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Pistol Racket play teaching video

Learn the Pistol Racket Play with me Forehand short service One action,two spins Under spin: acceleration friction by touching the ball bottom to make spin Non spin ball: uniform friction by touching the moddium of the ball Right demonstration: uniform speed touching the moddium
of the ball to make non spin serve Left demonstration: accelerate speed touching
the bottom of the ball to make under spin serve Display Forehand rush ball Techonical points No.1:The first placement in your own
table side No.2: Fingers to hold the racket and wrist acceleration No.3:Keep the ball stable,turn the waist to force Backhand short service Backhand long service Forhand attacking Display forehand attacking Forehand fast bringing Display: forehand fast bringing Forehand drive Display: forehand fast bringing Forehand pick hit Display:Forehand pick hit Backhand control Diaplay:Backhand control Backhand fast bringing Display:Backhand control Backhand drive Display:Backhand drive Backhand shot Display:Backhand shot Backhand screw pull Display:Backhand screw pull Forehand push Display:Forehand push Forehand puts short Display: forehand puts short Forehand long chop Display: forehand puts short Backhand puts short Display: Backhand puts short Backhand long chop Display:Backhand long chop The brief introduction
Pistol Racket is ITTF approved can participate in any level of table tennis match comfortable ergonomic design
is a natural extension of the hand The action is simplified
and the force is sufficient Su Zhimin:
I dedicated my understanding of table tennis
to you enthusiasts!

5 thoughts on “Pistol Racket play teaching video

  1. I just have pistol racket giving to me from China, this video give me more understand how to play with pistol racket, will love to see more about playing teaching video.

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