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Orlando International Airport ranks No. 5 for firearms discovered at TSA checkpoints

while Orlando has made another top 10 list but it is not a list you want to be on the Transportation Security Administration released new numbers for 2018 showing Orlando International Airport ranks number five across the country for guns and weapons discovered trying to make their way through the checkpoint new six Vanessa Araiza joins us now live from oh I a tonight in Vanessa it’s not just guns TSA workers are finding it’s not there’s an added thing that they have to keep an eye on Jinger just in December TSA workers here at Oia they found fireworks in one person’s carry-on luggage in addition that same month they also found five mortar shells because of that explosive specialists had to be called in well it’s 2018 how many weapons and guns do you think TSA caught during the through the checkpoint thousand 18 just rough amount many but probably around 5,000 I’d hope none but maybe a couple give me a number a number five [Music] good news for travelers who thought thousands of guns and weapons made their way through these checkpoints it wasn’t in the thousands the bad news they still made it through according to the Transportation Safety Administration’s recent report Orlando International Airport ranked to number five in the country when it came to guns discovered at checkpoints last year 123 guns were found in carry-on luggage 112 of those were loaded that is so sickening so very sickening because anybody can get online and make those guns and then try to get through here or anywhere else that is an additional 29 guns discovered from 2017 and it’s not just firearms on December 1st five replicas mortar shells prompted explosives specialists to be called in two weeks later fireworks were discovered in someone’s carry-on we need to add up the four major airports in the state Orlando Tampa Jacksonville in Fort Lauderdale that number climbs to 529 and if you are making your way through TSA checkpoint or if you’re at home you’re thinking can I bring this on my carry-on tsa experts say what you can do take a picture of it send it to them via a tweet or a messenger they will answer they will respond to you say whether or not you can take it on your carry-on or if you need to check it in your luggage live at Orlando International Airport tonight Vanessa Araiza getting results new six in Vanessa at the kiosk – when you check in they also have a list of items you have to agree to not have in your luggage before you get on that plane but some people still forget they have it all right Vanessa is reporting live from oia thank you our coverage continues on our website right now there you can see a graphic it explains how Orlando Airport ranks number five just go to click Orlando com / News

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