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Aye yo its that smack you in the face
Wayne6578 bringing you guys my pistol bunch tight end scheme
I’ve been running this for the last two Madden’s I didn’t really run this year
but after all these crazy patches man this scheme is nice I’ll be giving you
guys two passing plays maybe three and two to three great running plays okay
again it’s the piston punch tight end scheme this first passing play can be
found in these Saints in the Cardinals play book and it’s called cross drag I
like to set it up like this I want your speediest receiver right
here in the middle your second-best route running receiver or quickest
receiver right here we’re gonna put Kevin white right here and then your
number one best route running tallest receiver in the outside position I do
like to put my fastest running back in the backfield and your number one tight
in hey let’s get into the play we’ll break it down in man defense cover two
and then cover three and cover four okay so this is the play right here the only
thing I do is every once in a while I’ll take that idea need to put them on a
slant or leave them on this regular drag or out in demand defense your reads are
gonna be that drag route first if he gets a good jump on this guy you can
pick up some yards with that then you’ll have your triangle and your circle route
I do block the running back sometime so that triangle route is gonna be right
there and we can get busy oh oh oh oh we can get busy and then you also have your
circle route in man defense okay so that’s why you want a fast guy here you
want him to be this guy right there you can try to hit that square route it’s
not that easy to do you gotta wait until he comes in and
sometimes they get a jump on the measure see right there they got a jump on but
that’s really it for the man defense now let’s look at cover two
this is the cover to now sometimes I do likely that running back on this route
we can get out to him and see if we can do something but your reads in this
cover two are gonna be circle X and triangle okay let’s put that X on that
slant route this time and then we can hit circle right up in there pick up
some yards be careful because that’s use a territory use a territory and then on
a triangle well we can hit X if we leave them on its drag route we can hit him
over here or we can put them on that slant route a slant route he might be
covered a little bit in the cover too but we’ll see right there he’s covered a
little bit but you can wait you can hit him also and then last you have your
triangle receiver now this triangle route gets open a lot I’m gonna block my
running back she’s gotta wait for the triangle and the triangle receiver let’s
run it again but they’re trying to receiver does get open you just need
time especially in the cover too we should leave that running back on this
route next but it’s a pass lead down and let’s leave that running back on this
route so we can kind of pull that off now let’s look at the cover three this
is the cover three this play really destroys cover three of course we can
hit our running back out of the backfield and there’s that fall for it I
hope he a patches that after that your reads are gonna be after that your REITs
are gonna be X Circle Square and then triangle cleave X on this drag route hit
him pick up a little yards then you have your circle route he’ll be open for some
yards like I said this is a really really nice play it destroys everything
then you have your square receiver now you just need time right there we didn’t
get off but the square receiver is gonna be open let’s Brock block our running
back then we can hit that square receiver
he’s gonna be open right up in their possession catch that and then we can
hit that triangle receiver and then we’ll block our running back and the
triangle receiver is gonna be open last let’s get that out of there
hey little black shit this time these guys block yeah the triangle receivers
open right there now let’s look at the cover for this is the breakdown for the
cover four of course we always have that running back if we decide to leave him
on his route we can do something with him and then your progressive reads are
gonna be we’re gonna block our running back for the rest of this so we have
time your progressive briefs are gonna be X you can hit the X receiver watch
out the way they’re playing it they’re playing hard flats you gotta watch out
for that then you’re gonna have your circle receiver let’s put him on a slant
Circle receivers gonna be open right there get pretty much a lot of yards and
the cover four and a cover three they have no chance to stop you and then you
have your square receiver square receive gonna cover for you just got to wait
until he makes this cut in and you can get the ball right there it’s kind of
tough but we can wait until he gets a little bit more open we just need time right there you can hit the square
receiver and then you have lastly your triangle receiver now in the cover four
he’s kind of its kind of covers a lot of people out there but if you pass lead
down you can pull that in right there so I’ll throw that one more time get out
there block pass lead down you can get that pass in right there and you want a
fast guy right there you might have to possession catch that but that’s the
play guys the cross drag I’ll be bringing up two more passing plays and
one or two running plays to complete this nice pistol bunch tight end scheme
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upload it’s your boy wayne6578 yep I’m outie but I’ll be back


  1. Pistol Bunch used to be widely utilized across the Madden community around the time Madden 12-13 released. This is an easy to use money formation

  2. Awesome post bro! Would it be possible to get the other links? I was able to find video #1 and #2. Thank you in advance!

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