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Onondaga Co. DA backs tougher laws to keep ‘ghost guns’ out of our communities

ROD: THE STATE SENATE AND ASSEMBLY TODAY STARTED THEIR 20-20 LEGISLATIVE SESSION INCLUDING SEVERAL PROPOSALS FROM GOVERNOR CUOMO. CHRISTIE: IT INCLUDES BANNING UNTRACEABLE “GHOST GUNS” BY REQUIRING FIREARM PARTS BE SOLD ONLY TO AUTHORIZED BUYERS. NEWSCHANNEL NINE’S JEFF KULIKOWSKY TELLS US THESE ILLEGAL GUNS ARE SHOWING UP MORE AND MORE IN OUR COMMUNITY. JEFF: SPD Officer, ” Drop that gun.Drop that gun.” JEFF: THAT GUN WAS A GHOST GUN USED BY MIGUEL RUSSO LAST MONTH TO SHOOT HIS 6-YEAR OLD NEPHEW ACCORDING TO D-A BILL FITZPATRICK. Bill Fitzpatrick, Onondaga County District Attorney, ” The danger is bad people having guns and the easy accessibility of them to do that because they’re not using it for target practice, they’re not using it to be sportsman, they’re not using it for hunting, they’re certainly not using it for self- protection, they’re using it to inflict harm on other people in this community.” JEFF: GHOST GUNS, LIKE THIS ONE FITZPATRICK SHOWED US, ARE ALREADY ILLEGAL TO ASSEMBLE AND THEN POSSESS IN NEW YORK BUT HE AGREES WITH THE GOVERNOR THAT MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE TO STOP THEM FROM MAKING IT INTO OUR COMMUNITY. Bill Fitzpatrick, Onondaga County District Attorney, ” So all we do is add the breach up here and this is an incidious little part that can be bought to which turns it from semi-automatic to automatic just with the push of a button.” JEFF: THE OWNER OF THAT GUN IS NOW IN STATE PRISON.THE GOVERNOR’S WANTS TO STOP COMPANIES FROM SHIPPING PARTS DIRECTLY TO PEOPLE FOR MAKING THESE GUNS. Bill Fitzpatrick, Onondaga County District Attorney, ” I have not seen or talked to anybody who’s a responsible gun owner, NRA member who says, gee Fitz, you’re really off the rails on this one.” Jeff Kulikowsky, ” Fitzpatrick says these ghost or as he calls them Frankenstein guns are fast becoming a problem right around here.He says just since this past summer they have confiscated two dozen of them right here.” Bill Fitzpatrick, Onondaga County District Attorney, ” You can turn it into a very, very deadly weapon in a matter of seconds.” JEFF: IT ALMOST HAPPENED LAST MONTH, AND FITZPATRICK WANTS TO MAKE SURE IT NEVER DOES.JEFF KULIKOWSKY NEWSCHANNEL NINE. CHRISTIE: THE GOVERNOR’S PROPOSAL WOULD REQUIRE FIREARM PARTS BE SOLD ONLY TO AUTHORIZED BUYERS, REQUIRING THE SAME ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS AS A COMPLETED FIREARM AND THAT ALL MAJOR PARTS RECEIVE A SERIAL NUMBER. CHRISTIE: CENTRAL TECH HIGH SCHOOL IS CENTRAL NEW YORK’S CENTRAL

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