100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: CRAZY EXPENSIVE SEVEN BARREL GUN (Season 13) | History

  1. 30k for an item that can potentially go for 40k or even 50k with the right buyer and auction. $500 processing fees, another few hundred admin and storage etc maybe. 2k altogether then rick makes At the very least 8k on this in profits. This Is not even factoring the millions he is receiving from the tv show itself. I think rick is a cheapskate snake what n insult of an offer

  2. Expert: “People who fired these often had their shoulders dislocated.”
    Rick: “Is it alright if we shoot it?”

  3. Holy smokes. That kick looks super intense. Kinda like one of those scary fully semi automatic AR-15 50 cal assault rifles that I've heard about. Dislocated shoulder for sure😂

  4. I’m looking through the comments and see so many transphobes here!!! Where does it say she is trans? also get a life it’s 2019!

  5. 4:52
    Either he was so happy they bought it or he was devastated by who stupid she was by accepting such low price

  6. I have a matalic horse when you put a candle below it, it starts to sweat and that sweat is poison .
    I have 300 year old painting .
    And many things .
    I will organize it in India and u will earn alot out of it .

  7. Imagine being that old dude that goes to the range with something like that only to give it to a 40+ year old possible tranny

  8. "I have this tank that can penetrate 6 foot thick walls of pure steel, easily worth millions"
    "Best I can do is $300"

  9. Guys! Please set your location availability so I can watch the newer videos, I'm from Asia and it says I can't watch it because of regional restrictions.

  10. The asian man got it for free from a desperate dude, hears its worth 35k and wants 38k. What a dumbass. And even dumber the guy who gave it to her/him

  11. 4:51 that guy throwing his head back and laughing should tell that girl everything she needs to know about the deal she just made.

  12. $30 grand ?! I was expecting more like $10. What about all the money you’d spend to frame it and it’s something that stays there for ages, plus you‘re taking all the risk here.

  13. "I go to the range all the time…This guy really likes me" = I'm a stripper and some guy is trying to get in my pants.

  14. I ain't saying the girl scammed the past owner by intimate ways but, whoever gets attracted to girls that look like that deserved to be scammed lol! they aren't even beautiful.

  15. "How about 38k"


    How about you're lucky Rick doesnt call another friend down to come take a look at you…

  16. Irony is tha she had 8th barrel in her panties all this time, recoil and flames stayed with it 😂😂😂

  17. She is really good in cleaning barrels😋 guys, cnt u see how professionally she was cleaning it in the video. 😋😉🥂🤐💬

  18. The "expert" literally almost loaded a squib load for chum you can see one of the balls just barely drop out of the barrel lol

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