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PA Governor Executive Order – The Legal Brief

Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show
where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of
the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today the Pennsylvania
Governor put YOUR guns in his sights. Last week, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe
signed executive order 2019-06. The order’s subject was entitled “reducing
gun violence”. After a few recitals, the order gets into
the details. First on the list is the establishment of
a Senior Advisor for Gun Violence Prevention who will be appointed by the Governor. The senior advisor’s job is to coordinate
the Commonwealth’s gun reform agenda. Let me repeat that last part, gun reform agenda. Next, the order states that within the Pennsylvania
Commission on Crime and Delinquency or PCCD, the Office of Gun Violence Prevention will
be established. It’s purpose is to work to eradicate gun violence
from a public safety perspective. The order also directs that the office will
collaborate with the Division of Violence Prevention, coordinate a system of focused
police deterrence in neighborhoods and cities where violence is most extreme, and work with
other Commonwealth agencies and stakeholders on community gun violence prevention and lost
and stolen firearms reporting requirements for law enforcement. But we’re not done creating new offices yet. In the Department of Health, the Division
of Violence Prevention will also be created, with the purpose to eradicate and prevent
gun violence from a public health perspective. The Division will collaborate with the Office
of Gun Violence Prevention and administer the Department of Health’s new and existing
violence prevention programs. Additionally, the Department of Health is
directed to create a Violence Data Dashboard that will collect and provide data on the
scope, frequency, locations, and populations affected by violence, including data on the
number of victims of gun violence, rates at which gun violence occur in locations, and
contributory factors. The order also adds additional responsibilities
to certain executive agencies. The Department of Health, is also tasked with
a Suicide Death Review Team to conduct multidisciplinary reviews of suicides, provide data to the Dashboard,
and make recommendations to prevent future suicide related deaths in Pennsylvania. The Department of Human Services will direct
the Suicide Prevention Task Force to make recommendations on actions to reduce suicides
by gun. And the Pennsylvania State Police will enhance
and expand its efforts to identify and deter potential sources of gun violence, develop
gun violence prevention training, and draft guidelines for local gun buyback programs. Which begs the question, how can you buy back
something you never owned? Additionally, within the Commission on Crime
and Delinquency, a special council on gun violence is to be established. The purpose is to study and make recommendations
to reduce and prevent gun violence. Council responsibilities include 1) adopting
a public health and community engagement strategy that includes gun owners, health care professionals,
and victims of gun-related incidents, that will provide direction, duties, and responsibilities
to the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, 2) reviewing current background check processes
for firearms purchasers and make recommendations for improvement, 3) reviewing best practices
and make recommendations that keep weapons from dangerous individuals, 4) identifying
and define strategies across Commonwealth agencies to align resources to reduce gun
violence, and 5) providing the PCCD and Senior Advisor with recommendations to reduce incidents
of community violence, mass shootings, domestic violence, suicide, and accidental shootings. Let’s not forget the composition of this council. It will include representatives from the Children’s
Advocacy Center Advisory Committee, Criminal Justice Advisory Committee, Mental Health
and Justice Advisory Committee, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Committee, Victims’
Services Advisory Committee, School Safety and Security Committee, Sheriffs and Deputy
Sheriffs Education and Training Board. I wonder if there was a committee meeting
to decide what committees will be on this council. Additionally, it will include one representative
from each of the four legislative caucuses of the General Assembly, in addition to the
Secretaries of Education, Health, and Human Services, State Police Commissioner, Executive
Director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, and the Director of
the Office of Homeland Security. The Governor is also free to appoint ex officio
members at his pleasure. The executive order creates a number of new
positions within the Government to research and make recommendations to prevent “gun violence”. If I had to guess, placing things under the
Department of Health is an attempt to create data that will be later used to push gun control
laws under the guise of public health. That’s it for this episode, if you have learned
anything from this show, help us out and hit that like button, and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to get subscribed and if you
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100 thoughts on “PA Governor Executive Order – The Legal Brief

  1. Let me guess; “gun violence” is in Philadelphia and other urban dumps. Now how do I bill the state for my consulting services?

  2. Government is out of friggin control. Highways and national defense. That's it!
    Keep it up. That liberty tree is getting thirstier and thirstier….

  3. So all this was done with an executive order? Don't you need the legislature to create all these new departments and offices?

  4. @TheGunCollective:
    To Adam Kraut esq.: Firstly, let me express my deep condolences that your state's being currently mismanaged by this crook! Secondly: this new bullshit he's singed-off on is an EXECUTIVE ORDER and not a STATUTE OF LAW is that correct? If so, then it should have no FORCE-OF-LAW should it!?!

  5. If someone turns in their gun to a "buy back program", they are admitting they are a danger to the public if they have guns. This is a red flag.

  6. So it's funny by themself these things sound like a good idea, then you pile them all together and it's like "WTF"

  7. You can't stop people from killing themselves anymore than you can stop people from hurting other people.they will just find a new way to do it…dam these people are high on their own bullshit

  8. This is a gun hater "in power" that is making up a bunch of new positions to benefit himself 2 fold. He's making up a bunch of bullshit positions so he can put his friends & family into well paying cake jobs where they don't have to do a damn thing to get paid other than making bullshit up as well as trying to use that bullshit to push his anti gun agenda. He must have learned this from the criminals that plague Chicago politics!

  9. Will the Violence Dashboard include any data on all of the babies murdered through abortion?

    Yeah, I didn't think so either.

  10. Some people make poor choices. Punishing all did the mistakes of a few is never encouraged unless it’s firearms related. Almost as if they are using arbitrary factors to demonize and target all those who support the constitution snd bill of rights& will not stop until arbitrary new laws created make law abiding citizens deemed to be the criminals they’d portray us as leads to complete disarmament and unfettered power to allot tyranny to go on unchecked…..

  11. gov. dildo forgot the ministry of happiness and harmony along with the office of sunshine and fairy farts the ministry of truth and the director of the statewide khoum by ya choir!!! in other words giving it's cronies meaningless high paying jobs to cause us aggravation and accomplish absolutely nothing in the process!!! why don't you start a recall effort Adam!!!

  12. Let them create a committee to see how far Tom Wolf can break the laws of his very own commonwealth ?
    Fuck them let them keep pushing We the People !

  13. Make sure you have a meeting after the committee meeting to ensure the next meeting appropriately focuses on the committees gun control agenda. God I hate all the gun grabbing politicians. I'm so fucking sick of em.
    I've got 40 acres in Utah, anyone want to join me and create a free country?

  14. This is bullshit, the problem is parenting, and kids think guns n killing is so cool. This better not cause problems for the law abiding ppl of Pennsylvania. I called his office one day n his employee that awnsered was very cool n listened to my concerns n solutions, hope he shared my messagem

  15. Define hypocrisy: A tyrannical government thar conspires shooting "events", then creates laws against firearms for your "safety" and their "best interests".

  16. This is the same shit they did in Canada. What have they done??? Nothing but spread misinformation and skewed stats to help push MORE gun control. And Britain did it before us. Stop them while you still can.

  17. They’re doing the same in MD right now. Certain counties (cough) Anne Arundel, have commissions on gun violence that are staffed entirely with anti gunners. It just cover so when The Moms make policy recommendations, these “commissions “ will back the policies.

  18. These agencies will only recommend policy that is inline with the objective of the agency regardless of the data. The data will be skewed to support their recommendations. I foresee harsh gun control/confiscations coming down the pipe. Good luck PA.

  19. Gee, if all that "Gun Crime Data" suddenly discovers that it happens mostly in poor, crime infested, urban neighborhoods, A/K/A "Da Hood, or El Pueblo"! (For my Spanglish speaking friends) Then this will suddenly be deemed as racist and bad data, only to be tossed out.
    This is Political Horse Shit!

  20. Gun violence? I’ve never seen a gun commit any kind of violence. I’ve seen plenty of humans use all kinds of implements to commit acts of violence? Will there also be a hammer violence program? Knife violence program? This hogwash is just excuse to create another worthless government bureaucracy and provide jobs for campaign donors.

  21. PENNSYLVANIA RESIDENTS FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS! NEVER GIVE IN TO THE OPPRESSION, also let's give Mr wolf the boot we don't need that in our last bastion of the east

  22. The governor wants to reduce suicide by guns??? So you take a gun from a suicidal person, and that person won't be able to commit suicide with say a knife/razor/broken piece of glass, a rope, electricity, poison, water, a car…. Or the tons of other ways to off oneself???

  23. Yes that's what Pennsylvania needs. They have no budget yet they create another office position. The police are outnumbered and underfunded but this should totally work. Might as well send a stern letter to criminals

  24. Worth noting for those spouting about more laws that not one new law was created by this order. Not saying that we shouldn't keep an eye on these committees, but no need to work yourselves up before necessary. At present, this is nothing.

  25. In 2016 a convicted felon shot someone just a few miles from my home. He was arrested and charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm by a felon, discharging a weapon during the commission of a felony. Just the last charge should have been a 20 year minimum. He got exactly 0 years after the DA dropped all charges.

  26. Once it's realized that most perpetrators of gun violence are black males in black neighborhoods against other blacks. The "violence data dashboard" will be deemed racist and taken down. Bet

  27. Well, I guess there is one thing going for this scenario. Too many stakeholders are never able to get anything done.

  28. Control criminals, not guns. A gun on a desk is a paperweight. A gun in the hands of a good guy is a force for good. A gun in the hands of a criminal is a ticket to jail. I suggest gun violence violators NOT be eligible for parole, EVER.

  29. How about the pro gun lawyers point out that the legal definition of Arms say Anything that can be worn on the body ie Armor and anything that can be held in the hands ie any gun, knife, sword, Dirk or club is covered by the 2nd amendment. Therefore any… repeat any ban is unconstitutional.

  30. So, my rights get infringed AND to add insult to injury, they want to buy my $1500+ rifle for $100 (guesstimate based on other buy-back programs I have seen happen). That's not fair compensation! But to be clear, even if they paid me more than it was worth, my RIGHTS ARE NOT WORTH IT!!!

  31. Looks like an all out war on gun owners. Second amendment, what the hell is that???Looks like the liberals are going to control everything now, even when you go to the bathroom!!!

  32. Sounds like the Governor of PA now owes a lot of his corrupt friends a dozen or so , new pay for play state positions to me…………. well now…those ought to soak up AT LEAST a billion a year…EACH….right Guv….??

  33. Like President Trump said Flying over Harrisburg it looks like a War Zone.. BTW Wolf is an idiot..The Best thing Pa could do is to Give Philadelphia to Jersey..

  34. How do you staff such agencies that are doomed to fail and will be costly. What a fucking idiot. If the next governor is a conservative he can dissolved all this nonsense or pass laws that cut the legs of these laws. Typical bureaucrat; "we may have a problem, lets create and agencie to fix a possible problems that do not exist.

  35. This all sounds very (((communist))). And we're letting it happen right under our noses and right in front of our very eyes.
    Creating "Departments" and "committees" to take your rights away.

  36. I can save PA citizens a lot of money if they are interested. I have a two step plan. Step one fire your governor and repeal any laws he's signed. Step two, if any gun law isn't 100% focused on criminals commiting crimes with guns repeal them. Problem solved.

  37. Lmao at the Chris Tucker part. Wow so all those committees going to fund themselves I’m guessing or is this really another tax hike 🙄

  38. once these folks ban all weapons from all of the good people, the bad guys will just get them on the black market along with all of their illegal drugs. the only new gun law that is needed is one that states to the effect that if you are convicted of gun violence you will spend 25 years in a federal max security prison. there would be no plea deals, no early release and this would be served after all of the time served after the state and local charges.

  39. Well, on the bright side, with that many committees, boards, task forces and departments, it's a good bet nothing will actually get done. Except wasting a few hundred million tax payer dollars. It's a good thing there's always money in the banana stand….

  40. If you put all this stupid word soup in a bag and shake it up, what comes out of the bag smells like what the bull left behind in the north forty after a heavy meal. You just can’t make up stupid crap like this if you have half a functioning brain.

  41. Welcome to The Democratic Socialist People's Republic of Pennsylvania. Abandon all Constitutional rights as you cross the border. Have a nice day.

  42. How about we start up some "Politician Reform"??? No more unelected people at the state level making laws, PERIOD.

  43. Senior advisor for gun violence? Oh, you mean a bullshit artist. I get it. Thank you for the clarification. 🔫

  44. Love how executives no longer use legislation to create laws and expand government. So much for checks and balances.

    Not sure if he realizes his own actions are the kind of tyranny the 2A is in place for.

  45. I'm not even in the state… And I'm just confused as fuck. Like… How the hell do they expect to get anything done when it's comity on comity on comity on comity? It's going to be a jumbled bureaucratic mess where nothing will really get done aside from the aggregate data. If that.

  46. So, a group of positions to study the reasons individuals grow up with no morality, a culture of instant gratification, low self esteem, and the inability to deal with personal failure, all of which lead to violent temper tantrums. No, I would guess not. Since guns are used, they will find more ways to restrict lawful gun ownership. Not to get political, and not to say that republicans are perfect, but don't ever elect a democrat for any position.

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