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One of the most POWERFUL slugs we have shot! – L-5 Sabot Slug

CHEEKI BREEKI ACTION! na na na na na na na
blyatman and THIS is TAOFLEDERMAUS today we have a slug called
the Leningradka 5 or l5 for short these were sent to us from Russia by Boris and
here’s a photo of Boris on vacation in Turkey the l5 is a solid steel slug with
a discarding Sabot now it’s got a very unusual shape but it’s supposed to be
ballistically stable shot out of a smoothbore shotgun with no spin
stabilization at all the slug weighs in at about twenty nine point four grams or
just a little over one ounce I got the impression that Forrest really knew his
stuff as far as reloading and how to load these even with American powders we
start out with a gas piston with three cork wadding on top of that and then
a nitro card and then on top of that comes the sabot and the slug itself so
let’s get out there and shoot some and see if I got my powder load correct here comes the slug look how stable that
thing is that’s amazing just blasted through that dollar store
melon okay a lot of people have been wanting
us to shoot ice so we got a frozen gallon of of ice blue ice like Walter
White okay still a 27 grain load whenever
you’re ready dang it all the way to that far tree on
the bank alright Greg was even at the little boy on the label let’s see how
close he gets not too bad at all I was really
surprised how that slug blasted to that gallon jug of ice I thought it would
just bounce off of it okay start on Russian bear are you gonna go for the head
shot okay Russian bear official okay
fire not too bad at all and it looks like we
could probably use that bear over again in another video yeah that’s how frugal I am Ukranian ballistic-gel also known as a rock sorry -we joke – okay this is 27
grains our last one then we’ll go to 30 grains so whenever you’re ready
wow you know Jeff when they say rock is dead I don’t think they were talking
about this but look at that impact point we’re like hit so I thought it would
just bounce off of it all those shards off so what’s a weird rock to you
Ukrainian ballistic gel we’re gonna have to measure the depth of penetration in
there and take a temperature measurement it is uh eighty three point three
degrees Fahrenheit this is the same the same stone that Officer Greg heart – has
made out of right there again this one surprised me because I thought the we
just chipped the rock and the slug would just go shooting off in another
direction it looks like the slug actually broke into pieces
that’s some pretty hard rock it probably is granite I’m not sure any geologists
out there okay we’re up to now we’re using the 30
grain loads a little more power more than ten percent more power I put a
power yes whenever you’re ready Wow her recoil didn’t fly apart no it hit
right there kept the tape together a little-known fact these six hard drives
are actually holding the sixth six leaked episodes of Game of Thrones oh
darn it yeah so there go all the secrets right there winter is coming
oh ha ha ha jeez so let’s take a look and see how deep they went we got one
there’s the slug buried in number two okay Wow
slug embedded right there in number two then punch the hole in three indented
number four again we had very good accuracy very
good stable flight oh it’s so much more fun when the slugs are accurate like
that and I am getting more and more impressed with these things what are you aiming for okay I think we
might be colorblind but that okay I’m ready when you are
whoa oh boy now here’s something you don’t see every day in places it is not very often that any
of the slugs that we shoot this lead plate actually go through so wow I see a gopnik! He’s squatting out there at 57
yards or 52 meters okay that’s that meter yard thing always confuses us you
know the way Kiefer we have lasered it oh yeah it’s confirmed
fire oh boy that slap yeah and there you go accurate at long range
over 50 yards this time that’s the maximum zoom I can get with the Chronos
high-speed camera with the lens that I’m using that’s why we don’t really shoot
over 50 yards but about this time some guys showed up all rights gray I got
shooting demolition ranch today I’m gonna see if I can hit this target with
a Russian slug okay yeah the owner is shooting the
world’s biggest trailer hitch today yeah I’m sure that’s an honor I promise you
met is gonna be out here very soon we’re just taking these warm-up shots okay
okay Hickok8888 gonna be out here it’s a it’s like nothing fancy can’t make it
though he’s uder too busy okay I’m ready to whenever you are did not even
puncture through now of course these guys never heard of Taofledermaus but
they did hear about demolition ranch and we just told him we were demolition
ranches film crew and I’m not sure if they believe this or not this luck on
the right is the one we recovered and there’s the dent I think that’s just a
really thick part of this flagpole topper this the steel is really thick
they’re American that had a big old thump to it and that ladies and gentlemen is the
taofledermaus pot shot hydrostatic action is very energetic I hope you guys
enjoyed this video we had a lot of fun shooting with those guys from the Naval
Base and I hope they had fun shooting with us even though we’re not demolition
ranch and I want to thank our patreon so you guys are the heroes here when I was
driving home from shooting after filming this my tire on my truck completely
shredded so now I have to spend the patreon money to buy a new tire for my
truck but without that money I would have been screwed at the end I’ll show
you what the tire looks like it’s mangled hey thanks again for watching peace out

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