PDW-57 – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the seventh
episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the PDW-57. Another fictional weapon, the PDW is a futuristic
derivative of the P90: this weapon previously present in all of the Modern Warfare titles. The PDW-57 – or Personal Defence Weapon, 5.7mm
calibre – is relatively similar to its parent design, with a few minor cosmetic changes
when compared to the Belgian P90. Outlandish in appearance, the P90 and PDW
designs share the same top-loading magazine – an unconventional feed mechanism, but one
capable of holding 50 rounds of the unusual 5.7 by 28 millimetre cartridge. This cartridge fires a smaller bullet at higher
velocity, for a similar kinetic energy to a typical SMG: but with far better penetration
characteristics against modern military body armour. The PDW-57 is a high damage SMG, capable of
killing in just 3 shots to the body at a close range. The MSMC has a slight edge in damage, but
in practical terms the PDW is similarly powerful. Outside the weapon’s short range you’ll need
6 shots to kill: a hefty differential, making close-range engagements a necessity to make
the most of this SMG. Rate of fire is a moderate 750 rounds per
minute – slow by typical SMG standards, but part of the price you pay for a higher damage
weapon. With Rapid Fire this will be elevated to 940
rounds per minute, on par with the MP7 – but you lose much of your damage potential through
a loss of much of your effective range. Hipfire performance is good – on par with
all other SMGs, although you may see less consistent performance than those weapons
with a higher fire rate. Recoil is moderate – burst firing is essential
at a longer range, although given the lower damage it may be best to avoid such gunfights
altogether. Aim time is 200 milliseconds, standard for
the SMG class: as is your movement speed, at 100% base. Magazine capacity is excellent, holding true
to the P90’s tradition: the translucent top-loading magazine holds 50 rounds by default, more
than any other SMG. Extended clip takes this capacity to a loftier
65, although given that reloads are only a little slower than average – at 2.59 seconds
– 50 rounds is generally sufficient. Our build with the PDW is going to be a blend
of high-tech equipment and counter-defensive abilities: a support SMG class, leveraging
some of the less-direct means of extending your scorestreak. The PDW is a versatile weapon, and is very
able with most attachments on offer: our selection ties into the class philosophy – a pair that
unite to form an ideal counter-camper build. First up is the Millimetre Scanner, or MMS:
this is essentially a red dot sight, with a twist: you can detect enemy heat signatures
through walls while aiming. Much like the ghost perk, your enemy must
be stationary for the MMS to detect them – and such enemies will only show as the scanner’s
pulse emanates outwards. This prescience should augment your awareness,
not replace it: be aware that enemies may still lurk ahead even if they are not present
on your scan. While SMG penetration is sub-par, and FMJ
cannot be combined with the MMS – if you detect an enemy behind thinner cover, you can tackle
them without entering their domain. The PDW is perhaps the best SMG for this job,
with its higher damage and ample magazine – but to enhance your chances ensure you aim
for the head, and shoot perpendicularly through the surface to ensure maximum damage. Given that FMJ is forbidden, the next best
pairing with the MMS is the Adjustable Stock – this will allow you to move at full speed
while aiming down your sights. With this combo, you can scan the area ahead
with your gun ready – with no mobility penalty whatsoever. Another benefit is the elevated evasion potential
during firefights – strafing away from your opponent’s aim while firing will baffle most
folk long enough for you to secure a kill. Sprint only when necessary – at all other
times, keep your sights up and your gun ready. You’ll gain the full benefit of the MMS, and
never enter a gunfight unprepared. Our perk selection ties into the supporting
nature of our class: a build not for pure aggression, but more restrained and careful
denial of your enemy’s emplaced equipment and scorestreaks. Through such subversion of your enemy’s assets,
we can profit with our own scorestreaks – and our first perk will ease the attainment of
such benefits. Hardline grants a 20% bonus to accumulated
points, making scorestreaks correspondingly easier to get. This perk is ideal for a support class, especially
when paired with suitable scorestreaks – you can leverage the assist score from the UAV
to leave the higher tier scorestreaks within easier grasp. Our second perk is Scavenger – not so much
for the PDW, as that comes with ample supply – but instead for our secondary and equipment. Still, in any case – regular resupplies will
mean you’ll never be left wanting for bullets. Third up is a key element in our strategy
– Engineer. With it, your enemy’s equipment will be highlighted
in red through walls, revealing the entrenched positions of your foes. In addition, you’ll be able to re-roll and
booby trap care packages, and any triggered explosives will be delayed, permitting escape. It’s a great all-round support perk – and
one that works very well in tandem with some of our equipment choices. Given that our class is devoted to support,
we’re going to forgo a lethal option in favour of two tacticals, with the Tactician wildcard. An Engineer build is the perfect occasion
to take advantage of this wildcard, with the tactical equipment proving very useful against
enemy equipment. First up, the EMP grenade: toss one of these
within range of any enemy equipment, and it will be destroyed – with an impressive radius
of effect, and an ability to work through walls. The scorestreak bonus for destroying such
equipment is substantial – quite often a well placed EMP grenade will earn more score than
a kill might. Such grenades are less effective when employed
directly against the enemy – fuzzy vision and a loss of HUD and electronics are an annoyance,
but do little to hamper an enemy’s lethality. However, the EMP assist score when a teammate
kills an opponent under the EMP grenade’s effect is a nice bonus – and as such it can
be worthwhile to toss EMPs amongst groups of enemies while your team is on the offense. Enemy scorestreaks are also effectively dispatched
by the EMP grenade: Dragonfires, Guardians, and sentry guns will all be destroyed in very
short order: the AGR is a little more resilient, and will only be stunned: although multiple
EMPs will eventually destroy it outright. Our second tactical grenade is similarly useful:
the Black Hat PDA will destroy killstreaks, and wrest control of enemy equipment, instead
of destroying it. Should you spot a bouncing betty through a
wall, point this PDA at it – and within an instant, it will be yours. Your enemy will
be notified of the hack, and the equipment will be non-operational for a few moments
following: but quite often a hapless foe – or their teammate – will wander into the trap,
scoring you a free kill. You can also use the Black Hat against scorestreaks,
including UAVs and helicopters – in this case it behaves like a single rocket, only destroying
the streak once all flares are depleted. These hacks take a little longer, but can
be useful if you lack other means to destroy such support. Paired with Scavenger, you’ll have a near
unending supply of both these tactical options, permitting near total denial of your enemy’s
defensive efforts. One potential alternative here is the smoke
grenade: paired with the MMS this is a powerful option in objective games, as you’ll be able
to see through the smoke while the enemy are left blind. Our final choice is the SMAW in our secondary
slot – this is a more conventional choice for tackling enemy UAVs, and is versatile
enough to be used directly against the enemy too. The launchers are generally faster than the
Black Hat against aerial scorestreaks, so it’s best to rely on the SMAW when tackling
them. In any case, with Scavenger equipped you’ll
resupply both tactical grenades and a SMAW rocket whenever you pick up a resupply pack,
so you’ll seldom be left without some means of denying the enemy’s fun. That’s our build – a specialised set that
synergises very well together, making for a potent counter to enemy equipment and scorestreaks
– and to those enemies intent on holing up in a well-defended location. How well this tactic works will depend on
your opponents – some will favour equipment use more than others. In those cases when you face a lobby full
of enemies cowering behind their claymores, you can truly take advantage of this build
and turn the tables on your foe. The PDW-57 is a potent close-range weapon
that has a versatile blend of attributes for close-quarter gunfights. With 50 rounds in the magazine, you’ve essentially
got extended clip for free: and paired with good hipfire performance and a higher level
of damage, the PDW is a top-tier contender in aggressive play. However, the PDW loses any advantage outside
of its effective range – at a mid range you have moderate recoil and a 5-6 shot kill to
contend with, giving the advantage to opponents with weapons better suited for such distances. The slower rate of fire can be a liability
too – while you deal more damage per shot than most other SMGs, this also means accuracy
becomes more critical: relying on hipfire may yield inconsistent performance. Still, the PDW is no slouch when it comes
to closer quarters: you’ll still fare better than most weapons outside of the SMGs and
shotguns. With a build that favours tactical SMG play
over unchecked aggression – you can instead take a subversive approach, turning enemy
equipment into fuel for your own scorestreaks. This high-tech build will thwart your enemy’s
plans… … and help to engineer your victory. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next week, when I’ll be covering the
first pistol – the Five Seven. Until then, farewell.

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