Phoenix Case Weapon Skins

Sadly, Youtube annotations will be discontinued
soon. So this sort of screen won’t be possible any more. Any way, I contacted as many of
the makers of these skins as I could, click on the one you’d like to know more about.
We’ll start with Negev Terrain by Dirp. He got into it after reading Valve’s Workbench
guide and decided to give it a go. He started out on TF2 and is still very proud of what
he describes as his ‘crummy TF2 hat’. He says that he’s never happy with the names
he chooses for his designs. This Negev -STUPIDLY called Terrain- was one of his first for CS:GO
and features a topographical map, filled with contours and heights. It’s part of a series
that he’s made, described by him as an ‘intricate yet subtle camouflage pattern’. For its
design, he looked at what was popular and did something different, steering clear of
flashy colours and futuristic designs, whilst giving the neglected Negev weapon some love
in the mean-time. His later Terrain skins have gained a bit more colour and flare to
them, as you can see from these MP7 and AUG designs.
The Heaven Guard Mag7 by ukrScorpion was inspired by various anime series and took about 4 hours
to make. This is because it wasn’t the first of the series; he made an earlier dual berretta
design that took him a lot longer. He got into skin design because he was inspired by
other peoples’ entries on the forums and decided he wanted to see if he could do it
himself. Much like Dirp, he focused on making skins for less popular weapons. Getting his
entry accepted changed his life, then later on he got a second Heaven Guard design accepted,
this time for the XM1014. The Tec9 Sandstorm is the second and final
of this pattern by Algis to be accepted, though he has since had further successes with other
skin designs. He says that he has got a lot of hate from these skins, being cheap and
the most common skins that people unbox. But he says that if it wasn’t his then it would
only be another skin of equal value any way. Plus, at least with this skin it reminds them
of an AWESOME song! There’s an interesting story behind this skin’s colours: he got
them from an underwater picture of his daughter that he took whilst on holiday. Somewhat ironic
that the Sandstorm’s colours were captured in such a watery place, really.
The UMP45 Corporal by Coridium was developed shortly after his success with the Asiimov
design. He says how he likes to try and create something different from his previous works,
and this certainly is that. Whereas the Asiimov was futuristic and vivid, the UMP45 Corporal
has muted colours and a military theme which he thinks fits CS:GO’s aesthetic. He intended
for these skins to be suitable for the lower skin grades. One thing that most people might
not notice are the colours; blue representing the Navy, green for the classic army and tan
for desert operations. This weapon is part of a collection of skins known as the ‘Rank’
collection, the other being… The FAMAS Sergeant. Also created by Coridium
and is the second and final skin for his Rank collection. For this one he experimented with
a new weapon finish, Patina. It gives him a lot more control over how the damage is
shown, but the down-side is that he can’t decorate the weapon’s magazine. Will we
ever see other ranked skins? Maybe a Private or a Major? Coridium didn’t rule it out
but did say that when you look back at old designs, you only see the things you wish
you had done better, so he generally tries to create new things rather than returning
to older stuff. SG553 Pulse by Thurnip is the second skin
in the design, the first being the Famas which I mentioned in my Winter Offensive video.
As with before, the design is intended to look as though the weapon is shattering from
a virtual place into reality. He likes this design because of the contrast between the
intense purples and the black background. He has different colour finishes depending
on the weapon type, with purple being for rifles, blue-green for pistols and so on.
The Mac10 Heat was made by joop and was originally named ‘Redhot’. It was one of the first
things he made, indeed in the first month that the workshop was around, but by the time
he had finished there were already hundreds of competing skins. He wanted to make a design
based around the physical properties of the weapon itself, choosing heat since he could
recreate the effect in a convincing style without requiring any 3D trickery. He watched
videos of molten steel cooling on Youtube and used these for the colour palette, but
says that he took many artistic liberties along the way during this skin’s creation.
At about the same time, joop also sent Gabe Newell a skin that spelled GABE in musical
notes… but sadly never heard back. USP-S Guardian by J4CK is the second of this
design to be accepted, following the M4A1-S in the Winter Case just a few months prior.
While that skin was Classified, this USP-S has been put in Restricted and can be had
for significantly less. It features the same colours, a custom suppressor with writing
on it and the CT emblem, though it’s now seen on the top of the design, whereas with
the M4 it was on the magazine case down below. The P90 Trigon isn’t available in Factory
New, so every model will feature some degree of wear and tear. It is the third (and not
even final!) skin from Coridium to be included in this case. However, it’s found over on
Faceit’s workshop page, since they approached him along with several other skin designers,
asking if he’d be interested in designing something to help them to fund bigger and
better streamed tournaments. He saw this as an exciting opportunity and it inspired the
design of this skin, with the triangles representing the ladders and tables of the tournament,
the varying heights representing different skill levels, with all players aspiring to
reach the number 1 spot. He says that this was a little more abstract than his other
projects, but that approaching it in this way really helped him to start it from scratch.
And it worked, too- not only did this skin get accepted, but Faceit also got him to make
several more for them as well, including the MP7 Progression with similar colours as the
Trigon and a green USP called Equalizer, though neither of these have made it to the game
just yet. Nova Antique by Ancient is available in field
tested to factory new condition and uses the custom paint job finish to help give it the
look of wood stock and gold inlay. It was the very first skin that he submitted to the
workshop, followed soon after by his Bizon in the same style which was also accepted
later in the Huntsman case. Other than that he’s only made one more of this design,
which is for the desert eagle but has not yet been accepted.
AK47 Redline by EmKay is his second and final accepted skin on the workshop, following his
AWP Redline which I covered in the Winter Offensive case. It was initially made in gold
and black but he later changed it to red to improve its chances of being accepted as a
standard weapon, since gold is reserved for special skins. Its original name was ‘Elegant
Red’ and has remained among the most popular items on the steam market since its release.
Perhaps some day, the Blue Line version will be accepted as well, as there was a lot of
demand for it on its workshop page. Aug Chameleon, originally named Chameleonaire,
is one of 4 accepted entries that Zaphk had for the game, though she has had even more
success over on the DOTA 2 workshop. This AUG is just one of two to be Covert grade-
the other being the more expensive Akihabara Accept, though that one isn’t available
in stattrak. So this AUG’s… kind of special. All of her accepted CS:GO skins have been
hand-drawn designs of various creatures. A special mention to Onilolz, who is also mentioned
as a joint-creator on all of these skins. I covered the Octopump shotgun skin in the
Winter Offensive case and there are more to come in future ones.
AWP Asiimov by Coridum needs no introduction. After watching his making of videos I can
now see how he angles a lot of the colours and designs in the same direction as each
other. By doing so he feels the design becomes more attached to the weapon. Could this be
part of what made this design a success? At the time he says that there weren’t many
futuristic minimalist skin designs on the workshop, which he feels helped with the Asiimov’s
success which at first he didn’t expect to be too popular. The colours were chosen
as they were ‘synonymous with sci-fi’, a style that can be traced back to the likes
of Syd Mead (Who also has an accepted skin in CS:GO!). The name is in tribute to the
popular sci-fi writer, Isaac Asiimov. Coridium says that today’s media is full of fantastic
sci-fi, but he hopes that his skin inspires people to check out some of the older literature,
he really thinks it’s stood the test of time and has helped to shape today’s media.
He also mentions Philip K Dick as another pioneer in the sci-fi genre. Thanks to his
success on the workshop, Coridium says that he would love to make his own computer game,
its development funded by the money he’s earned from his skins. He is very grateful
to Valve for giving outside artists a chance to contribute to their games. He feels like
it’s the next step in videogame evolution and is very proud to be a part of it!

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