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PISTOL PACKIN’ NITWITS – Harry Langdon – 1944 Columbia short

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5 thoughts on “PISTOL PACKIN’ NITWITS – Harry Langdon – 1944 Columbia short

  1. This was Harry Langdon's last Columbia short,completed  only weeks before his death of a cerebral hemorrhage on December 22, 1944.  Quite a different "Langdon" character than from his early days as a Mack Sennett super star.   …Rowby

  2. Harry Langdon always had a sweet sadness in character, but, in this short, his apparent failing energy is simply sad. I presume that the extended footage granted Chris McIntyre (hardly unwelcome) was meant to cover Harry's collapse. Thank you for sharing his swan song.

  3. Very similar to The Three Stooges "Out West"…their first Columbia short with Shemp, released just a year or two later.

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