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oh is that smack him in the face morning
six fast and they bringing you guys another madden 19 money play and
this is part two of that pistol bunch te scheme that I’m bringing out
for you guys this is the second passing play and it’s in the Saints playbook
only okay I’m sure might be in the Cardinals but I
know it’s in the Saints and the play is verticals I like to set the play up like
this I like to have my fastest receiver in the middle right here I like to have
my best route running and tallest receiver on the outside and my second
fastest receiver in the slot position closest to my office of line and I like
to have my fastest running back in the backfield so we’ll break this play down
and man defense cover to cover three and of course cover four let’s get into it
now the only thing I like to do is I like to take them out tight in and put
them on a slant route I’m on playstations list up on the d-pad select
the tight end by pressing X and pressing right on the right toggle let’s put some
in the slant route that’s the play that’s my player that’s how it’s going
to look now in man defense your REITs are gonna be X square and r1 okay X will
be open with a pass lead to the inside and you can get him open and possibly
take that to the house depending on how you play that all we’re doing is
slanting X the next reads we’re gonna read if X is cover is going to be square
okay so they’re square receiver is gonna be open with a high pass and we can get
him out here how possible you can break up tackle but against man defense this
really destroys it your last read it’s gonna be that r1 that’s why you want
your fastest running back back here we got sack let’s run that again
and our one running back sometimes he gets caught up on the line but if he
doesn’t get caught up he’ll get a good jump on his guy and you can pick up a
lot of yards with him now let’s break down cover two this is the cover to
break down cover to break down and your cover to break down your rates are gonna
be circle X and r1 now that circle receiver is opening the
cover too quickly right here also you can wait for him to get open further
down the field he’s open all day look at this look at the cover T right there
he’s open right there okay so the cover to that circle destroys everything after
the circle you also have reads of X you can hit X X is gonna be open right there
really quick you can sort away from the get towards the end but that cover too
if you don’t have any running back out there really can’t go to him but you can
see pass me down a little bit sometimes I don’t like throwing that one because
that defender if their receiver is not doing this job he might be able to jump
that next two reads is gonna be our one our one again just like before if he
doesn’t get bumped we gotta block shit but you see how r1 is open I was open
pretty quick and hit him right here just make sure he’s paying attention right
there Oh a little bit but I want to be open hit him
and if everybody if it works out right everybody blocks pasta can pick up a lot
of yards with that and that’s you also can hit this triangle receiver with the
high shoulder pass sometimes and you can get that pass off right there but it’s
kind of iffy I wouldn’t do that but you can if you want to so let’s look at the
cover three over three let’s put that tight in on that slant route your REITs
are gonna be circle X and r1 so your circle receiver again it’s gonna be open
pretty quick I like to pass it to him quick before he gets out there I’ll show
you right here if you wait kind of gets our skin cover it once he gets out there
as you see that circle receiver is a cover but your next read is gonna be
your X receiver and then your r1 we just hit our one but X is gonna be open right
up in there and the cover three he’ll be wide open you can pick up a lot of yards
and then lastly you have your r1 receiver and hit him there look at three
: these blocks then we can hit that r1 receiver and hopefully get a lot of your
hearts and it’s pretty much it for the cover
three and if you block your running back sometimes you can actually get this
circle receiver he has to be fast and he gets open over in this area right here
you can get that off right there so that’s pretty it for the cover three
let’s look at the cover for this is the breakdown for the cover four of the
verticals play in the Saints playbook now your REITs are gonna be X r1 circle
and sometimes triangle so of course we have our X receiver I’m passing that
really quick now you can pay attention side linebacker but you can wait X will
be open a little bit more closer towards the sidelines right up in that area
right up in their little pocket right there and I passed that pass a lot then
you have your r1 coming out of the backfield okay get some blocks in the
cover for you can possibly do a lot of damage with that and you have your
circle receiver circle receiver is open pretty much quick right up in there oh
Jesus look at that overthrow Mitch then we have our circle receiver he’s open
right up in there right up in there you can’t kind of wait until he gets further
downfield a little bit closer justice towards the sideline I’ll show you right
here just need them to block for us circle receivers open right there
possible one plate touchdown any last in a cover for I trying to receive and
we’ll get open and you can get a one plate touchdown out of that just like
that that’s the play verticals in the pistil tight in utilize it with the
cross drag to have that dominant pistol bunch tight in scheme I’ll be bringing
out one more passing play and two to three running plays to complete this
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get your boy wayne6578 if I’m outing but I’ll be back


  1. Combine this with part one for a great scheme in the pistol bunch to formation!

  2. Since the latest eff up patch , i can’t get my user to move worth a flip when holding R2 pre snap ?? Wats the new way

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