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P&C Pistol Grip Review for DSLRs with Carry Speed VF-3 Viewfinder

Today I have a quick review the Photography
& Cinema camera pistol grip. It’s designed to be easy to use and it will help you stabilize
your video shots. Now let’s take a cloers look at this pistol grip. It’s got nice molded
finger grip positions here so when you put your fingers around it and you really grasp
it, it’s got a really good feel to it and a really good solid feel when you when you
hold it. On the bottom of the handle there’s this metal loop here you can hook a strap
to. There’s also this other opening here where we can hook another type of hand strap to.
This bottom one can actually be untwisted and you can actually hook that onto a tripod
if you want. So let’s go ahead and put that back on. There’s the P&C logo. And then the
top here, the way to tighten this on to a camera, you just simply turn this little dial
and it turns the screw up in the top. Now one of the things that’s unique about this
particular handle is that this pad is actually built wide because most of the time you’re
going to be hooking this on to a digital camera which is actually more wide than narrow. And
it’s got this nice little grip pad here to hold the camera in place it’s tightened. I
use this P&C grip on my Canon 7D and it really helps me out when I’m out shooting handheld
video. Let’s go ahead and I’ll show you how this is attached to the camera. All you have
to do is attach this just like a tripod. Just line up the screw and just twist the little
dial until it’s tight and it will be attached pretty securely onto your camera. Once that’s
hooked on and you pick up the camera, it’s got a really nice solid feel to it. It feels
like it’s part of the camera. The grip feels really nice. It just has a really nice feel
to it. I like to use this pistol grip along with my Carry Speed VF-3 viewfinder. I find
that shooting with the viewfinder helps me to get even more stable shots because I’ve
got more points of contact with my body. And I’ll go ahead and show you what this looks
like. So I’m going to quickly take off this pistol grip and put on the plate for my viewfinder.
Now let’s get the viewfinder on there. So now with this viewfinder,
this plate has got the mounting holes here so I can actually attach the pistol grip onto
this pretty easily. Once that’s attached, now you have a shooting rig that is really
nice to use when you’re out in the field and you want to just get up and shoot really quick.
I like how you’ve got the point of contact here with your head and then also the hand
grip, the pistol grip is really nice for stabilization. Usually I shoot with two hands. I’ve got one
hand on the on pistol grip and I use my left hand to focus. In addition to using the P&C
pistol grip on a DSLR, you can also use it on these small point-and-shoot cameras. It
also helps out when you’re trying to hold your camera up for a long time shooting video
with one of these. You can also use it on a standard a video camera which I haven’t
used in a long time but it can come in handy with the these types of cameras as well. However
I prefer to use my pistol grip with my DSLR just because it’s such a heavy camera and
it just is a lot more comfortable shooting with it. This is definitely an accessory that
you should have in your camera bag. It’s not that expensive so it’s really not something
you really have to think about pricewise. So if you’re thinking about getting a pistol
grip for your DSLR set up I would definitely recommend the P&C pistol grip.

3 thoughts on “P&C Pistol Grip Review for DSLRs with Carry Speed VF-3 Viewfinder

  1. THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO, the viewfinder was what really taught me something new and also about the "contact points with your body" = more stabilization. thanks for this.

  2. Excellent video. I've been going through soo many videos. Your video is the only one I've found which shows the use of the grip with different video devices. Thank you so much. I'm sold.

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