100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: 1800s Experimental Rifle | History

  1. Every body makes fun of ricks historical facts but i find it fascinating and interesting, i wish i was ricks son,

  2. Slick Rick's so called experts are bit actors that never made it in Hollywood. Several of them appear, by dress and mannerisms to be out of work card dealers or car salesmen. Whatever. They're all Shills or just hired for this fake series.

  3. Seller: I have a fragment of one of the original stone tablets the Ten Commandments were written on
    Rick: Best I can do is $20 and a used napkin, and I'm taking a BIG risk here

  4. Even the expert said it's worth more than that ? Ok , so he thought Rick was going to match that retail price I guess. That was actually a very fair offer .

  5. Why does no one on this show understand how a pawn shop works? It dosent matter what the expect says its worth, you arent getting worth at a pawn shop. You are getting quick money.

  6. "That's less than what the expert says it was worth"

    Don't sell at a pawn shop then, dumbass. It's not some welfare program where the organization acquires objects at retail value. They're not there to give you the market price for it. They're there to give you cash for stuff in a way that allows them to make some money on it. Pawn shops generally have the resources and contacts to find the collectors or the right auctions to list items. You're effectively paying the pawn shop for those services/resources except the pawn shop has the money tied up until it sells. It's no different than if you just gave the item for nothing to have them list it or find a buyer and the shop charges a steep 30% commission after fees and such.

  7. (Rick goes to a movie theater)

    Okay Sir, that will be 10 dollars"

    Rick: "Hmm, you know I'm not sure this movie is worth 10 dollars, let me call in my expert movie watcher."

  8. I have the actual holy grail. Rick: "this is like the holy grail of holy grails. Tell you what, I'll give you Chumlee's number for it."

  9. Rick's favorite saying. It could sit on the shelf for a while. That's called stock. Rip off Rick at it again.

  10. Every Pawn Stars Vid Comment Section:


  11. Maybe it's just my way of thinking but perhaps a pawn shop isn't the best place to sell high-end items.

  12. You know they just got bills like everyone else when they say they’ll use the money to buy more of whatever it is they collect.

  13. I have the largest diamond on the planet and all the treasure from king tuts tomb. A diamond half this size sold for 4.8 million and the treasure is priceless.

    Rick: Sigh* listen man this is a really tough market the best I can do is 20

    20 million?

    Rick: no 20 cents

  14. Yeah expert syaid it was more than that but Rick still has to sell this so use your brains

  15. If you do a Google search for this firearm it literally says 23 and 5/8 inch barrel. This "expert" is garbage

  16. rick: omg i love this, its the best thing i seen since my first born. how much would you like for it?
    seller: $50
    rick: well here is the thing, i dont know if this is the best thing i have ever seen

  17. I doubt the expert even knew any thing about the rifle. We dont live in a perfect world. We all know a 2×4 is really not a true 2×4 its 1.5x 3.5. And not all barrels are going to be right at a curtain inch. Even the ammo back in those days were numbers differently compared to today's standards. I just think he could have tried harder.

  18. How are ppl so daft to not know a pawn shop can't stay open buying things at retail value. They pretty much need to get something for 50-60% it's value or it's not worth it. Unless they already have a buyer and it's a high value item.

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