wrong please.

  18. any spent casings or rounds that are not ejected by the extractor will fall out through the magwell so there is no need to tilt the pistol in any direction

    some of them were tilting the pistol to the left because they used the "slingshot" method or racking the slide

    we don't teach or recommed that technique but some of them still use it and as long as it works it's fine with us

  19. i didn't exactly train by the Magpul Dynamic methodology but i use a lot of concepts that they show and teach

    the video didn't cover even one third of the stuff that we did

    we prefer and teach the "powerstroke" but some of them just didn't have the time to adopt it in such a short time
    when adrenaline kicked in they still used the "slingshot" method but since it worked for them we didn't really mind

    we show better ways and techniques to improve their shooting but we don't force them 🙂

  20. če si polnoleten se lahko na strelišču Belit ali pa na strelišču Dum Dum naročiš in skupaj z inštruktorjem sprobaš par kosov orožja

    je pa definitivno zanimivo! 🙂

  21. this were mostly our friends that are also shooters so we made a "course" where we showed them a lot of different techniques and advised them on how to train and improve their shooting techniques
    we also did some custom drills for diffrent type of pistols
    i don't know if we suit them all but we made it interesting and useful for everyone 🙂

  22. hvala!
    smo člani različnih strelskih društev in streljamo večinoma na tekmah, ko pa snemamo je pa to ponavadi na kakšnih privatnih streliščih, kjer lahko zagotovimo varnost za take dejavnosti

  23. thanks!

    there was so much stuff to teach that we actually ran out of time
    we also didn't show a lot of other useful stuff that we will probably do in our next "class" for our friend 🙂

  24. Well done boys. Your vids are always entertaining. It would be kind of cool if there were some sub titles It's always interesting to learn other trainers tactics and thoughts before , during , and after training. Cheers!

  25. Interesting. Thanks for the great videos. Great to see something different from the American way of doing things. Very similar yet unique, if you know what I mean.

  26. I think at the time we were wearing normal cargo pocket pants, nothing tactical. Then i used 5.11 pants for a while and i was quite pleased but now im looking for something better

  27. why do people pull the pistol close into their chest after shooting in all these videos. i realize it is safety but what exactly is the point?

  28. Sadly in Australia I can't have a resin toy gun with out a club membership and a license because we gave up our freedom. J can only dream now of standing side by side with men prepared to defend their freedom and loved ones. Love your vids PT.

  29. Looks like fun but I can't say I agree with some of the techniques you were teaching. But… I guess I'm stuck in my ways! I would just recommend never trying to clear a "stove pipe" that way. It works on some but not all pistols. It's a great way to cut your palm or rip your glove.

  30. I usually teach the gun malfunction drill with empty casing loaded in the mix (Not the 1st nor the last, but somewhere in between..). [everybody load someone elses mags.]

  31. Ziga, what does "pumparco" mean in English? I put it into Google Translate, and it comes back as "pumparco." Based on context, I'm guessing pump shotgun, but that's still only a guess.

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