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Ozzy Man Reviews: Rifle Check

Welcome to check your rifle day. All this inspector has to do is stare at the other soldier. And he’s coughed up the rifle. He does some spinny shit. He’s like “If i find dust in here you are fucked”. “Let’s have a look.” “Good, no dust. Okey-dokey.” “Let’s check the shininess yeah, not bad.” “Watch this.” “Bam.” “Kapow.” “I can teach you that.” “And how’s your knife? Ohhh that sharp.” “That is ready to stab some fucken cunt in the eye.” “Good stuff.” “Let’s check the shininess here.” “What’s this? A fucken thumb print!” “Lift your game .Come ooon.” Spinny shiiit activated. “I do just wanna backtrack and check the point of the knife.” “Yeah, that is good. Sorry i doubted you soldier.” “What’s it like to hide behind?” “Good you didn’t see me at all then.” “Aaannd.” “The polish is…” “It’s good. I mean it’s good overall there’s room for some improvement, a few fucken thumb marks.” “And your handle, also needs a better polish.” “but overall it is pretty fucken shiny. It feels nice when i stroke it.” “And when i rest my hand on it.” “Yeah it’s good, okay.” “You can have it back.” “No worries.” “I was planning to go over here.” “Anyway.” “Let’s have a look at the back of your uniform soldier.” “I’m gonna start with the hat.” “GOOD.” “And your head.” “Yep not bad. And the jacket.” “Well who the fuck ironed this, look at all those creases.” “Fuck, me dead soldier.” “Alright, no worries.” “I’m now going to move back to your right using my ninja prowess.” “You didn’t hear shit.” “You can pick up your rifle in a second.” “Go on. Yeah go for it don’t do anything too fancy, don’t do…” “Okay that’s good, simple trick and let’s walk off together.” “When we’re, ready.” “Here we go.” “Good.” Good fucken show.

100 thoughts on “Ozzy Man Reviews: Rifle Check

  1. Funny how people are saying this is disrespectful. But you know they are putting on a show for tourists first of all. I find this hilarious because after the Iraq war i really dont take all this American patriotism bullshit seriously anymore. And if the soldiers of the World Wars and Vietnam knew what our military has been doing these past 30 years they would be turning in their unknown tombs. So continue to get offended over jokes and keep blindly worshipping your mercenary army like a good little sheeple.

  2. This is part of the changing of the guard at he tomb of the unknown soldier it’s a tomb dedicated to soldiers who have fallen in wars that they weren’t able to identify its amazing to see in person

  3. You know, I'm a year late, but this wasn't funny… You should stick away from highly honored military events… The unknown soldier… Not something to be comedically commentating

  4. I’m not sure if it’s the commentary or what, but I honestly commend them for keeping a straight face through out all that fuckery tbh 🤣

  5. The ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is the most respectful and dignified display of military discipline in the world.

  6. That shit was oustanding. Look how fluid they move & how precise movements are…goddamn that's boner inducing.

  7. These are Gruads of the Unknown Soldier. They are releaving the Guard on duty. The monument is for soldiers who gave thier lives and are unidentified or MIA. Altough I love your commentary. This subject is not something to make lite of at any time.

  8. what the fuck is that even ment to mean? instead of teaching them that bullshit, the army should teach them how to manage money/buying a house ect, what the cuck is this even ment to do for urself? seriously what in the actual fuck?

  9. Ozzys died in the same war on the same side as the Americans that this video makes fun of. These are honerable men. Grow up…

  10. I appreciate the military commentary haha! You truly are one of a kind.

    Pity to them that take this serious

  11. 2019: Humans are so desperate to be perfect like robots.
    2050 Prime time news: Humans are searching for those imperfections that are natural traits of Humans. Imperfection is the new sophistication of being a human. Coz perfection has become mediocre with the advent of Robots.

  12. America does not have much pomp and circumstances…But what we have is pretty badass..and mostly for the Military.

  13. What's it like to hide behind, good, you didn't see me at all then. 😂😂😂
    I was thinking the same thing. No I wasn't. 🤣🤣🤣

  14. I get the part that the gun must be perfect and clean etc. For the respect of the unknown soldiers.

    But why moving like an autistic robot?

  15. Isn't technology wonderful? In 2 minutes or less of watching a massive Yank Wank and you've got enough material for an entire international psychiatrists convention.

  16. These soldiers are in the Old Guard, the most intense and difficult to qualify army unit in the world, they guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, not the six-pack of the drunken Australian.

  17. Soldier 1: Soldier, how many civilians did you kill today in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere?
    Soldier 2: Too many that I stopped counting.
    Soldier 1: Good American! Keep up the wonderful work.

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