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Pistol | Pittsburgh’s Hidden Treasures

This was my grandfather’s. And what was his job? He was a messenger in the Brinks truck. And what happened to him? The Jaworsky Gang blew it up. It went as high as a telephone pole, came
down, and the armored car behind it with six guards in it crashed into it. Everybody [was] knocked out. [It was] a successful robbery. What happened to your grandfather? He had to sleep in a chair [for] the rest
of his life. They didn’t have lounge chairs and all that,
he had to sleep at the kitchen table, his back and that. They didn’t have those things in them days
in ’27. He never knew what hit him? None of them did. And how much was stolen? $102,000. 1927? 3/11/27. Here’s the pistol. That was your grandfather’s service . . .
This is his pistol, yes. Wow. Good shape, too. But that’s the first armored car robbery
in the United States. On old Bethel Park Road, taking the money
to a coal mine. $102,000.

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