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OVERPOWERED MK2 Carbine + KAR98K Swap Class (Modern Warfare Sniping)

all right yo what’s going on guys
hopefully you guys are having a great day but before anything I wanted to let
you guys know that I am now gonna be doing top play videos so if you do want
to submit any clips I’ll have a link down in the description all you have to
do is email me your clip just make sure it’s a normal mp3 file and everything
this should be good but yeah if you do want a chance at being in the top plays
videos I’m only gonna be doing I’m like once or twice a month
hopefully it’ll provide a little bit more content on the channel I’ve been
trying to think of like more video ideas but yes so anyways today we are using
the mk2 in the car 98 swap class real quick this is my class setup if you want
to try it out go for it let me know what you think of it anyways we got the mk2
usual attachments fastest ATS with the sniper scope sleight-of-hand not focus I
don’t think focus is necessary on the mk2 no I just don’t find focus necessary
really on the mk2 just because how quick the ATS is and also we got the carne da
attachments or the same as usual as well we got tax laser sniper scope F TAC
sport comb stock then we do have focus on the carne da I do feel like it helped
me out and a lot of gun fights I would highly recommend running focus if you’re
using it a swap class then we also got a stipple grip tape so yeah and then my
perks on everything are on screen if you guys do want to let me know what you
think of the class setup let me know down in the comments anyways I’m gonna
let the rest of the video play hopefully you guys do have a great day and I will
see you guys next time like you can get your shot off pretty
quick and your bullet will go straight though ATS simple the log guns on this
game its kind of trick here they speak again on uh no I’m just gonna
turn around and hope this more and we’re going off actually so I can pass but clubs are calmer
because you never know nasty honestly I don’t ever gonna be spawning back here
no just kidding you got two bullets left in EM Kate you let’s go screws out imagine if that were a cloud all right over to the car oh that was empty you really have you
old YouTube channel I need to leave that channel yeah this is the dumbest shit on
it that was like a supposed to be like a side gaming channel this YouTube
channels been around for a while I just deleted a lot of videos oh let’s go
let’s go bro why you peek back like that wouldn’t that’s that’s lovely but it
feels so satisfying to have honestly I think I was in liking at first but it’s
like a lot more better than dark matter thank you for the stunning snow for me
imagine three out of five on actually kind of dirty like it wasn’t like a
standard clip for like that sister now I can solve I’ve got a brown baby
kids what the fuck it’s the jewel yellow switch boys they’re just kind of like Anthony works

5 thoughts on “OVERPOWERED MK2 Carbine + KAR98K Swap Class (Modern Warfare Sniping)

  1. Good stuff dude one of my go to classes haha, i wish i found lobbies like this πŸ˜‚ literally die in 1s in some of my lobbies πŸ˜‚

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