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Paul Rabil’s 2017 WEAPON OF CHOICE

All season long, I’m going to take you guys behind the scenes show you guys some of my equipment the sticks that I use. All season long I’m going to be taking you guys behind the scenes. Oh but it’s true. It’s damn true. Oh it’s true. It’s Damn True And this edit marks vlog number one of my MLL season. We’re doing it again It’s 2017 already and we’re excited. The Zard’s are in Chesapeake this Saturday to take on the Bayhawks, and I’m super excited because it’s my home state. There’s no better way to kick off the MLL season vlog than to do a Weapon of choice. That’s right I’m going to give you guys an inside look on the sticks I have ready for this year. Including potentially preview of a Warrior warp. A Rabil warp. Warpeel, a Rabilarp? Brad? Umm, a Paul Warp. Paul Warp? -What’s a Rabil Warp called? -A Rabil Warp? -Yeah. Rarp? -Good! -Rarp. -What’s a good name for a Rabil Warp? -Um… -A Warpil? -A Warpil. Have you guys checked out forward part two yet? We’ll get to that later in the vid. Alright first, let’s take a look at these weapons. Alright, so let me start by all the heads that I’m using are Rabil 2’s on Rabil 99 handles or Original rable handles – the OGs. And each of these four heads that I’m going to show you where strong by my man Riley Martin at High Strung Lacrosse. Up first is my Rabil Tour stick, the one that I’ve been using all offseason. A really nice pocket. It’s legal and it sits right in that kind of three-quarters region, two shooters, two nylons, really gnarly top that Riley does and that is her. Alright, next up is my pre-season head. I have been using this Rabil 2 – high school spec actually – all pre-season. It’s really strung the exact same way. He’s like a machine except here’s the difference: When the head is wider, you have to almost make a narrower channel so that you pinch the side walls in and the pocket isn’t as effected with a wider side wall So the ball sits the same way is this stick as it does my high school spec stick. My next two sticks are backups right now, that I haven’t really used but I think they’re packing some heat. Up first, this black Rabil 2. High school spec. I absolutely love the choice of colors. As you can see the same setup here, but we’ve got a little bit more catch right there. So, when I say heat, I mean emoji heat and I also mean this thing bring it. Probably like 110 miles an hour. This one’s actually really cool because it’s red, and I don’t think I’ve ever used a red head before. Similar to the all black head, you’ve got a really cool color combo, a little bit less of a catch but somewhere between and I think it’s probably because it’s new mesh, but there’s a look at the back, design, side walls. Let’s go to work And there you have it. All four of my weapons out there shooting in Baltimore as we get ready for our game in Annapolis this Saturday. Before I preview that though, I do want to preview another stick my arsenal that I referenced earlier in part of our forward series with TLN capturing my partnership with warrior and new Balance and that is a Rabil Warp. Will there be another weapon of choice video this MLL 2017 vlog season? Guess we’ll to find out. Until then, I’ll leave you with these 2016 highlights, of the Zards. Bring on 2017! Announcer: Here’s Rabil with the bounce shot right past gilman. -He doesn’t even need to bring his hands all the way back, that’s just a snap shot. -Always the right spot

90 thoughts on “Paul Rabil’s 2017 WEAPON OF CHOICE

  1. Hey Paul I subed and currently use a tribe 7 beast 7 head I really want to give my little the head with a shaft for a birthday present so it would be great to get a new head to replace that one

  2. You have inspired me so much and lizards are my favorite team I play and I used 99 like u
    You are my idol when I grow up

  3. GO Lizards! #AskPaul would you ever consider playing defense. Have you played in the past? PS LOVE your vlogs and videos.

  4. I have a gate head. #AskPual Do you ever work out and if you do what exercise do you work on?. LET'S GO LIZARDS!

  5. Paul you made me want to play lax, I played baseball forever and this is my first year playing lax and i made my school's modified lacrosse team!!

  6. Paul you are awsome what is your favorite shaft to use and can I gets something in a giveaway please🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  7. Amazing videos Paul. Been watching them for years and enjoy them all. I am just a 56 year old dad with 2 sons who play in high school together. Thanks for the videos and best of luck.

  8. Does anyone know how is 2 nylons are strung like are they braided etc. I just want to know so when I go to tell a lax unlimited to string my stick they do the exact same thing. Thx

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