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Oscar Pistorius Murders Girlfriend

eulogies for blocked out here in covert
city california ricks from a few oskar this story is the twenty six year old
south african first double amputee to compete in the olympics and a long fought battle that took what seemed like a years uh… within actually being able to
compete against able-bodied opponents and runners well was charged with murder late last night and basically what
happened is in south africa it should be noted that the crime rates are astoundingly hot granted they’re gone
down since the nineteen nineties sell because of that you are allowed to have one gone either a handgun and to be at
this store or a shotgun uh… for self defense purposes what was used in this case for personal re-used was eighty-nine millimeter pistol that he shot and killed his girlfriend his girlfriend belies a
model she’s an actress and she had a
television series coming up her name is reavis teen camp she was thirty years old about this
story is also known as the blade runner will remain in jail and will have a hearing tomorrow where
police have already said that they will oppose dale they it decided to make his
hearing tomorrow instead of its originally scheduled date
which was today because they’re getting forensics more time to investigate the
scene now it should also be noted that this story is granted he isn’t he he at least was this
fantastic athlete in great phenomenal story of how you overcome the odds and and
your specific disability in his specific disability of where his legs were
amputated when he was just one years old idly prior to his first birthday when he
could not sleep at night he was quoted as saying that he would go to gun ranges when he walked into his house one day he
didn’t we didn’t he thought there was an intruder in his house and was actually
his washing machine and he was about to go and uh… re condo it’s an amazing fall from grace purpose
story assim who was on time magazine’s list of the world’s a one hundred most
influential people he was viewed as a hero in south africa
and he he did raise the horse people wanted to any beat the horse and then
little race that they have again an amazing fall from grace grace
for the sky two stories there’s a lot of speculation going on all so that’s the
camp was trying to surprise two stories that she came into the wee hours of
thursday morning and decided to surprising don’t you think with all the crime rates that are going
on and i’m not justifying any of this at all were just speculating here but if there were the case that you
think that because all the crime rates that are
going on and she probably knew that he had a gun she probably would have said
hehehe baby to be something like that one other now and announcing this
repealing the one other note there have been domestic issues between the two oscar the stories his father has said
that he has had no knowledge really of their relationship and he’s never even
met resisting stayed can’t even sweeter this what do you have obviously fear
love tomorrow has stagnated excited has technology wednesday a police
spokeswoman even said there is no other suspect involved that is pretty of the a_p_ now look at this ninety
advertisement i mean it’s there’s not much you could say really
for nike is just uh… this is prior to what happened i believe this is in
twenty eleven it reads i have the bullet into chambers
nowadays south african journalist via the new york times had some interesting
comments here’s what he said the best case is that he shot her by mistake and
that is a particularly south african state that we’re so paranoid you’re
ready to fire up bullets when you don’t know is coming we’re such a mess that country in some
ways it every now and then it comes to the surface with events that
bring it into such support there’s no doubt in my mind that
there will be more information that comes out regarding in this case again
hearing is friday but either way whatever way you wanna look at this it’s tragic

47 thoughts on “Oscar Pistorius Murders Girlfriend

  1. So wait a minute… he's strapped 24/7? And he shot at, with intention to kill, an unarmed person? Put him in jail forever, the world is safer that way.

  2. This is like a Shakespearean tragedy, the loss of a soul and a hero to many that fell from grace. RIP to Reva Steenkamp and hopefully CSI Johannesburg can find enough evidence to figure out what truly happened.

  3. I read that he shot his gf through a bathroom door. I don't believe it was a mistake or he's the dumbest person ever to shoot someone not knowing who's there.

  4. if i go into my room… and there is my girlfriend in… I FUCKING HAVE TOKNOW HOW MY WIFE LOOKS AND DONT PULL OUT A FUCKING GUN AND SHOOT HER DOWN

  5. What's with all of those pop ups!? I Can do much better with listening the reading a pop up with a blurry picture in the back ground!

  6. he is just an ashole who killed his girlfriend for no reason whatso ever let him rot in jail forthe rest of his miserble life

  7. don't do that I know you remember OJ simpson, Ray Lewis. Kobe Bryant, etc etc. It's not about race Humans are flawed beings

  8. My friend is a wheelchair basket ball player, and he has stars painted on the wheels, so we call him Mr Star Wars, because he'll DEFINITELY be more famous than the film. My friend is a disabled bobslayer, and he's from Indiana, so we call him Indiana Jones, because he'll DEFINITELY be more famous than the film. MAYBE THE WOMAN GOT SHOT BECAUSE HE THOUGHT SHE WAS A REPLICANT. MAYBE HE HAD A DREAM ABOUT AN ORIGAMI UNICORN AND IT CONFUSED HIM.

  9. I didn't mean it that way. Of course I remember O.J. Michael, Kobe, etc. I also remember that they are all black, and black people always get fucked. That's not news, at least not in the western world. What i'm asking is, why are white icons fucking themselves up?

  10. I am just saying that the news media never reports the massacres of whites by blacks in south Africa. Also the brutalization and gang rape of white women in South Africa.

  11. And we're just saying that your comment was ill-placed, unnecessary, and ignorant. There are plenty of other videos on YouTube where you can be a disgusting racist.

  12. Who knows whats been going on in their private life. They're a couple, it could easily have been a crime of passion, maybe she was cheating on him or something.

  13. You listed black people. Kal El was asking what is happening to good old white boys who, as we all know, cant do nothing wrong.

  14. when you talk about black people you are talking down to any black athlete now you got a dumb white dude shooting a perfectly beautiful woman !! you are taking his side …. you guys are idiots and people should unsubscribe the new norm in racism ! please dont reply to me i need not your input

  15. So you're saying this guy murdering his girlfriend is the fault of the black people in South Africa right? You're a tool!

  16. Please join me in continuing to place a thumbs down on any post by Graham6762. Its obnoxious prejudice. It's obvious he knows nothing of Nelson Mandela or Apartheid.

  17. That video doesn't list any sources, any references or any citing. In school I would have been failed for plagiarism. Also, upon study of the information regarding "genocide", which is false, in South Africa is actually based around the continued in-fighting between whites and blacks BASED around Apartheid. Why is it that only white people in South Africa can afford to live in compounds? Check your facts…. idiot.

  18. Ah man are you kidding me??? He is guilty as they get!! Probably premeditated the whole thing because his girlfriend's career starting to boom and she was gonna ditch him. You don't accidentally kill your girlfriend. Good try Oscar but I don't buy it…

  19. Well if he was in Africa all he could do is shoot, but he should have fired a warning shot instead of killing because even if this wasn't premeditated murder, he still killed someone.

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