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Peacekeeper – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the thirteenth
episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the Peacekeeper. The first DLC weapon ever seen in Call of
Duty, the Peacekeeper is a fully automatic post-launch addition to the SMG category. An entirely fictional weapon, the Peacekeeper
takes on the appearance of a carbine-length assault rifle, with some visual traits similar
to that of the real-life AAC Honey Badger. Both the Peacekeeper appellation and the blue-and-white
camo scheme would seem to indicate that this weapon is associated with United Nations forces,
presumably for use on peacekeeping missions. The manufacturer logo on the side reads ‘Arbiter’,
and the side decals also give an insight into this future weapon’s supposed calibre – namely
FN’s PDW cartridge, as used by the P90 and Five-seven: the 5.7 by 28 millimetre round. In-game, the Peacekeeper is a low damage SMG:
you’ll need 4 body shots to kill up close, or 3 shots where one is a headshot. At a distance, you may need up to six shots
to kill: however, thanks to the unusually long range of this SMG you can almost always
expect to kill in four or five shots. This means damage output is remarkably consistent
out to a middle range, and it’s towards the end of its four hit kill zone where the Peacekeeper’s
ability shines best. Penetration capability is elevated above the
other SMGs – its performance through walls somewhere between the SMG default and that
of a typical assault rifle. Rate of fire is relatively slow – at 750 rounds
per minute. This is the same output as the PDW and MSMC, but the Peacekeeper requires
an additional shot to kill at a close range. Rapid fire elevates this output, up to a potential
1136 rounds per minute. Hipfire spread is the same as any other SMG,
but the slower rate of fire and lower per-shot damage means you will generally fare much
better while aiming. Recoil is low – not absent by any means, but
the Peacekeeper is stable enough to tackle enemies comfortably at middle ranges. At an extreme range, you will need to burst
fire to remain effective. Aim time is slower than average for the SMGs,
and is instead on par with the assault rifle class, at 250 milliseconds. It’s also worth noting that the innate zoom
level of the Peacekeeper is the assault rifle default, at 1.35x – slightly higher than a
typical SMG. Movement speed is as the SMG class default,
however – meaning you’ll move at 100% of the maximum base speed. Magazine capacity is fairly average – at 30
rounds, typical for an assault rifle but a little short by comparison to the other SMGs. Reloads are pretty quick, however – at around
1.9 seconds for a tactical reload. Our build with the Peacekeeper will help reinforce
its middle-range role: a mobile marksman class focussed on accurate shot placement. As the Peacekeeper is a fairly versatile weapon,
we’ll be taking a weapon-centric approach to our class, and so we elect the Primary
Gunfighter Wildcard to permit 3 attachment choices. Our first attachment choice is the Quickdraw
Handle – as the Peacekeeper is less effective from the hip, accuracy is important: and the
slower-than-usual aim time for an SMG means you’ll see a greater overall benefit with
this attachment. Quickdraw will allow you to snap onto targets
and start pumping accurate lead onto your enemy almost immediately, resulting in you
winning more gunfights overall. Next up, the Reflex Sight is a luxury that
will afford a better sight picture and assist in tracking moving targets. While the iron sights certainly aren’t terrible
on the Peacekeeper, for a weapon so reliant on shot placement, the all-round view on target
the reflex grants is definitely worth its point. A worthy alternative here would be the MMS,
especially given the Peacekeeper’s elevated penetration ability. Finally, our third attachment is Fast Mags
– lessening your weapon’s downtime and reducing the need for a secondary backup by improving
the speed of your reload. This will help in situations where your enemy
is rapidly approaching your position: a quicker reload will mean you can return to aiming
down your sights in anticipation of your foe. Our perk selection is designed to keep your
sights clear and on-target, while enhancing the SMG’s innate manoeuvrability. Our tier one choice is Lightweight: this will
allow you to keep up with even the fastest of opponent, and will ensure you can reach
the perfect firing location while spending the least time exposed. In tier two, Toughness is an almost essential
choice to ensure incoming fire doesn’t hamper your ability to secure a kill. This is vital for a weapon such as the Peacekeeper,
where even at close range you need to land four shots in succession: a rock-steady firing
platform will greatly enhance your performance. Next up, we’ll be using the Perk 3 Greed Wildcard
to load up on the final tier of perks, for duofold benefit. First up, Tactical Mask will help ensure your
enemy’s tactical grenades won’t affect your accuracy or mobility: even under a barrage
of flashes and stuns, your sights will remain clear and your movement unhindered. Finally, Dexterity will allow you to change
up your location as the situation permits with reduced penalty – the faster sprint recovery
improving the time it will take to bring up your sights. That’s our build – a blend of mobility and
marksmanship, designed to get into position and unleash a continuous output of incredibly
accurate fire. The Peacekeeper’s blend of SMG and Assault
Rifle traits make for an interesting approach to gunfights: you should seek to remain on
the move to keep enemies within your grasp – but avoid uncomfortably close quarters as
to preserve your mid-range advantage. Flitting from cover to cover is generally
a good idea, taking advantage of the full run speed and dexterous traits we’ve selected. Anticipation of your enemy’s movement is vital
– instead of rushing headlong into the fray, you want to hang back just a little – and
instead suppress the enemy from an advantageous position. The Peacekeeper is a versatile SMG that can
reach out to longer ranges like no other weapon in its class. Designed as an assault rifle and SMG hybrid,
the weapon takes the rapid handling and manoeuvrability of the former, with the lower recoil and consistent
ranged damage of the latter. The net result is a adaptable weapon that
rewards accurate players with reliable performance. However, the Peacekeeper does suffer from
poor close-quarter performance: a slower rate of fire and low-close range damage will leave
you at a significant disadvantage when facing conventional SMGs. Likewise, a typical assault rifle will generally
have the upper hand at a longer distances, with such weapons boasting lower recoil or
better ranged damage. Still, the Peacekeeper is very able in mid-ranged
engagements, and the weapon’s favourable handling characteristics means it is a flexible choice
when compared to the more specialised weapons. If you bear these limitations in mind, and
try to force anticipated engagements at a middle range, the multifaceted Peacekeeper
will shine. As the old saying goes, if you wish for peace… …prepare for war. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next week, when I’ll be covering the
Combat Knife. Until then, farewell.

74 thoughts on “Peacekeeper – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

  1. Oh man watching these vids remind me of all the fun i had playing bo2, i will always love this series dude 🙂

  2. camo for this weapon is a "must have" as the original color is just, too ugly! The original color is distracting me in matches

  3. It's godly in hardcore, 1 hit out to all but extreme ranges and super accurate. I like to pair it with lightweight, cold blooded, dexterity and extreme conditioning, as well as some form of laser sight, fast mags, quickdraw and stock.

  4. I find that this gun, as a concept, is rather realistic, due to the fact that conventional SMGs are more and more getting phased out of military/police service, in favor of shortbarreled assault rifles / PDWs firing intermediate cartridges that offer armor penetration, high capacity and low weight.

  5. If this gun was in the Wii U version, my class would be…
    Primary: Peacekeeper w/ Long Barrel, FMJ, Extended Clip (Wildcard Used)
    Perks: Lightweight, Toughness, Scavenger (Wildcard Used), Dexterity
    A similar fashion to the Ahoy's Skorpion EVO class… But more of a… "(Reckless) Long-Range Shredder" class? I don't know…

  6. Many, can't believe I played this game 3-4 years ago. Joking with my high school friends over XBOX and playing this all night. Cherish your teenage years, stuff starts happening fast when you graduate high school.

  7. The peacekeeper is one of my favourite weapons in Black Ops 2, with long ranged ability and, pretty good hip-fire. It's stability and accuracy make it loveable.

  8. I really love the new guns in bo3 but I wish they came with a season pass or sold in a "gun pack" where you knew what guns you where paying for.

  9. Figures, gun is called Peace-keeper, and bo2 hippies use it cause they think the MSMC sucks cuz they are FRICKIN NOOBS, Actually good players use it and, fine, go ahead.

  10. The extra damage for headshots is bullshit. It does the same amount of damage regardless just like the scorpion EVO

  11. Fun fact: Treyarch wanted to add more weapons to bo2 after the Peacekeeper but hit there memory limit on the console hardware.

  12. What's with the name of the gun? I mean, I like it because of the fact that it contains no numbers but still why 'Peacekeeper'?

  13. To me, the Peacekeeper is the Go-to-SMG…accuracy of a Rifle, Speed and Handling of regular SMG's. Not the most powerful of the SMG's, but something worth playing with. Unfortunately, the only times I've played with this gun was when someone dropped it in a few of the matches that I had joined (I have not downloaded the gun yet…lol)

    It's a gun where you can learn some of the behaviors and traits of the SMG. And you can learn how to effectively use and experiment with styles that can suit you. Be warned: because this gun is not powerful, accuracy is essential. Random spraying would yield little results and even smaller success.

    Still, a fun little weapon to play with…

    EDIT : I have FINALLY been able to obtain this gun. And as I said before, it may not be as powerful, but a beautiful and fun gun to use! It's really the best of both worlds: Speed of the SMG; Range of the Assault Rifles…

  14. The first dlc gun I’ve ever got. And the first dlc I’ve ever bought for bo2. And also one of my favorite smg’s in this game, I run the peacekeeper with quickdraw, extended mags or fast mags, and a reflex sight.

  15. Peacekeeper suites my play style the best. I don't rush everywhere and I defense areas and do certain things, rather trying to shoot every enemy down at once

  16. I want this gun sooooooooooo badly… but I don't want to shop the revolution pack. I only care about the gun. Also I've just tried it

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