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OpenSoar Handgun Wizard Tutorial

Handgun Wizard is just about the only thing on the site at the moment. Brand new site in general. I created the handgun wizard, primarily to give folks who are looking for a new handgun especially brand new shoppers, those who have never bought one before potentially a single source of information to get them started with their buying experience. Now at the time of this video, right now…this app is basically in beta phase, alpha really. I haven’t truly vetted it. I’ve run it through a few browsers and had some friends and family take it for a spin and apparently that’s good enough for me to just set it loose on the general public So lucky you. Anyway, there are a bunch of features that I’ve held out on including an initial release
I’ll Additionally, I plan on adding a couple more handguns Sorry, a couple more HUNDRED handguns within the next few months I am also making a little more
mobile-friendly right now I don’t work on a mobile
device but it’s not So bear with me on this folks. I’ll get this thing humming here soon It’s a living breathing thing. We’re going to go ahead and get started is right now Starting off, I’m going to go with some selfish motives, and ask you to share this with your with
your friends if you like it share it here you don’t like it to your
friends who don’t like You can also follow OpenSoar on Twitter, Facebook and RSS. Go ahead and do that too please. Up at the top menu here, we have the companion guide, which is a 12,000 Word
document I wrote just to help new shoppers kind of
understand what some these filters mean, like what the different, the different trigger actions mean in terms of how that coincides with their shooting experience just about anything you have a question
on here or the true significance of it, the companion
guide answers that The help video is actually this video that we’re shooting right now, which should go ahead and blow your mind a little bit Contact…self explanatory, but basically if you…like I said, this is probably going to be pretty buggy this is actually my first attempt at
programming anything, so have fun. If you find some bugs, or you want new features added, or new guns added or you think a gun shouldn’t be on there, or
you wanna tell me I suck, or you wanna tell me I’m great, hit me up here at contact. Frequently Asked Questions. Everybody who uses the Internet or is alive should know what that means And “Thanks”. Right off the bat, I’m just gonna thank a few folks who were my opinion made
this possible Give a shout out to,, Backwoods Guns, my local gun store and Code Academy. Thank you folks. We’re gonna jump down to the meat and potatoes of this web application, and that is the table. I’m going to go ahead and just go through these columns right now you can I got about 540 different models of handguns Starting off with the model column The make column–basically who made the gun, which is also found in the model column A little redundancy, but it helps navigate quicker, or more quickly rather sorry, ok. You have the type between semi-automatic, or auto-loader or however you want to say it versus revolver, or wheelgun. Calibers You can sort by calibers. And by the way, yes, you can sort by columns. Trigger actions in addition to single action only double action only, double action single action, I also added striker fired in there I know it somewhat debated on whether or
not that’s really a trigger action, but for the sake of simplicity I just lumped it all in there. I give a pretty detailed explanation on why I did that in the companion guide. If you want to know what that means, or why you think I’m an idiot for doing that, or whatever the case may be, read that first before contacting me and telling me I suck please. The capacity also again pretty self-explanatory. If you see the plus one designation that means the potential for a gun to be held pardon me, for the cartridge to be held in the chamber. We’re going to see that primarily on semi-autos Overall length barrel length weight of the gun unloaded MSRP the Suggested Retail Value the the used price estimated and in the the overall the overall column is completely relative, in fact when you first pull this up, the overall column is going to say “NaN”, and that is all null values, and that’s because this “Determine Overall Rank Column” tool, sub tool, has not been run yet. It’s going to be all zeroes when you come to the site for the first time and what this does is that you can choose
and these these use four primary attributes you can choose what are most important. So if you want a powerful man stopping personal defense pistol you might want to put a hundred in there. I’m going to put a hundred. Capacity personally, I don’t really care too much about what it will hold if you do carry for more than five got
two other again concealment are how easy it is to either Yunnan by the way good qualities
tooltips at any time you know you just a quick explanation
what that means are in recall and that’s an estimated are felt recall lot of things going to require all are or in IMAX so way to the payroll or so I the cartridge
that in there’s a whole lotta girls enter
this is really just to be used as a guideline it’s not our it’s not gospel I mean a lot of it
depends on on your hand your hand itself and that’s obviously
going difficult to measure remotely here so to say that what it is
you put all these values and their it calculated its gonna on-the-fly
determine what the overall callers you sort by the overall ministers give
you a general idea what guns might be best for you I’m me to do or did you know you’re so yes
or no you know i IR Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan to pretty sweet dunno 554 school awesome arm now I want to do our or or or using or yes I want to sort through some list of 10 what’s that
old arm lets them looking for a Glock so I can
use the search function here and it it filters very
quickly as the typings general primary filter
you can see that I’ve done here’s one from 504 41 total
is used to 224 I wanna show more than 10 entries I
can united to use up to 100 at a time scroll
down see all those arm search for instance it’s pretty
sweet perot for NHK the type that and again in serious cases
recent ones might my table here no rate with the overall USP Compact tackle for instance 45 as an IT arm and yeah apologize or really slow
connection right now so it takes a minute for these pictures for when you get there you could just hear a
form of that no power clear the surgeon backspace from there are a few more columns that
are included on the answers to the screen roles their
own sure a few at a time you can also add to all the percentiles
over Oregon attributes right relative to each
other you know whether arm whether or not they
have may not safe to use same Dexter’s features like for miss you reversible magazine releases
and I’m slight that is on both sides a whether or not this is the
government’s range for folks small hands folks have weekends or arthritic hands whether or not there’s an ambidextrous
safety obviously there is if there is a manual safety to your whether or not the
Palmer frame a whether or not as an accessory rail
whether your pick a 10-year weaver rail or or a Glock by Terry rail on the overall and
then they are willing to the manufacturer’s website
all that can be added in the column section also
you’re still here that filters what’s the difference in Taiwan only see
guns that are good for for folks were with small hands as they
have for and an extra small what size I V book on why for yes as you might guess that also mean
171 guns they’re are are subjectively rather subjective your but pretty accurate population here are save or other OVR guns that that are
good for small hands arm also include in their are or those are firearms with are with adjustable
back straps interchangeable palms swirls the
anything that would allow our somebody with area the smaller in or
order in to arm the to pop in a hour a group configuration
that works best when they’re here controlled by that you like and stack
filters governor bottom wear them by email pretty it’s
pretty self-explanatory arm and again if you know any in this
crap means that I’m sayin germs are interchangeable palms world in
one hour really campaigning Goddard treating your
it’s not that are hey this apartment um bought us lawyer just withdrawal features you could print
this I’ll if you want to print the table your credit bureau and you know cooperated mister this tier
you’re like me as far as the print version I’ll appreciate if you don’t seem like a
just yet but or moving on nor skating you know for I’ll finally we have the handgun wizard within the handgun was ur on and this is
for somebody who just absolutely has no idea what have you done they’re looking for
they don’t know what all these characteristics mean arm pretty much as want me to tell you
what’s right for you well up together this this interactive
questionnaire last two questions based on our based on how you answer some questions
and I’m and go through and as you need to them it’s gonna its gonna chip away at the the overall sample here arm also you what I mean arm so story of safety for throwing I’m dead serious about that for if
you’re handling guns and ignoring the basic safety principles
words I’d hot ass they’re all over my side I think
I mention safety principles for five times within the campaign go to
Wal if you can or will you pick up a gun you
or a cool and I want nothing to do with you however they are not very difficult all
these simple principles and you will shoot
safely are if you in turn over there no problem necessarily I will are going
to recommend the America for your superserver paper football just not a live-fire are so you going to try again when you’re
ready to be grown up alright it’s going good yes carry on would you consider buying using
and yes and that’s going to affect the
that’s going to affect whether or not it’s Ghana base of your
based in Basel use president mister P are what’s there six-yard box is the max i’m looking to spend but next notice it
drops down 320 organs over 600 dollars in the news
column just a one-way will be used for
concealed carry sure oh holy carry this gun conceal this is really getting a mind so cure you got a lot of water for
saltwater big flashy gone because at work school
made in with your own buyer Magnum Research are Desert Eagle 50 Cal shiny gold beast and eyewitnesses we
done by the we you’re probably not going to carry that
very often this is really just to get it back in a minute abuses destroyed road trip sir is this
for daily Carey was the gym I’m so again
only hear words legal please people we talk %uh who cared so for framing are give you valuable for a hearing on
the export I give your explanation arm this is a HK USP next to a business card
in it when orville assist road for a pointed reference give
you an idea of of helping your for printing and is I
was a the yes yes I would considered a revolver sure some I’ll yeah we’re to the following
actions were consider from I say I don’t know don’t care but
at this point if you happen to know these actions meaning you can sort this animal only
are filter down the bills that are following
that as a nation I would experience do you have shooting
unions really so explanatory your week is going to
miss governor factor in a few different things such as a which actions are suggested I’m more than I reworked and it all came
back a few different determinations their again this is not ago walkthrough it’s
just the a guy take it for what it is a educational entertainment purposes only
I’m not telling you have to buy it sir go arm wanna see some experience what he did I’m not but I’m jus yes are your hands more than average no you have weekends yes see another 7 answers are mental
capacity requirement is only a look at the guns are about in
the table arm beer there are models in here that
represent many more capacities baumhauer raucous a 47 guns work seven models look into in
the table here arms or killers shows that are the
russians I mean is there a preference our
preference same deal no our programs of week when you’re gone every time a
few I’m eager boy and include tooltips Erie times-news is confusing to
use or or through as unnecessary begun has
me know safety no no it’s not are you post the Palmer
friends what’s the that I you know I white metal Iran’s me and I’m using guns room and I saw were for their down to six guns be an overall still remains if you want
to go and and restore the overall you can do this at any time are
calculating middle little retard wounds or for armbar know
it’s got a Smith and Wesson Model 686 got my worst apparently that is 357 is
the government I’m again slower connections going to
come into the picture down there why though that’s that’s really the just a I’m this is any time you want to or you
wanna just backed out and restored over you hit the refresh button IQ and that will refresh are refresh the page that’s from that’s generally it for now
like I said I have a Dr have a lot of players love additions I
wanna make in the future for this crystal also wanna make some
more tools so one for long guns gone say accessories holsters religious
like to make this a side were anyway come looking for information on their
personal friends are lawyers and we didn’t get the program you to get the
goods store I also gone through affiliated with any
are over in the shower gift her to my body
the gun store or I don’t have any reauthorization with
anybody themselves farms I’m so ruling up and nothing no personal gain and the 60 with
some advertisements may be a great leader okay for paper the side and man just this form it’s just a lot of barn so it again if you have feedback about the here could be able to
conquer dropping YouTube throat subscribe to our channel wearing two years in there near future
and are appreciate if you’re still with me
after all this time tuning in have a terrific day 0 and
being a better today would you later

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