100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: TOUGH NEGOTIATION for Iconic Rifle (Season 13) | History

  1. Wat r these comments, personally I love this show, I love America, n these shows love from India.. keep posting videos.. miss Telugu language dubbed pawn stars.

  2. Next stop would be the guy that appraised it. Let him have it for a grand, although I think Rick's appraisers are instructed to low-ball everything.

  3. "Maybe I'll come back a little bit later with the bayonet, take another stab at it.

    Rick would have loved that dad joke.

  4. Here is an unhappy incident in History depending on your view point .
    Whinchester offered the 1866 patent repeating rifle in the tender to arm the British army but it was rejected because those in charge thought the common soldier would waste ammunition . Men where cheaper than bullets

  5. So some fun facts Alex the expert his father bought a Nepalese temple full of all there old firearms in the early 2000s and in that temple was thousands of these from all different years and models. you can go to IMA and buy them still.

  6. u know ur getting old when u start watching and liking pawn stars lol I would watch this with my dad and say stuff like “ugh this is boring”

  7. You mean good actor with rifle provided by paid expert for pre-planned drama. Did you see how pitted that metal was and how the wood was so light a color? Typical Nepalese rifle from IMA that they’ve “restored”.

  8. Ive "noticed" how the "expert" always under cuts the sellers known declared value..the real value was 1200…but hey now the seller really knows its probably worth 2000

  9. I had the great Honour to Hold a Henry Martini Rifle in my hands, probably one that was in the Zulu wars. That happened in Canada in a Museum that I worked for during the 1990s

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