100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Target Rifle J.H. Rector | History

  1. This is a Rector. I am a collector. I have a nephew named Hector. Whats your vector? In which sector? Flowers produce nectar.

  2. You ever notice that the appeasers value is often what the owner said he would take for it him let be right back I want to talk to a guy and he'll tell you what its worth

  3. On June 25, 2018 we come together to protest outside of the Pawn Stars shop to get rick to get the Old Man back on the show. We can do this guys, Rick was not justified in kicking him off. We can change the future of Pawn Stars!

  4. Now this dude is reasonable most people hear the price and are like “I will take nothing less but the highest price they said”

  5. I mean how are you gonna argue with 1,100 you only added a 100 bucks extra which should be fine if your considering a 1,000

  6. Rick should have took his original offer. It was one of the more rational offers Ive scene after an expert appraisal on this show

  7. "This particular Rector Rifle is a over and under rifle a higher quality rifle; thus, with the two shots available – no reloading was necessary within those two shots".

  8. "This appraiser and tester used a fishing lure with lights on the end to test the barrels of the rifle for wear and tear analysis".

  9. "Silver used in the manufacturing of Rifles can and could be used to a point of a significant amount of wear and tear in the rifles themselves if used at high volumes".

  10. Everyone says Rick's $1100 for a $1500 rifle is lowballing. But after 40% taxes profits, plus business expenses, he's not making a fortune. And what about the customer's highballing, asking $3200….why doesn't anyone object to that?

  11. Let me bring in my expert- yeah this is beautiful amazing. Usually makes target rifles but this is for hunting and its an early model witch is amazing but its worth about 1800…….
    Rick -give you 1000!!!

    Rick NEVER offers $1,000 for an $1,800 item and then immediately accept an $1,100 offer that's how I know Rick is full of s*** with his quot-quot experts

  12. All in all an excellent example of an early rifle. I would love to have just for the historical value.

  13. Rick's experts are just ordinary customers walking around in the background. They turn up real quick and already know what the sellers expectation was so that they can immediately start low balling them

  14. I dont know why they say their price and then to make it worse there lowest price Rick says "Hmmm let me call in an expert"

  15. Thank you all for keeping this so clean and real! I am so thankful that you do not bring up politics, religion or anything else not connected with what you are doing!

  16. It's sad to see the customer taking the appraisers word for it when it comes down to the price not knowing they are being low-balled by them. The expert is on the pawn shops side of it.

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