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Overview: Yugo PAP M92PV AK-47 Pistol w/Stabilizing Brace + Extras

Hey, everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Thursday, May the 18th, and we have
another great deal to bring you today. This one is on the Yugoslavian M-PAP AK Pistol
by Century Arms. The Yugoslavian M-PAP is one of the more desirable
AK pistols. Very heavy bodied, has a lot of features that
the other ones don’t have. The way the sight system is, bolt holdup and
safety. It’s got a flip up receiver cover that retains
its spot when you flip it up and put it back down. Very well made, heavy made. This particular model that we’re bringing
you right now in this deal is their package deal. It comes with the SB tactical brace for the
pistol. Come on in, Matt’s running the camera. Matt, we’re gonna show them how it comes inside
the box from Century. Right here, as you can see, is the box. Here is the Yugo impact pistol itself. Comes with the brace ready for installation,
and the installation is a breeze. Each one of these also comes with a steel
rib back original mag for the Yugo AK pistol as well as two mag pull P-mags, and the pre
cuff style, and that’s hard to see inside the packaging there, but it also comes with
the Krinkov style compensator. Of course, I had it backwards, it would go
on the weapon in this direction. In this case, all you have to do is break
the tack weld on the thread protector here on the end of the muzzle, and this is a 14-1
left hand thread. It will screw right up on there. That’s not 14-1, though, is it? That’s a heavier diameter, so it’s made to
fit. Strike that, it’s made to fit the Yugo compensator
here, so it will go on. Let me just look in the end of it. Yeah, you can see how large diameter that
is, so it’s made to fit that big heavy end that the Yugos have on it. Really retains the recoil and the muzzle blast. Those work out great. All of that comes in the package at one low
great price. Let me tell you a little more about the pistol
when you get it put together. Of course, you put your compensator on it
so you’ll have that. You have your extra mags. I think one of the neatest selling points
of these though is that you have this tactical arm brace. These work very well just like they’re designed. Just strap them on like this. Firms up even at arm width. Holds very steady. Looks great, works great, gives you a lot
of stability and possibly the best thing on this is that just recently, ATF has issued
a clarification on their stance on these arm braces. Basically they say this arm brace was designed
as an adjudicate to the pistol to be used with a handgun because it’s on there, even
if you were to inadvertently take the arm brace apart from the shoulder, it does not
inherently change the classification of the pistol. In other words, it does not make it a short
barrel rifle no matter how it’s used. Of course the design is to use it as the arm
brace like it’s designed for, but I wouldn’t be scared if you’re on the range and you inadvertently
come to your shoulder, shoot it like that just to see what it feels like, whatever. ATF says no problem, it is an arm brace designed
for a handgun. That is a great package, folks. Everything in one package, everything at one
money. Get the arm brace, three mags, the Krinkov
compensator, new in the box right now at only $619.99, $619.99 while supplies last. We have limited supply on hand. We hope you take advantage of it, and as always,
thank you for being with us at

8 thoughts on “Overview: Yugo PAP M92PV AK-47 Pistol w/Stabilizing Brace + Extras

  1. damn if this would have came out yesterday I would have bought it I just got a crossbow yesterday

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