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One Shot One Kill – Airsoft Sniper Gameplay

what’s up guys Fabi Magnus edge and I are rushing through the tunnel system to conquer a strategically important building since the beginning of a new round it won’t be filled with enemies yet we have to advance fast to stop them from entering this building I didn’t hear the enemy calling him he goes the other way around to check he must be close [Music] he’s done time to advance further on I’m expecting more enemies to hide behind a scale before a breach I send a Negroni now that we clear the building we open up a new angle which the enemies are completely exposed to and that’s why I stick to my Glock 18 even though it’s a bit unreliable lately I just love the feature of switching between semi and fold all the enemies nearby are down now it’s time to switch to my sniper for those long Ranger some nobody is expecting that shot from our direction and you can see they’re just standing there in the open covering in the wrong direction my Glock just light strikes I definitely need to rework my side up so I’m fixing the man opening today I’m not using a new sniper it’s just message to 24 but with the m40a3 conversion kit installed [Applause] [Applause] and then right there I make the mistake to take you close to the door the incoming sunlight is highlighting my silhouette which gives them way in my position here good back from the respawn I decide to take another route towards the enemy the game mode is defending the play all I really have to do is kill here to shoot an approaching enemy Fabia to my left we try to keep distance between each other to have different angles on the enemy and to also make it harder for them to shoot at possible [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] it will not ask usually you successfully defended the flag and won the match hope you guys enjoy this game plays now again the gun that I was using is not a new gun it’s just the s 2:24 inside and 43 conversion kit now that you guys get confused now as if you see in the video it had silent problems and I know some of you guys will be now but I thought you build a new side on what’s going on and actually the video you just saw was recorded before I fixed my Saturn for those of you who are not familiar with what I’m talking about I build a new sidearm a Glock that should work a little bit better than the one in the video with tracer unit if you want to check it out the link to it is in the video description what I figured lately is that the videos are getting kind of repetitive it’s always you know it’s always the same gun it’s always the same field and it’s also mostly the same roots because those are the roots that Fabi and I figured work the best so what I want to do in the future is you know if I go to the urban area I just want to play with very special guns like I don’t know a lightsaber or a nerf gun or something like this because I’m very familiar with the field so I can also score with very difficult guns to play with but when it comes to sniping I would like to challenge myself a little bit more because navigate the urban area is just it’s getting a little bit too easy already I know you know the angles I know the behavior of the players the gun is working perfectly although everything is in range on the fields because it’s so small so I would like to go to fuse where I can shoot a little bit further you know bring this to 24 trees you know maximum range to its potential so what I would like you guys to do is fill up the form in the video description it will lead you to a webpage and you can fill out you know if you have a field nearby where you think nothing is really cool or you would like me to stop by please fill out the form you know tell me which type of came here it is if it’s one milsim or pickup game you know you will see everything in the formula it’s quite easy for those of you actually take the time to fill out the form and help me out through this I would like to give away five of sauce pan packages right here which contains you know sign up which pad shoulder patch and then also some cool stickers so thanks for taking the time thanks for watching the video and see you guys on Monday

100 thoughts on “One Shot One Kill – Airsoft Sniper Gameplay

  1. Hi im totally new to this air soft thing and know nothing about it. I thought i might start off with the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro sniper and with the scope novritch's using. And for the BBs i thought i would go for the .36 ones. i've been watching alot of videos about upgrading but at my current state i have no clue how to actaully upgrade it. So im just going to try it out of the box. Sounds good?

  2. NORVITSCH to solve your sidearm problem i think you should use a MP7 or MP9 with this holster i know it might be a little heavy but with a red dot sight it could be used indoors or in the tunnel system im not sure if you will like it but just a sugestion it would me them world to me if you replied thanks

  3. Hi I'm selling my Mauser L96 airsoft rifle. I bought it about 5 years ago planning to get into airsoft but I never did so it was never used. If you're interested direct message me on YouTube or Twitter, my handle is @_ryanxo, Thanks.

  4. Ha Novritsch I'm a huge fan of you and, your videos but I really miss you do Milsims. So I would really appreciate it if you could soon do a forest milsim. Thanks

  5. Mal an die Deutschen: Ich brauche Hilfe ich bin 14 und will 0,5Joule spielen… ABER was kann ich mit 14 Spielen? Also was ist sinnvoll?? Z.B. CQB? Bitte antworten

  6. Novritsch, I recommend the Poseidon P18C – a WE tech based upgraded Glock (totally legal to import to other countries with Glock restrictions)

  7. Hey Nov, relatively new viewer looking to get into airsoft again since I was much younger. Your channel's quite the motivation. Just wondering if you've ever seen a YouTube channel called PhantomTMA. His playstyle is really unique, just not widely practiced as far as I know. Not what i was looking to get into, but it was always super entertaining and is what drew me into airsoft long ago.

  8. Hey Novritch there is an event coming up in September 23rd called silent Aries in the states at the Macc in Lawson MO home field for me

  9. Is it because you are Austrian that you use a Glock like using AK's if you are a russian or a P90 if you are Belgian?

  10. Air soft needs body protection like real soldiers have. It should also be heavy and unwieldy, like real one. This would somewhat limit sniper's advantage and make storming the room more feasible.

  11. Hey I'm new to airsoft and I'm trying to get a sniper one can I get some oppinions on good accurate ones thanks any advise would be helpful

  12. Does he use the default base version of his SSG24 or has he added custom parts to make it better for his videos?

  13. you should optimize your games by makeing a siut coverd in granades like a suicide bomber and atach a rope to the pines and pull it when in a enemys group.

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