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Pigeon Shooting over decoys with an Armsan A612 Shotgun

February is a great month to get on top of
wood pigeons. The birds are mature and every one you knock down counts as it prevents their
future offspring from damaging crops later in the year. Team Wild’s ‘Killer’ and ‘Wildy’
are in the middle of one of the busiest pigeon shooting months of their year. Today they are on a farm in Staffordshire
and they are out to protect Farmer Fonty’s precious rape crop from this winged menace. We’ve been watching this field for a couple
of days now and there’s been quite a lot of wood pigeons coming in and feeding on it.
So we’re going to give it a go this morning and see if we can get some down with the decoys. The first job is setting out the pattern,
drawing those pigeons in like moths to a flame. Wildy looks after the real birds on the ‘whirly’. In proper ‘Blue Peter’ fashion we always carry
a few in the freezer so I fetched them out of the freezer last night to put them on the
magnet so we’re not waiting for anything to come in and have a shot. So when we are set
up and ready to rock, we are ready to rock, not waiting for anything to do the magnets
or the dead bird cradles that we’ve got here. So I’m just going to whack these ones on now
before I put the plastic ones out. They’ll see the other pigeons going around
on the magnets and on the dead bird cradles and they think ‘dinner time, look at them
boys over there’ and then they come. So it’s just to bring movement into the pattern, which
will hopefully get them all round here. The ones that are crossing over on the flight
lines and bring them in to where we want to shoot them. Killer is in charge of the plastic ones. We’ve got some flock coated decoys here. Pigeons,
just shell decoys but they’ve got a flock coating on them it stops the sun shining and
any bright light shining back off them. It takes a bit of glare off them and makes them
a bit more realistic. So I’m going to put these out in a horseshoe pattern, the idea
being we’ll bring the birds straight in, straight down the middle of us straight to the shooting
zone. I’m putting these birds up today onto like
a spring-loaded peg. Just adds a bit of movement and the idea is you want to get as much movement
into your decoy pattern as well. That’s why we have the whirlys, the flappers and these. Decoys into the wind, so they are facing into
the wind so that any wind catches the bird and just gives it that slight bit of movement
and makes it more attractive to the passing pigeons. This is not a kit light sport, the boys have
a pile of equipment to take into the field and once there everything has its place. However,
this new lightweight hide can save you lugging around a few extra pounds with its special
telescopic legs. So it’s just a case of unlatching these at
the back, sliding the hide up, clicking the latches back down again, putting them all
up together at the same time, making sure you don’t pull them out of the ground and
there you have one half of a pigeon hide. Decoys should face more or less into the wind
and the hide must be a masterpiece of camouflage. It’s a good thing the boys are top to toe
in Realtree. So, Keith does have problems dressing himself? All the time, that’s why we usually find we
have to take Carol everywhere with us. It’s true. Once everything is in it’s place and the countryside
has settled back down the pigeons start pouring in. There’s little food at this time of year,
the birds go for anything that looks promising and these decoys are full of promise, of course
its not all hard graft and the banter between the lads is as regular as the shots. I’ve just been up to have a look for that
one that Steve ‘shot’ we found a patch of feathers up there where it stopped got its
breath back, had a bit of a laugh and then carried on but no body so it’s a no kill. Well that’s pigeon shooting eh! It’s better
than being at work innit. Definitely Having two people in a hide is sociable but
it has its safety issues too of which Killer and Wildy are keenly aware. Safety’s on. There are some good shots and some excellent
shots which of course the camera misses This camera is being a bit ropy today, it’s
missed a couple of shots of yours. Yeah well, it’s good like that because I like
Nick, he’s a nice man but you know what I mean Professional — we use the word loosely
around here. At least Bracken is on hand to prove that
all the birds really did hit the deck We take Bracken everywhere with us she very
reliable, very steady in the hide one of the best springer’s I’ve ever known, in fact she
even drives Keith home from the pub every now and again she’s that clever. There are moments to keep a gun safe and there
are moments when a gun needs to be dangerous. Such as when a pigeon is coming into the pattern
and in those dangerous moments it’s good to know you’ve got the right gun. Today we’ve been shooting this Armsan A612
semi-auto shotgun imported into the UK by Viking Arms. Cracking bit of kit, comes up
well, no recoil and for a budget price shotgun it really is good. We’ve both shot it today,
we’ve both shot fairly well with the gun, got a decent bag, very impressed with it. So, what did Team Wild think of the shooting
today? We’ve had a great day, we’ve shot 32 pigeons,
we’ve still got 2 to pick that went of into an Ash tree, we watched them. We’re hoping
they’ll be dead under there, we’ll go fetch them in a bit. Like I say, we’ve had a great
day shooting, both had good fun and we’re just going to go around now and make sure
we’ve picked up all the cartridges, all the bags, everything, make it nice and tidy and
leave the ground as we found it. For more about the Armsan A612 shotgun the
lads are using visit Team Wild TV will be back with a vengeance next
Wednesday visit

38 thoughts on “Pigeon Shooting over decoys with an Armsan A612 Shotgun

  1. a cracking bit of footage, i always like to see autos used in a hide when two guns are shooting as as the dangerous end is always pionting out the hide when in use or loading. well done team wild..

  2. @MrMGregerSen Hi mate they are called a hunters specalist back packer blind I have one find it brilliant. If you get stuck looking for one google Keith Sports in Saltburn I got mine from there

  3. Nice shooting guys. Keep hunting.
    Also you may want to like us on Facebook/armsanarmtac and your feedback is very much welcomed.

  4. Sorry, but that's total bollocks. Sure, Benelli are great guns, but I'm pretty sure we've used the Armsans in the field a damn sight more that you'll have used a Benelli over the past year and they've never missed a beat. I'd be interested to know how you came up with such a sweeping derogatory assessment of the gun and compared it with one that is over twice the price?

  5. Load quick!

    Watch our other decoying vids as well Cathal as we show you how to set the birds out depending on the wind etc.

    Thanks for watching the show

  6. Hey i shoot pigeons for the fun on my farm. They poop everywhere. I shoot them with BB guns to 12 gauges.

  7. Нет других более садистких методов борьбы с голубями? Найду этого киллера, отрежу ему указательный палец на правой руке и жопу ему засуну. Вот это будет весело!

  8. just bought an armsan A612 brilliant gun shot 92 pigeons and 1 crow with 100 shots never had a gun which comes up so nicely would recommend them to anyone

  9. I have had one of these guns for a while now and had a concern which I approached BASC about for an answer. They said…..Basically because you can very simply remove the magazine plug to make it hold 5 in the tube, its a section 1 and I should not have been sold it by the shop..!! Team Wild comments and any others would be appreciated.. Thanks

  10. Motor way or road in the background lol. And what about all the nickel and iron – gun powder residue all over the crops your kidding.

  11. thank you for sharing this with. Sir, how do you rat armsan a 612 sami auto keeping in view the price and performance. May be i buy one soon. Thanks in advance Sir.

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