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Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE Colt Revolver Gets High Appraisal (Season 13) | History

RICK: Hey. How can I help you? I’d like to try and
sell this Colt revolver. [MUSIC PLAYING] RICK: This is cool. Do you know much about it? PAUL: I know it’s an old piece– I want to say 1800s. This is a very early
Colt Single Action Army. This is– this is 1870s,
and everyone wanted them. And they also had the world’s
greatest advertising campaign– God made all men, and
Colt made them all equal. The Colt Single Action
Army, really, was just incredibly revolutionary. I mean, this was the
most high-tech thing around in the 1870s. Before this, it was– you’ve seen the old
movies, them, you know, packing the guns with gunpowder
and putting a ball in. This– this had cartridges. This was super accurate. This had interchangeable parts. This shot straight. It didn’t break. I mean, it was just
a high-quality gun. And this is an
incredible set of grips. You have a federal eagle here. You have the shield, the lances. These were twice as much money
as any other comparable gun to them. This is the dream gun
of every Colt collector. If you have ever seen a
Western, you’ve seen this gun. I want this thing. I want this thing. I want this thing. But I have to make sure
everything checks out. So where did you get this thing? PAUL: I’m a bail
bondsman, and somebody put it up for collateral. And they never paid off the
bond, so they surrendered it. This is an appraisal on it. I took it in for $25,000. That’s what they owe. That’s what I’d like to get. OK. Um– and they’re saying
an obvious factory reversal of the numbers. It’s often the case with
arms engraved and nickeled. So you want 25,000 for this? Yeah. RICK: Do you mind
if I have someone take a look at this thing? I mean, I just have a lot
of questions on the gun. I mean, it’s really weird that
you have two serial numbers on the gun, but if
everything checks out, maybe we can make a deal. PAUL: Great. OK. Hang on five minutes. I’ll get him down here,
and we’ll go from there. OK. RICK: (SINGING) Ah. Wow. It’s a pretty neat gun. My big fear with
things like this is, usually, when it’s
too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. What do you think? I mean, at first look, it’s– it’s gorgeous. What’s really nice about this
is this is a known pistol. This has been in two books, and
one of them is the Colt Bible. So it’s a Single Action Army,
seven and a half inch barrel, which was the standard
cavalry length. The Single Action Army
changed everything. I mean, this is the
gun that won the West– also known as the
Peacemaker, the Colt .45. I mean, this started it all. RICK: Cool. ALEX: The grips are the thing
that makes everybody go wow. You see this here,
this high relief? These are Civil War scenes. Colt didn’t make that grip. There was a retailer–
the largest retailer of firearms in the
United States was Schuyler, Hartley, and Graham. This style grip
is extremely rare. You see it more on older
pistols– percussion pistols. But on a Single Action
Army, this grip is– these are hen’s teeth. RICK: All right. But there’s some,
really, weirdness with the serial numbers. ALEX: Most Colt
collectors go, I want all matching serial numbers. But I think it’s a pretty
fair assessment to say, look, these were hand-stamped. They were making them– thousands– and
shipping them out. And that could just
be a simple mistake. It could drive the
value down a bit, but there’s so much right
about this beautiful gun that, you know, for me,
I would still want it. RICK: So we have an
1876, really fancy Colt. You got a piece of magic here. RICK: OK. So what is this
piece of magic worth? ALEX: [SIGHS] I would say that, at auction,
I would safely guess that this would sell for $35,000. If it went above $50,000, it
wouldn’t really surprise me. Wow. I was thinking it was going to
be a little bit less than that, but I’m not surprised. I mean, it’s a beautiful piece. [SIGHS]. OK. Well, thanks, man.
ALEX: You are welcome. Appreciate it.
ALEX: OK. Thank you. ALEX: This gun is an
excellent buy for the shop. The model is known
as the Peacemaker, but if Rick can get
a good deal, it’ll be known as the money maker. All right. So $25,000– no problem. [DRAMATIC WESTERN MUSIC] I mean, what’s your best price? You give me $40,000,
I walk out the door. No. At $40,000, you’re walking
out the door with the gun. PAUL: Even though you can sell
this for $55,000, $60,000 here? No, no, no. He says maybe. $35,000. I’ll go $26,000. $27,500, gun’s yours. We got a deal. Great. I’ll meet you
right over there. PAUL: Honey, pack your bags. Because I’m taking
this $27,500, and I’m going to take the whole
family on vacation.

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE Colt Revolver Gets High Appraisal (Season 13) | History

  1. You know honestly it screams of laziness to sell something this valuable at a pawn shop. He might have been able to get that 40k he wanted had he simply took the time and effort to sell it himself.

  2. A family vacation? What a way to waste your money. Triple or quadruple that amount and then go on a family vacation.

  3. The colt museum had lost some very expensive pieces . If it was not for Joe lieberman they would be all gone in a auction that was not supposed to happen. Hey I liked Joe for getting some of the very rare ones back . Only thing is could this colt be one that should be in the museum . I wonder ?

  4. A smart guy would have let the expert come in first, give the value, then negotiate the price, But the people aren't smart.

  5. He's taking his family on vacation.I think he lied,he stole it.he said he owed 25000, your takeing your family on vacation for 2500,i hope you have a small family

  6. if these idiots would only do a little research and time to actually sell this, they wouldn't be at such a loss.

    but most of these idiots are too lazy or country bumpkins.

  7. 1 would of said: "Trade me for a suppressed Stoner KAC LAMG & Elca Spectre DR 1.5×6 5,000 rnds of green tips & a Tax Stamp .

  8. Rick: 50,000!
    This guy: How about 30,000?
    Rick: You know usually I offer the lower number, right?
    This guy: Shut uuuuup! Stop telling me how to do this!

  9. The American way in action: huge windfall of cash. Invest it? No. Pay off debt? No. Put it into Junior's college fund? Nuh uh. Let's just take the obese family and ooze onboard a cruise ship to eat and drink and be lazy for a week straight.

  10. the guy just watns him to shut up and discuss the money… btw i think this is all staged..he already owns it and these paid actors pretending to sell it

  11. @ auction it could go for $50k or higher….now it makes sense to let a firearms auction house sell it for 20% of the hammer price; $50k sales minus $10k, he would have his $40k which means he must of really, really needed that vacation OR wanted a low profile sale.

  12. So based on the appraisal you instantly get your debt payment of 25k and auction commission and that is only the starting bid for the piece.

    Should have just gone to auction after all that talk. Omfg!

  13. i just want to know what rick got for it when it sold, if he sold it through a auction house or there at his place. i think if he had worked rick harder he could have got the $30,000 rick wanted this thing bad plus if he headed for the door i'm sure he would have gotten it. yes i know it's all staged and the tea; is already done before they film.

  14. The so called pawn stars are not knowledgeable AT ALL, the TV show they are in tell them what to say about any Item.

  15. Revolver Ocelot has been saying it for years: "This is the Colt Single Action Army, The greatest handgun ever made!"

  16. Fool should’ve went to $30,000 after Rick said “what’s your best price” Rick would’ve for sure taken it right away.

  17. My soul hurts when people like him comes just for the money for a vacation. Selling a piece of history worth more than gold.

  18. Two weeks later he comes back from vacation trying to buy it back for 30k
    Rick said I sold it for 65k at auction,
    Dude slapped himself on the forehead

  19. I'm gonna take the whole family on vacation yea buddy. You have another criminal in trouble with a rare colt ? Puts it up for caladeral.

  20. Doctor: I'm sorry, but your son has AIDS
    Rick: the best I can do is a common cold, and I'm taking a risk here
    Doctor: uummm…. That's not how it works
    Rick: Okay ill do a fever, not a penny more
    Doctor: but your son has Aids and there's nothing I can do about it
    Rick: no, then there's no money made
    Doctor: confused noises

  21. Ricks offers are a joke. I would feel insulted and leave when the experts opinion and Ricks starting offer are so far apart… He‘s not a fair dealer

  22. Guy originally says he’s trying to collect $25,000 for a bond. Then after agreeing on a price, “I’m gonna take this $27,500 and take the family on vacation.”

  23. He should of sold it on the street to an useless hood democrat for $50. At least it would be used to take out more useless demorats

  24. Seller @5:01: "Honey, pack your bags 'cause I'm taking this $27,500 and I'm gonna take the whole family on vacation." Certainly not a bad use of the $$. However, if people didn't blow money the moment they got it, perhaps pawn shops wouldn't exist. Why not take a perfectly decent vacation for $5,000-$6,000 and then bank the rest? I've come into cash before and, sure, I've spent some of it on frivolous things. But I've always saved the vast majority of it. When a friend's mother died, he got a small amount of cash — around $18,000. He blew through every penny of it in just a few months. There's no need to spend money simply because you have it. Also, a friend of my parent's did the same — twice. When his father died, he came into a small fortune. He blew it all needlessly in about eighteen months. Ten years later, his mother died and he inherited another small fortune. He blew it again, in part by staying at a very expensive London hotel for a month straight. I always liken this kind of thing to being given a handful of seeds. Now: you can eat a few of the seeds then and there and then plant the rest to reap a large harvest in the fall. Eating the entire handful at once, however, is a needless waste and exceptionally shortsighted.

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