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Panic Sniper

Oh I wasn’t even supposed to be here it this is not a camping trip Sheila this is war and I love it let’s go let’s just stay here no you will not turn my body battlefield into a gang campground you wanna kill a man look him in the eyes charge mama aah I think we miss underestimated yeah aah the hair is just sad splat aw hell no we can’t hold out much longer get ready Oh God get ready this is gonna be bad yeah ah cupcake

100 thoughts on “Panic Sniper

  1. At first when I heard him talking and read that note I was like "Different voice? What different voice?" There's not even the need to listen carefully, you can clearly tell it's the same voice actor.

  2. Did anypony see that Engineer grinning a little when Soldier rushed out to meet the "threat" before going to a frown when Soldier gets "beaten up" by "the unseen monster"?

  3. i remember when this first came out! mistermild really inspired me to make my dingler videos! thank you MisterMild! c:

  4. poor Sniper, he got scared from a prank… but then TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK XD #TankPrankGoneWrong lolz

  5. The voice that you used for Sniper in most of the video is actually the voice of the Snipers voice actor, but just in a different accent and Tone.

  6. 0:47 Where the hell have I seen that scene before? I know I have seen it somewhere else but can't quite place it.

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