33 thoughts on “OPINION: Gun Safety or Gun Rights? Virginia’s lawmakers are igniting a feud on this issue.

  1. Law abiding citizens do not commit these crimes. Criminal cause crimes. You are brained washed. Down with democrats. They are trying to make this a communist country.

  2. This guy…is so brash and irrational. He doesn’t base anything on facts, even though he says he does…sounds like the dumb guy thinking he’s the smartest person in the room.

  3. "Shall not be infringed" is constitutional law. You people cherry pick the constitution, the Bill of Rights like you cherry pick the bible, torah etc.

  4. The anchor is very good at making this a black and white issue devoid of complexity, especially since he clearly hasn't read the statutes as proposed which are seeking a blanket ban on pretty much every long gun out there and the vast majority of most common handguns by way of arbitrary magazine limits that apply to 90+% of common firearms currently available for sale. I don't think the anchor even understands that the "some cursory form" is actually the basis upon which records checks are performed into an individuals background and that an "enhanced background check" is a myth. You cant predict future behavior using a background check. I mean what possibly can you do, spend millions of dollars to go door to door conducting interviews and setting up a snitch fund for gun owners and require a polygraph for prospective gun owners (knowing polygraphs are junk science of course and the guilty can pass)? Even then, you can't predict future behavior. Would it make it more difficult to legally acquire firearms and discourage mainly poor minorities from doing so due to the added cost? Sure. But that's always been a known side effect of gun laws, disenfranchising minorities from gun ownership and it's a very much appreciated side effect on the part of old southern Klan democrats that dominate in the legislature. Anyone with money will not be effected by these laws at all. They can just dump a few grand on a big name Arlington law firm to go to court and get a permit using those lawyer types that golf with judge and all. Everyday people making minimum wage won't be able to afford the cost of the regulations. Criminals and citizens that don't think the government should dictate what they do and keep in their home can just manufacture their own firearms using well known open source methods. I think this anchor doesn't quite comprehend the dynamics in this situation. People distrust the government, the government tells them they may need to surrender their property, legislators agitate said group of people by threatening them with armed military and paramilitary action, said group is bound to react defiantly. Mass shootings are exceedingly rare. What the anchor fails to be homest about is that neither mass shooting he mentioned was committed with an "assault weapon". There's a lot of intellectual dishonesty and rhetoric here. The current firearms regulations are more than sufficient. If someone is insane, you don't send an armed team to their house to red flag them, leaving them without any mental health help at all and a lot of anger that their guns were just robbed by armed thugs, maybe you'd be better off following I don't know, the law, and go through the existing mental health commitment process? Gee that sounds like an idea. Anyways, when you go deliberately agitating and threatening people, you can't be surprised when the less intelligent amongst those groups goes biting back and does something that can't be undone, especially when you're threatening a group of individuals that re extremely well armed. As far as the race issue, I can guarantee you there are black people that want to own guns too and don't like this gun control nonsense either. Trying to make guns "the white mans thing" is just ignorant and racist, but I suppose that's what culture the Dems come from.

  5. It is a right given by God and recognized by government. The government didn’t give me permission, my Lord and Creator did. If you want to crack down on “gun violence” why not go to Washington DC or Baltimore where you can’t even have a gun? You don’t care about facts… you just want to disarm law abiding people.

  6. None of Blackface Northam anti-gun laws will curb any of the violent criminals and gangs. Proof you ask? I conjured up California that has strict gun laws and yet FBI statistics have shown that California is still number one in the U.S. in murders by firearms. WUSA9 is nothing more than a Tory mouthpiece for Gov Blackface folks.

  7. Hey anti-gun Zealot! Opinions are like "A" holes… everyone got one. Oh by the way here is little tidbit of info for you!

    FBI Statistics, Table #8, Murder Victims…..2017…….2018
    Rifles, (which includes the AR-15 rifle)……..390………..297
    Knives or Cutting Instruments……………….1,609 …..1,515

    So tell me WUSA9 how the AR-15 rifle is number one in mass murders when in fact that FBI Statistics proven that you are dead wrong? In fact the number of murders by all weapons have decline! Oh and Pistols, Knives and Cutting Instruments have murder far more people than rifles! No wonder your ratings are lower than whale poop when you put false info about the AR-15 rifle. MOLON LABE TORIES!

  8. "Pathetically" call it our God given right to bear arms? What about that pathetic right to free speech, that laughable freedom of religion, silly people think they have a right to due process.

  9. Who is this piece of s***? How dare him. You shouldn't have to have a license to carry a firearm you shouldn't have to have a FOID card carry a firearm you should just be able to have a firearm to defend yourself and your family.

  10. Obviously a communist; he's making the "OUR collective rights versus YOUR individual rights" argument. Nice try comrade

  11. You are in fact talking about an all out ban if you are siding with the democrats in Virgina and that is what they are working on right now as we speak. Also, just because your daddy got his first gun at 12 doesnt make you any more knowledgable, experienced, or understanding on why protecting our constitutional rights is important. Its comparative to saying you understand the struggles of minorities becasuse you have a friend who is hispanic.

  12. Gun free zones mean ONE thing to criminals….hunting grounds! Chicago has done SO well as a gun free zone. Youngstown Ohio was once know as the murder capital of the US…The state started issuing CCWs and Youngstown has lost that title. The AR 15s you speak of are NOT what the military and police carry. The police and military carry M16s…and to the novice, almost identical to the AR 15.

  13. One more thing…CRIMINALS who are not allowed to have guns in the first place are NOT going to care about the fact they are NOT allowed to have guns, They will steal them if need be. They arent going to care about carrying a gun into a gun free zone…they are going to do it anyway…The gun is only the tool.
    More people are killed by Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.) that ALL rifles including the AR 15.
    More people are killed by Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.) that ALL rifles including the AR 15.
    MANY More people die in DUI related car accidents than ALL rifles combined.
    4-5 times as many people will die from Knives or cutting instruments than will die of ALL rifles combined.
    AGAIN…these are only tools criminals use…they will ALWAYS find a way to hurt or kill someone if the criminal wants to.

  14. Carry permit is infringement on the Second Amendment. We the people let them take advantage of us. One thing I’ve learned in life is you give the gov. An inch and they take a mile. It’s time to say no more.

  15. Apparently the stupid idiot governor has not read the Virginia flag…..and apparently this idiot talking has no idea what he's even saying America has had enough of this horseshit you Godless snake….shall not be infringed it's that simple…no but if.


    Which is it? Innocent gun owning Americans citizens or the criminals who acquired guns ILLEGALLY (Dems have a hard time understanding the word ILLEGAL in any form of the word) on the streets????
    Well, which is it Virginia? Are you going to allow your Governor to break the Laws of the Constitution and take/acquire your weapons or have him arrested, charged, and tried? No political person is permitted to take our God given Freedoms/Rights from us and if we are to read our founding fathers papers, we would understand exactly why the Second Amendment was given.


  17. You are a Fool sir..😡.if it's not my God given right then enlighten me on your version of the 2nd Amendment..
    I'm against gun violence by our Intergovernmental against we the people and you want to disarm America to control America… History has proven that every mass genocide by a ruling Government or Dictatorship committed against the population started with the restriction or all out ban against firearms… This is no longer an issue about thwarting a small number of gun violence incidences, although that is your latest excuse to start the ball rolling toward a series of steps to disarm, control and eradicate any and all who stand in the way of the NWO's demand on the UN to fulfil this agenda and nutralize all threats to their plan of a one world ruling dictatorship .. Sound a bit familiar sir? Ring any bells sir? You are merely a cog in a wheel a puppet in a regime of a system designed and hellbent on population CONTROL.. And to think you bragged about how your father was given his first means of protection at the age of 13 smh how do you think your father would upon what festerd from his loins now dear sir? If they are successful in this endeavor and they probably will be at first, I hope you look back on this from whatever FEMA/death camp their holding you and your family's in and reflect on what a fine service you provided towards the taking of America the last stronghold for defending the very freedoms you and you kids arer enjoying rightl now.. And not only a country and it's people's freedoms but an entire planet and its ultimate struggle for the survival of the human race… Yes sir, you did this… How's it feel?
    A little melodramatic lol tell me that from whatever detainment facilities they've got your treasonous ass in..

  18. You, sir, are a condescending, un-informed, pompous ass. You lack any depth or thought in the analysis. You have no knowledge of history, the Constitution, civil rights, or the basic intellectual ability to define or analyze and issue. Or, it could just be that you are an extremely intelligent troll, looking to fuel the flames of civil unrest. Isn't ironic that a short 60 years ago, people were marching to obtain civil rights equal to white land owners. Now the masses march to remove those same rights just a few short decades later. Rest assured, we all know what side of the isle you stand on this topic, and that is enough. In the long run, you will not win this disagreement. Had you any knowledge, you would also understand the fact that you are advancing this specific issue in Virginia. History has a nasty way of repeating itself for the uninformed.

  19. Amazing that these politicians live in the same country as us peasants yet their security teams use GUNS to keep these politicians and their families safe. So if GUNS ARE THE CAUSE OF DEATH AND VIOLENCE,politicians and their families would be the highest statistics of gun violence if they are surrounded by security forces with guns.
    Maybe it's the criminals that violate the laws against violence and death that already exists, yet they still break every law that already exists banning aggression against people unprovoked.
    God bless America

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