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One Minute Shooting – Hudson H9 Handgun

One Minute Q Hudson H9 Disclaimer: I’ve never seen or touched one. These are purely observations. Hudson manufacturing was a newcomer to SHOT Show 2017 and has the best gun commercial ever. Link is posted below. Quick rundown on the H9. Striker-fired with a passive trigger safety like a modern Glock or M&P. Trigger body, grip angle, and steel frame all like a 1911. Heavier weight helps absorb recoil while the magazine and slide releases are both ambidextrous. They also offer an optional thumb safety but *PSSH* Intelligently chambered in 9mm Luger with a healthy double stack capacity of 15 rounds. Smartly designed inlaid grip panels places the gun’s width between the Glock 19 and STI 2011 at about one and a quarter inches. Approximately five and quarter inch height, four and a quarter inch barrel length, and seven and five eighth inch total length place the H9’s size between the Glock 17 and 19. The unique factor about the gun is its lowered recoil system which facilitates low bore axis and minimal muzzle flip. My concern is that oddball dimensions require large holsters; larger still when running a light. Be it Surefire or Inforce, you can imagine activation will become a challenge without a DEVGRU style switch. MSRP of $1,147 sounds steep at first but when you consider it includes a Trijicon HD Front, VZ Grips, Front slide serrations, and a short travel trigger, then it’s not much different than a custom Glock or semi custom 1911. I predict that third party support and adoption by competitive shooters will help determine market viability. Overall, I’m happy to see a new design that offers great potential. It might even inspire other companies selling obsolete pistols to come up with their own designs instead of re-branding Croatian imports. Hey there! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed that video, please subscribe for more! Or catch me live on Twitch! We’d love to have you anytime!

13 thoughts on “One Minute Shooting – Hudson H9 Handgun

  1. It's got a great sci-fi feel and is a very sexy sidearm. It will be my everyday carry if all goes well. I've seen a lot of hate for this piece and I don't get why.

  2. Man I tell ya, that Russell Wilson is multi talented!
    A starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks and does gun reviews!! 😁

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