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Palmetto State Armory 10.5 AR Pistol

hey guys
Avery here welcome back to my channel if you don’t know who I am I am a firearms
instructor and I will be bringing you to 2a related content such as firearms
education and reviews so if you like what I just said then you can go ahead
and subscribe to my channel and smash that thumbs up button but today I am
reviewing the Palmetto State Armory ten and a half-inch AR pistol alright
so before we get into what I know you’re dying to see which is the shooting part
right I’m going to go over some of the quick specs on this gun so the first
thing is the total length of this collapsed is twenty-six and a half inches
but with your brace fully extended it’s going to be 29 inches the weight on this
is gonna be 5.2 pounds without your magazine and now we’re gonna get into
the nomenclature I will be working from your muzzle to your brace it comes with
a standard a2 birdcage flash hider next is going to be your barrel it is a ten
and a half-inch 4150v chrome-moly steel barrel with a nitrate finish it has a
1:7 twist rate chambered in 556 with a carbine length gas system also has a
Palmetto State Armory raised lightweight M-lok hand guard with a QD sling
attachment point alright so now on to your bolt you’re
gonna have a full auto profile bolt carrier group right now onto the grip
this is a Magpul moe + / overmold grip with a rubberized texture and I gotta say I
really like the rubberized texture Now on to the trigger
it comes with a enhanced polish trigger also known as EPT and it’s going to be
much smoother than the standard milspec trigger and it has a lot less grit alright now
onto the brace it comes with one of the best pistol braces out there the SB
tactical SBA3 pistol brace alright so onto my thoughts about this gun I feel
like the Palmetto State Armory 10 1/2 inch AR pistol is a steal I was able to
take it to the range and get about 500 rounds through it
and not only was it very accurate I feel like 10 1/2 inches for the barrel
length was the perfect length it was comfortable it was balanced and the
concussion was not overbearing at all to close this up Palmetto State Armory sent
me this to do a review on it and I have to say that I loved it so much that I
had to purchase it myself not only is it affordable but it’s
accurate and you got a quality product there for under six hundred dollars so
if you have not checked out Palmetto State Armory’s AR pistols I will highly
advise you to go there

35 thoughts on “Palmetto State Armory 10.5 AR Pistol

  1. I love love your vids, Ive never heard a woman capture my heart by being so knowledgeable about everything!!! We def need more woman like yourself in this industry! I look forward to next vid and thank you God bless you and your family!!

  2. Great video, Skip. I'm rocking one of these steals as my trunk gun. It's small enough to where it can roll in a discrete sling bag should the need arise

  3. Had to sub being a father of three amazing daughters is an honor to subscribe to your channel it shows America that woman have also freedom God bless and I will be checking them out I need something smaller for truck and home defense…

  4. ❤️ I mean absolutely love the 9mm Ar PSA offers…check it out if you have time…few 1000 rounds and not well 1 hiccup one of my favs

  5. If you buy the upper and lower separately you will save around $100.  The only thing you'll be missing from buying the complete pistol is the magazine.  Just be sure to buy the upper with bcg.

  6. I have the same one with the flash can and I love it!
    I am so pleased to see a woman that shoots.
    Even more so a Queen that shoots.
    Stay woke sister.

  7. I just built my first AR pistol. It’s 10.5” too. I went with a Muzzle Brake instead of an A2 just to annoy people at the range. It’s my RV pistol. If I hear a noise at night I bust out of bed looking like Kid Rock on the 5th week of a 6 week bender donning Tidy whiteys and a fire breathing soul taker. Yeeeeet, yeeeeeet!

  8. I will be getting one of these for my Pumpkin(wife) for Christmas. She was introduced to the AR back in June and really enjoyed being instructed in its operation. Thanks for the video

  9. Ammo Sexual Lmao Loved it! Just know this is a soft target weapon it will not penetrate level III Armor. The volicity is only 2500-2600 out of the 10.5" barrel which to penetrate armor takes volicity of at least 2900 which takes a 14.5" or 16" barrel.

  10. That's a Pistol so why shoot it like a rifle. This is the issue the ATF brings up about these short AR- weapons. It would help if when doing a video with a Pistol use it like a Pistol.

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