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Pig Portal Problems – Angry Birds Parody

Dramatic Music… Quiet music – soft drums Pig noises – Oink Oink Oink More pig noises – oink oink BOOM! on the roof top. Cellphone Alert – Beep beep – Pig Radar! Loud dramatic drums! Oink Oink – landing on the roof. It’s time for my NEW Birds! tense music building stronger Computer beep beep. no, pass, no Oh yeah, I need that one! Selected! I need that one too. Yes! I will need that one too! no …… maybe …… Oh yeah, I need that one. Oh yeah, he is COOL. Portal Activated !!! BOOM! Thunder! Bird Scream! Fire – Flamethrower noise. Sizzle! Score! Score! Points! Bird Scream! Pigs: Huh??? Bird Tweets. Pump air – whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, POP! Robot noises – mechanical noises. Machine gun! Pop, pop, pop, pop! Robot noises – in shutdown mode. Bird scream. Pig giggle – giggle, giggle, ha ha ha. Record scratching – DJ scratch! Power on! Dubstep music – LOUD!!!! Loud soundwaves – so loud the pigs can FEEL it! Bird scream – Helicopter noise. Military copter – noise fades ever more distant. What? Where did he go? Inside the Longbow cockpit – computer noise – targeted. missle rocket FIRED! BOOOOOOOOOM !!!! woosh ! BOOM BOOM BOOM !!! Points! Machine gun – Rat A Tat, Tat!!! SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT – Goooooo Video game points – bling bling bling! Awww, What a MESS!!!! Music – Ending.

55 thoughts on “Pig Portal Problems – Angry Birds Parody

  1. PortalNovmbersi (25B Views)
    Portal – SMG4 Noise (12T Views)
    Radar Alex Alert (12M Views)

    Pumper Bird: AKF me
    Longbow Bird: Me the DJ a.
    DJ: music

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  3. Good memories i watched this video when i was 7 now i am 11 years old and watching this please make lot of angry birds videos like this and please make new types of angry birds i love this channel and i sub to your channel cuz you make good videos this my favorite video of youtube

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