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Online Gun Safety Course | Become a Safe & Responsible Firearms Owner

Hello and welcome to Tampa Carry. If
you’re new to firearms or maybe it’s been a while and you need to brush off a
little rust, the beginner’s guide to firearms is the course for you. You’ve
probably noticed that the Internet can be very confusing with different
viewpoints and tons of bad information. The beginner’s guide to firearms is the
perfect, easy to follow training program for anyone interested in becoming
proficient with a firearm. In this interactive course, you will learn about
firearm safety; how handguns and revolvers work; how to load, unload and
safety check your firearm; ammunition basics; how to be safe at the gun range;
how to maintain your firearm; and how to choose a firearm with some firearm
recommendations. This training will provide you with the knowledge, tools and
mindset needed to safely and responsibly shoot, purchase, and maintain your firearm. It’s also important to build a firm foundation of firearm safety and
shooting skills. If you choose to have a firearm in your home or get a concealed
weapons permit, don’t wait another second to join hundreds of other people just
like you who decided to become a safe and responsible gun owner. If you’re not
sure if the beginner’s guide to firearms training is the course for you, take a
look at some of our amazing reviews from people just like you. A little about me. My name is Ryan and I’ll be your instructor. I’m a US Air
Force veteran, N.R.A. instructor and I have safely trained over 10,000 people to
safely shoot a firearm. I have a passion to teach people to become responsible
gun owners and to protect themselves and their families. Sign up now and you will
be empowered and happy that you did. Click the link above to start your
training today. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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