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he always does Matthew in face 26 578
bringing you guys another Madeen 19 tip video and today we’ll be going over part
three of the pistol bunch te scheme and the play will be going over
today is the pistol bunch tight end formation all three of these plays are
in the Saints playbook the next play is called stick the play is called stick in
this right here I’m giving you guys a goal line red zone play like to run this
play five yards out from the end zone okay I like to have my best and tallest
and best receiver at that square position I’m on PlayStation I like to
have my speedy receiver at the triangle position and a regular tight in and a
regular running back I rarely go to the tight end or really go to the running
back up okay so here’s the play okay I’ll show you that the extra series open
sometimes it’s a good pass you can get that in there but pay attention at
because if that’s intercepted it will be a pigment sinks but I usually look at
two routes I look at this square out and I look at that circle route if the
circle receiver turns around and sits down it’s going to be a low pass a
possession catch to him if he goes on his route towards that sideline it’s
gonna be a high pass to square and right here he went on his route it’s a high
pass to square and sometimes you can get that in there about 75% of time that
circle receiver will go on his route and you can do a high pass to square and
score a touchdown so it’s just a high pass I’m gonna playstation so I’m
pressing l1 and it’s a high pass let’s see if we can right there and some other
high pass right there and he’ll catch that ball just through a high pass catch
it and you can also hit that Circle C we’ll run a few times said that circle
receiver turns around then right there he sitting he sat right there that’s
just a possession catch when he turns around and doesn’t go in this route it’s
just a possession catch then you have to watch out for users they’ll be paying
attention to that tight end and then running back so you don’t have to worry
about that this you’re just making an easy read
okay when that guy goes for that if that circle receiver goes on that route it’s
an easy read just a high pass to that square receiver this is a really nice
play went on that route high pass right there we overthrew it we’ll run it a few
more times this is a great play add this to the scheme right there now both of
those guys will cover it we should have went to triangle but like I said they’re
gonna be coming fast when they’re coming fast like that if everything is covered
you can go to triangle or run with the quarterback right there we’re getting
blitz and you can block that running back I like to leave that running back
on his route just sort of pull that that eh it’ll pull that user now it’s just a
high pass once that circle goes when they drop you can wait if you have time
right there we get in the sack you can wait until that receiver sits down in
the back of that endzone like that but I like to pass it pretty quick so quick
read circles going on his route or staying he’s staying we can do a low
pass to him high pass a low possession catch the circle you want to have your
best receiver best wide receivers for receiving passes they’re right there we
got another touchdown on that guy’s you see the circle wood on this route so we
go to square it’s real easy read eyes circle winners route we do a high pass
to square and right there you gotta stay in the endzone man like I said you could
sometimes wait right there pass it down right there that was a bad
read we should just chuck that up as a loss because that guy was in front of
him right there I’m over throwing it but you guys get the breeze
it’s just Circle Square on his route high pass to square touchdown so really
really easy read play and like I said sometimes X will be open right there you
looking at we can run with our quarterback if everything is coverage
can always run with your quarterback be careful on those users yeah so that’s
the other option that user will be looking at that tight an or sometimes
it’ll be coming over to help with those receivers or that running back and
running back runs out right there we didn’t get it but as you see it’s a lot
of option this is a great play I run it five yards from the end zone
and you’ll be catching a lot of touchdowns if you just put your best
receiver there make sure he’s tall and make sure he has a nice aggressive catch
rating and you’ll catch a lot of touchdowns guys sure boy wayne6578
utilizes to destroy your opponents yep I’m outtie but I’ll be back


  1. It's funny when dudes show "money plays" and 3 out of the 6 times the play gets bagged….well in practice mode you get to re-do it over…in a real game there is no 2nd chance…so nice try…bottom line madden is a game of chance and strategy…you dont know what your LIVE opponent is going to do…PERIOD…get off that weak ass PS and come see real gamers on xboxlive: FILTHYsavageONE

  2. In the madden defense group on fb but i seen that stick practice it for a little bit but at what angle do you high ball to square my qb stay overthrowing for throwing it to the fs way off target

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