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Ole Miss Rifle: Seniors – Randi Loudin

My favorite part is just joining the family here at Ole Miss. It’s a really cool experience to be part of athletics and it’s something that is so unique to be a student-athlete and it’s something that I’ll remember and be able to cherish and have just one unique thing about myself forever. My favorite memory traveling was going to Ohio State last winter and it was just a crazy trip, you know, we ended up going a day early to try to beat the weather. We ended up not arriving until the day of our match. And instead of pushing it off for, you know, missing the match, we decided to shoot it and so, you know, we got in around noon, shot our match at three, like got done around nine and had to wake up the next morning and do it again. And that night when we got there after being jet lagged we ended up shooting our personal best for the whole team. And woke up the next morning ended up doing it again. And so it was a really cool experience and following it up by going to Alaska the next weekend and breaking our record one more time. I would like to be remembered as being someone who’s open and always bringing a good attitude to the range. Since being a freshman there’s kind of always been a goal that if I wasn’t contributing score-wise, I was contributing to the atmosphere and helping at least bring everyone else up. So, hopefully I’m remembered for just doing that. Right now my biggest goal is just to finish out the season strong and really enjoy my time on the range. Just it being my last – my last round really. And afterwards, I’m still trying to figure it out, but I really enjoy being an IMC student and know that, you know, whatever I do finishing up it will be something I will enjoy and have fun with. I like to thank my past and present coaches, without them I wouldn’t be here on the team today. Thank you to Marsha Beasley for making the range a home and always striving to make that incremental growth. Thank you to JP for always being on the line ready to listen to both the struggles and the random epiphanies. Without that kind of support and consistency I wouldn’t be, you know, I wouldn’t have been becoming a better shooter every day. Thank you to my parents for always supporting me and, you know, even getting me to Ole Miss in general. You know, Dad for handing me a rifle in the first place. I want to thank Josie Nicholson for, you know, being with me all four years; without you, you know, I don’t know where I’d be as a shooter. I’d like to thank the training staff, you know, Brandi for making us strong like off the line so we do better when we are shooting. Both my past and present teammates, it’s always fun to be on the line with you guys and I know that we’re all working really hard to achieve our goals. A big thank you to – especially Ally Weisz for being, you know, basically a mentor when I first got here and still a good friend today. And a special thanks to Harley Gardner, my other senior, and for kind of riding the longest journey with me. It’s been a really cool experience and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you and having my back. I’d like to thank Lynette for making the range what it is today and always having support for our team, thank you. I’d like to thank all my family both at home and just all over for, you know, coming to see me at my matches and also supporting me from wherever you are. [MUSIC]

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