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Personal Protection – Gunsite’s Youth Defensive Pistol Class | Mia’s Motivations

Hi guys. Leah and I are out here in
Paulden, Arizona with Remington Arms Company We are at Gunsight Academy where she is
attending a youth defensive pistol class it has been outstanding for her and I
have to share it with you check this out There you go. Body shot, then a head shot. Okay. Go. Our first problem here is the corner staying away from the corner using this hallway to work the angle Wow! We’ve negotiated our first problem. Holy schmoly that was rough, wasn’t it? Grab that door before you pop it open look behind you see where you’re going to go
to. Make sure you know your path. step step step step step there you go there you go Don’t expose yourself. Alright. Why are you doing that? I’m going to kill her. Alright. Finger straight. Shooter ready. Stand by. Go WHOOOOOO! Yeah!Winner right! Woo! Woo! I can’t wait until I get the opportunity
to take a course like this and I hope you would like to take one as well. This course has not only given her
pistol skills but it’s also just grown her confidence immensely and the instructors
here are outstanding they really push you they reassure you at the same time as
they are making sure that you are safe and you you’re learning how to defend
yourself in serious situations I hope that you enjoy the footage and I
hope that you’ll subscribe turn on the notification so you don’t
miss our next adventure and also I really have to give a big
shout out as i said to Remington Arms Company for bringing us out here as well
as to Gunsite Academy. I will share below their social media links and you
can follow them. Like, subscribe, see what they’ve got there’s also a link
below to other courses they do offer more than just handgun you can come to carbine classes, shotgun,
rifle and even hand-to-hand stuff so please check them out thank you for following along and I’ll
see you next week

3 thoughts on “Personal Protection – Gunsite’s Youth Defensive Pistol Class | Mia’s Motivations

  1. Teaching her too defender herself is the best think you can
    do. About a year ago a piece of human garbage from Detroit walked into a store
    in what was always a safe suburb of Detroit. He robbed them, shot the manager,
    kidnapped, raped and killed the 19 year old girl working there. He showed no
    remorse in court.

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