100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Rick Pays Big Money for Rare Revolving Rifle (Season 16) | History

  1. 2:21 Talks about how the rifle was dangerous because it could accidentally hit your hand, then points rifle directly at the seller's head.

  2. Seller "How about 15 grand"
    Rick "How about 14 grand, I have to put it in an auction and there are fees.."
    Seller "That's fair"
    Me "YouTube comments are lame"

  3. Chain fires were a potential problem but the bigger issue was the hot gas and flame escaping from the cylinder gap every time you fired it. These revolving carbines were really meant to be fired with both hands on the stock,that's why they don't have wood forends.

  4. funny in a way, should probs test all 6 barrels, despite it being dangerous, could just have only one functioning barrel and 5 broken ones

  5. Chain fire is not the reason for not having your hand In front of the cylinder. All relvolers have gas blow by because of the barrel cylinder gap…

  6. I really want to know where to buy those tiny fishing lights. Everything I can see are not small enough to fit in a barrel…

  7. Ha! They are Only available when you fill out a form. You think you're getting in line to go to this pawn shop? The line is longer when TV hosts are not there. Welcome to Las Vegas the most popular turd box ends with television Majesty.

  8. I brought in 2 unopened games of MONOPOLY & 3 games of RISK….

    Rick wasn't in to the Monopoly but TOOK ALL THE RISK…

  9. Customer: I got a crack pipe used by Lindsay Lohan.
    Rick: I don't know to much about these. Let me get an expert in here to tell me more about it. CHUM GET OVER HERE!!

  10. Well…. hypothetically speaking an auction will cost 20%, I have to have it framed, then it's going to sit around the shop for awhile and take up space, I'll be lucky to not lose money. That being said, I can give you an expired box of spearmint Tic Tac's and a coupon from Arby's, buy a Beef and Cheddar sandwich get one free and I'm taking a huge risk because I was going to use that coupon for lunch. Hurry up and decide because the director is cueing to walk toward the camera so I can make and laugh at one of my own jokes.

  11. Bc in india its not even a bargain. Here moms bargain a hella more with a vegetable vendor 'bhayya dhaniya toh dena padega na hum toh roz leke jaate h sabji aapse'

  12. Well…Heres my problem.
    You don't have the Original box it came in or Owners manual.
    Best I can do is $60.
    And I'm taking a huge Risk here

  13. I can't stand how stupid these sellers are asking the price of what the expert says it's worth….Rick always gives 50% of the value from the start…

  14. Don't think I'll ever understand why people come to a pawn shop to find out how much something is worth. Their entire business is built around trying to rip you off. You should come in with a quote already.

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