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P30SK Heckler & Koch 2015 NRAAM

Alright guys welcome back to the channel. We’re here at the 2015 NRA annual meeting in Nashville Tennessee and we are at the
H&K booth. Heckler and Koch for the new P-30 SK right there, I think this thing’s been out
a few days. They where debuting it at the show. Right, okay. So Jeff is going to give us a
quick rundown It’s brand new, I don’t think you had it that
much in hand yet, right Jeff? Not much, it’s very similar in size our p2000
SK… but it’s got the features of our P-30
pistol which everybody really loves so you have your interchangeable back straps inside plates
and you have the small, medium, large. So it’s gonna come with the different
sizes in with the gun. In this particular model is the SKS which has the ambidextrous safety controls on it and
the rear mounted a de-cocker for the double action single action. Okay, so this has the works? this one as
the work site yet and again you have the industry standard
rail and like the p30 when you disassemble it the side release will stay captive in the
frame, you don’t have to take it all the way out. It comes with the luminescence sights,
same sight as the p30 on here, again, nine-millimeter right now, it’s got a 10-round
magazine that comes standard with it. We also do a version of it, still double
action, single action. Just de-cock only on the back, no safety
function, for those people who don’t let the guys
know what the safety got you’ve got those guys over out the gate. Exactly. And the last version we offer is the LEM, which is a what we call a variant one
in the P-30’s and its a light LEM, so it’s got about
a five and a quarter pound trigger pull, right out of the box. Very consistent. It does
give you double strike capability. Should you have a misfire or anything, you
can try to pull the trigger again see the round go again. So it’s nice feature on it we do
offer LE configurations that come with the night sights and a third magazine as an extra in both
the LEM and the double-action, single action with
and without safety. You are looking at an MSRP on this gun at about $719 (USD) right now. $719 which is around the same price as the bb9? It is around the same price as the bb9. Okay… Now, is it a common magazine to
the VP9? It is a common magazine, it’ll take
to P-30 mag. okay, so if you’ve got a VP9… this will make a good companion you want to
use those magazines give yourself extra capacity. Okay so
when are guys gonna be able to actually go out there a be able to buy these guns? You should start seeing them, probably in the next 60 days. In 60 days? Awesome. Okay, can’t
wait to actually get my hands on one, Shoot it, have fun. It’s the same takedown right? same takedown. Okay, very cool. Thanks a lot Jeff No problem. Appreciate it. Alright guys, peace!

47 thoughts on “P30SK Heckler & Koch 2015 NRAAM

  1. Not Practical for them to bring this out. It would have made more sense to bring out a VP9 SK. But now that this is out I'm betting a VP9 SK will never come to exist.

  2. Now that is interesting. A decocker on the back? It looks huge on camera for a subcompact but that might be just me??? I love me some HKs. I wish I could have made it out to Tennessee.

  3. Gonna put it on my list lol along with the AK and the KSG.  are you and Miss Lola gonna go visit keltech

  4. Sounds like the HK rep was probably not interested in doing a video with Hank at first, but like he said it was painless. I like the no safety option for carrying concealed.

  5. hey hank. i was reading that the Nashville experience at the nra meeting was mostly conceal carry friendly. if you would spread the word, to avoid those areas who dictate no guns allowed: say the music venues. then they will lose money, speaking loudly to those who would take something from all of us that isn't theirs to take from anyone. just a thought. speak about it among yourselves. it's the only way to forcibly take something back, that wasn't on the table in the beginning. because it's the constitution, non-negotiable.

  6. I carry the P2000sk when I'm wearing a suit. The P30sk looks stubby and out of balance in design. I'm sure it has the same great ergos as the P30/VP9. The price point is good considering I'm $1100.00 in to the P2000sk. Ya gotta wonder what HK's marketing strategy is that they would release a new sk in P30 as opposed to the VP9. Striker fired with an outstanding trigger. I'm anxiously waiting for the release of a VP45. Don't let us down HK!

  7. Looks pretty interesting, but i'd like a pistol that small to be single stack for summer carry here in the south.

  8. Snooze… Not you Hank. Just H&K. I just don't get excited about this company… Unless it's when I'm shooting the G36 at work! Or the MP5! Other than that, their pistols don't excite me at all anymore.

  9. I wonder if the safety control leaver for the P30sk will fit the P2000sk? I want to install the lever on my P2000sk to cock and lock. The hammer axles appear to be universal. I will give HK a call later and respond back for those who may wanna know.

  10. If I'd know about the P30sk release I would have held off on getting the VP9. I just find the VP9 too large to carry for me at least

  11. Meh. I love my p30 very much but I don't like this pinky hanging off the gun bullcrap. Never been one for subcompacts. The shoulda made a regular p2000 sized p30 ida been all over it. That and a single stack gun version I can get all of my God damn fingers on. I could dream I guess.

  12. This is an awesome carry gun. I have the V1 LEM trigger and the gun is extremely accurate. Follow up shots are very easy. First magazine I shot produced about a 1 1/2" group at 21ft.

  13. I keep repeating to myself.."This year is all long guns, this year is all long pistols, NO PISTOLS.." many tempting offerings coming out this year..must resist..

  14. My LGS has these in stock, I like the Night Sight version, for $100 more you get the night sights and a third mag. The decocker on the rear is a very nice touch and easily mastered. The mag release is bigger than that of the P2000 which makes for a smoother and faster mag change. It fits like a glove! I am picking one up tomorrow, can't wait. It will replace my G19/26

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