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Pistol Midline Pratley

Alright now our midline is unique for the
fact that we have a thousand different ways to run a play now my motto this season has
been five plays a thousand wings we believe in keepings it simple we organize our plays
into categories and we will run those five plays but we’re gonna do it in a thousand
different ways formation motion ships all these different ways that we can get into
different things and that’s a whole another webinar we don’t have time to get into all
the ways we do that but I’m gonna show you what we call our alpha group and our alpha
groups we call them our MVP players these are the most valuable players. One of the
things as a coach that I’ve grown and as offense has changed and developed over the
years is basically by coming up with this alpha group what we found in the first couple
seasons that we ran this is that we were running the veer and everything was fantastic but
the problem was we didn’t have a compliment for it we were just randomly called place
well we got a little smarter this year if teams were taking away veer how do you counter
it so we’ve come up with an inside play an off tackle play and an edge play so no
matter what a defense does to us we will have these three plays that we can use at our luxury
to hit inside off tackle or on the edge and that how we’ve organized everything now
with an alpha group a three plays we have a bravo group which is the our compliment
to the alpha et cetera et cetera alright you’ll notice at the bottom we’ve also built a
play action pass and we’ve also built in basic streams swings and bubble streams some
tunnels everybody has got different terminology but this is a great compliment as well so
we feel truly that we can go into a football game and we can run these five plays and have
no other trouble these are the only five we’re gonna need and we really when the go gets
tough we always tell our kids there are most valuable players MVP midline veer pitch when
the going gets tough we’re gonna stick with one of these three plays because we’re gonna
know them so well we’re gonna execute them well that being said let’s start with our
midline okay as I mentioned I’m not gonna spend a ton of time on this but we’re gonna
read the two technique for wire. Alright what do I mean by that this is our midline explanation
we’re gonna run midline to the right hand side alright so we’re looking for a two
technique or water the first two technique or water that we see will be our read and
this case I’m talking about this guy right here that is my read man I’m responsible
for leaving him alone now how will that play out in our scheme of things really its quite
simple alright he is the first man to make a call he is covered by the read guy so he
cannot block him what he will do is make a under call which means he is going to go underneath
his guy and he is going to take the make linebacker the second is our tackle our tackles in midline
is the only exception to our zone rules he is going to kick out the end man on the line
of scrimmage so he will essentially make a kick out block what we’re done is created
two options on this play the first option our half back will go straight down the line
of scrimmage right through the midline our second option will be our quarterback pulling
the ball and he’s gonna go right through the flow alley now we have one problem left
we need to create a motion man we have a Z we have a F that we can bring in motion in
this case we’re gonna bring our Z in quick motion we’re gonna shoot him up that hole
and he’s gonna be responsible for taking the Mike to the outside so essentially what
we’ve done is Mike cannot be right nothing he does on this play will make him right he’s
going to be double teams the tackle is the same way nothing he does makes him right if
he closes down and takes away the dive our quarterback will pull it and go if the tackle
goes up field we teach your quarterback to give that ball every time alright let’s
take a look at what that read looks like we’re gonna animate it clear this drawing up here
and see how this drawing goes so as we animate Alright so as we animate as I mentioned there’s
our read man we are going to have a slot receiver whether it’s our Z or F do some kind of
full block to make sure we have that Mike linebacker accounted for if the read man goes
up field or just sits we give the ball to the running back that’s our first read when
in doubt give the ball so in this case the tackle went straight up the field we gave
the ball on the dive and away we go alright in the next scenario what you’re gonna see
is the tackle is going to crash down and take away our dots if that’s the case our quarterback
is going to keep the ball and go up the hole so there’s our read man once again we’re
gonna have our slot receiver responsible for full blocking the read man crashes pull the
ball follow the block so there’s our crash read quarterback pulls the ball and makes
his way up through that little hole essentially becomes a quarterback iso block secondary
read alright so that’s the explanation of how the read works let me get into the nitty
gritty here the best part about this spread option that we have found is that really there
are only eight combinations defenses that you’re gonna see you’re either gonna get
a six man box or a seven man box because we have four wide receivers all the time so you
cannot put eight in a box because well throw the ball and a lot of cases we try to throw
the ball in seven but we have found that there are only eight possible combinations that
you can get as far as the defense goes you can get a three-three stack or a three five
as some people call it a four two is a three and a one technique a four two with double
twos a five one a three four a four three so you got your six man box and your seven
man box and any kind of combination that you’re gonna get I don’t care what they are there
gonna get one of these eight essentially now that’s important for us because the kids
can easily understand what defense their getting and how to adjust to that I’m gonna go against
double twos because that’s what as I mentioned earlier that’s what we’re gonna get most
of the time now we said we’re gonna run our five plays a thousand ways here’s an
example of exactly what I’m talking about this is our basic stack formation using motion
and using different formation we are going to run midline and I think counted 36 different
ways alright so let’s give you our base way we’re gonna run midline to the right
out of our stack formation and we’re gonna use the blocking schemes that I outlined earlier
makes it really simple to understand so the first thing we need to understand is who do
we read on this we’re gonna read it to our water so the first things I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna highlight my read man and this case it’s that guy okay two or water so
let’s go through together and let’s talk about what each of these individuals does
alright we know that this is our read man and our play is to the right so we’re gonna
leave him alone first step is he is responsible for the box from his nose to his nose there’s
nobody in that box so he will step playside and he will work his way up to backer and
if he can’t get the backer he’ll continue on until he finds an ugly shirt and that’s
the way we teach it if there’s nobody in your box continue on until you find an ugly
shirt okay this guy has a head up to as we talked about earlier his job is that two technique
so he’s gonna put his head on the play side and he’s gonna grub or cut that two technique
our center will step playside nobody in the box he’s gonna continue on and more than
likely the first ugly shirt that he’s gonna get is that will linebacker so if you look
now we’ve double teamed the will we got him from the outside we’ve got him form
the inside this gentleman here our guard is covered but he’s also covered by the read
man so we make an under call we’re gonna go underneath that read and we’re gonna
take the inside of that Mike linebacker in this case our tackle will kick out as we talked
about it in midline and then our Z will be in motion because it’s called the Z in so
he will be our motion man he will enter himself into the line of scrimmage and block the Mike
linebacker what that allows us for us then is to run our play so let me animate it give
an idea of what our midline looks like clear the drawing and then we will be ready to go
alright this will do exactly what I showed you we’ll make an in and out call from our
slots our Z will go in motion he’s gonna make his own steps work to that linebacker
he’s covered by the read man excuse me cove red by the two he’s gonna grub them he will
zone and look back side he makes an under call goes to mike he makes an out call and
there’s are read just the way we had talked about it alright now this is an important
piece to the option and once again this is a whole different presentation but we use
what we call a one way street these are one way decisions if you’re going down a one
way street you’re gonna continue going down that street forever that’s essentially what
we want with our dice guys you are going to give him the ball as long as that street is
open the only time you’re gonna keep the ball if you’re the quarterback is if this
street becomes obviously closed and how will it be obviously closed cause this tackle is
gonna come down and create a wreck if that tackle creates a wreck now it’s my quarterbacks
job to pull the ball and take up to the hole so we use one way decisions that works same
way on veer that works same way on option there one way decisions a one way street and
the only way you can get off that street is if there’s going to be an accident then
you better pull the ball and find a different route alright I’m gonna give you a couple
more looks on our midline on its different motions and things that we can do one of my
favorite ways to do this is give you a different look with formation so what we will do in
our stack formation is bring in what we call a red stack red tells our full back instead
of being stack he’s gonna line up at the tight slot now he doesn’t need to motion
because he’s already in a trick spots so he’s just gonna insert himself as this guy
and away we go so the play works the exact same way blocking schemes don’t change the
only thing that’s changed for us is essentially who is going to be the insert guy okay nothing
changed he’s the insert but there’s no motion needed and we still make the same read
on that two technique alright let me show you against a different front just to prove
to you how easy this can be done we’re gonna show you a seven man front now here’s three
five two look what we have found is that teams are gonna play an umbrella covers behind it
with a cover two or their gonna come up man up on you a lot of the teams we play have
the ability to man up on you so we found out that if you break the first level you connect
yourself to big play because their manned up in your receivers now how do we do this
it works essentially the same way okay we’re gonna do it the same way we did anything else
here’s our read man no problem there because he’s a two wider okay our tackle is still
gonna kick out nothing’s changed their alright lets go through the progression he is going
to step to this box that is his man why because he is from nose to nose okay he essentially
is going to step to tis box and he will take that linebacker if will is there if will isn’t
there he continues on a different path he’s covered by head up nose so he’s gonna put
his head in the playside and grub him we have an under call from the read man and away we
go there’s our dive pass and theirs our pull pass now the best part about this where
the nose guard is with the way we zone block we actually encourage our half back once he
hits this hole look for cut backs theirs a cut back lane right there, there may be a
cutback lane straight up the middle you may end up cutting back this way we give our half
back the option that’s why this zone blocking works so well for us because we’re always
creating lanes we’re always running lanes so let’s animate it against this five two
front to give an idea of wat it looks like and then move on these in motion are insert
guys now we can make a gut call here if we feel that we need to we can we will have our
guard go down tackle guard under tackle there’s are zone under call out call and away we go
as I mentioned it it basically creates a zone cut for our half backs alright let’s move
on to our veer play as I mentioned it doesn’t matter what front you got we’ll show you
six one very quickly this is your read man because he’s two to water nothing changes
absolutely nothing changes alright the one question that I do get and I’ll go to it
really quick I know we’re running out of time guys I could talk all night but the one
question I do get a lot is how do you play a three three stack midline so I’m gonna
show you that once this one’s done here we’re gonna zone step this zone there he
makes his under call here’s your kick out and same thing works alright let me show you
the three three stack very quickly because this does change our calls just a little bit
alright it changes our calls just a little but what we have a problem of now is we always
taught our tackle to kick out the problem is that’s a read man if we go two or wide
the first guy two or wide is the end so we’ve got a problem what do we do how do we fix
that well its actually really simple we still have our full guy but this time we’re gonna
have our full guy pull out rather than under why do we do that because he’s going to
make an under call so he’s gonna go underneath and take the same linebacker inside our slot
will go outside so we double team the Sam linebacker now the other part of this equation
is ninety nine times out of a hundred this is a straight give because for that five technique
to come all the way down the field and tackle our full back he better be a superstar and
if that’s the case he’s making that play its gonna be a long night anyway alright and
that how we run against a three three stack the only thing that changes is that we just
tell our slot that instead of folding in your gonna fold out and take the half top

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