Pakistan gun market

There is an area in Pakistan, where model of any gun could be found and at very minimal price. This area is such a place where the police have been keeping away to come here. ‘Darra Adam Khel’ is a small town situated in the mountains, some 35 kilometers away from Peshawar. Here is a famous market but not for food items, but for guns. This is Pakistan’s largest black market of weapons Stolen arms are available here but there is a lot of demand for hand work. Russia’s AK47 or MP5 of Bulgaria, all are made here from the metal raised from junk. In Darra Adam Khel, some people are expert to do the exact copy of these famous weapons. The MP5 Gun is found in only 7000 Pakistani rupees here; it costs around four thousand rupees in Indian currency. Similarly, AK47 gun can be found here in 13000 Pakistani rupees i.e., eight thousand rupees in Indian currency. Sellers also show their testing by fire; they sell something after the customer is satisfied. These weapon makers claim that their employees are so skilled that they can make exact copy of any weapon. These people use the metal from the scrap yard to make weapons. This is often the junk of old sea ships, which is used for this purpose. Those living in the surrounding areas also have no problem because the area is dominated by Pashtun And the Pashtun families have been running weapons from the grounds. There was a time when every illegal item was found in this market, whether it was a stolen car or a fake degree. This market was flourished in the 1980. Mujahideen crossed the border from Afghanistan and used to buy weapons from here for the war against the Soviet Union. Later, this place was occupied by the Taliban. Now things have been changed for the past few years, the government is slowly trying to control this area. Shopkeepers say that there were more than 7000 shops, but no remaining half today. Due to the strictness of government the demand has been decreased. Nails have been put out of the city, people are taken to the place and searched. In such a situation, it is now difficult to take arms out of border.

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