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  1. You helped me out a lot man, for every pair of cammies I've bought, I watched your camouflage effectiveness videos to get more insight on them. At the moment I own Tiger Stripe Subdued, Asian Tiger Stripe, Woodland, Marpat Woodland, and I just recently got a pair of Flecktarn. I live in Maryland, so it's pretty green over here. One of my buddies owns 300 acres of private land up in the mountains that we hunt on. What's awesome is we can wear whatever we want up there, and we don't have to wear that Florescent orange bullshit lol, we even wear our chest rigs.

  2. Why would u unload at all let alone before u check the ak. You have disarmed urself and more than likely already tripped the ied hidden up that dead mans ass.

  3. Very fun and informative (very jelly also) video. Youre pretty much representing the last 100 years of firearms….per se and the gear to boot.

    "I dont have an Engfield but I do have these Mosins…and a K98"!
    Awww:(……times is hard buddy:)

    Come to think of it you only "need" a few more and you could recreate the "Top 10 battle rifles"….video from the military/history channel we all know and love including the "honorable mentions". "and now its an anti aircraft gun".<<<LOVE that guy!

    My humble collection salutes you sir!

    Be safe!

  4. good video but with the mosin you can flip it up side down and load it from the box this how I do I've never used the clip they rust and can jam and be a pain in the ass

  5. how about ammo? looks like you run some wolf brand ammo in a few of the commie weapons. what do the goat humpers use?

  6. Hey Brent I was wondering if you could help me with a dilemma? A few days ago I got my brand new DSA SA58 FAL and yesterday I pulled the charging handle all the way back to the right and the bolt and dust cover locked up in place and I can't figure out how to unlock it. The charging handle I was able to slide back to the left but the bolt and dust cover remain locked back in place how do I undo this? Is the spring broken? should I take it to a gunsmith?

  7. Thanks for an interesting video!
    Uzi's S/E/D seems to be actually German (Sicher/Secure, Einzelfeuer/Semi auto, Dauerfeuer/Full auto)

  8. Thanks for the information. It has been awhile since seeing information like this. I was trained to fight the Soviets and Warsaw Pact forces. Fulda Gap for the win!!!!

  9. Great video well thought out and presented, have used several of your videos to help train new guy's in my unit here in UK. Atb Russ (UK).

  10. That is not an SKS chest rig at about 37:20, it is a Chinese Type 63 rifle chest rig which is an interesting firearm by itself. They are frequently marketed as SKS rigs as no one knows anything about the Type 63, an actual SKS Type 56 chest rig has much smaller pockets that hold two loaded strippers each.

  11. This is awesome stuff, very useful info for those about to go down range. When I was in it was Taboo to pick up OPFOR weapons and utilize them as command elements were fearful of mis-identification and possible blue on blue fire. I suppose there were isolated incidents or just a taboo to them since we were briefed on the possible circumstances it happening.

    Either way awesome job and pretty direct info, will be sharing this with people who might find this useful.

  12. Yeah, nearly every Western European country (and many others) has changed from an FN variant to some sort of Bull Pup, there's a huge glut of these rifles out there and they're starting to turn up in African conflicts and in Syria. Not a good thing on top of the Soviet weapons already out there.

  13. Great video, great knowledge. I'm sure your gun dealer loves to see you walk in. Thanks for the videos. Wagner was here 8====D

  14. Taktoochnia ! You never know and its been proven some of these weps are more reliable than ours during exhausting fire fights so it's a good thing to know how to use them especially when we have a peece of govno "dick tater" opening the flood gate to just about any terrorist creature to just walk in and duz not apply to our rule of law which the average common man iz bound to, meaning federal gun regs. And the sad thing is that they will go after a militia that that stands up for freedom but when our very fabric is attacked "well we just investigate and lobby for more gun ""Cunt-Roll""" Which by the way might take a life time before the release any info about it better yet you might be able to find it on hillorees lost E-males. Like Me and the same for Gents like yourself We served a Guvermint that hate us and our way of life.A nation for the People would endorse arming its citizens during these times instead they want to stap us down and let these bastard terrorist F🖕🖕k us .

  15. Only thing I would like to point out is that the UZI, PPS-43, and Sterling sub-machine guns operate as open-bolt full auto rather than the closed-bolt semi autos that you have. But that's just because of the ATF rules. Was the crew served MG you were talking about something like a SG-43 Goryunov or DShK? Good Video mate.

  16. Hard to believe you're allowed to bring back these weapons. Nice video. As always, Thanks for your service. (TFYS)

  17. As a side note…Original UZI's fire from the open bolt…Closed bold operations were for US importation

  18. I've shot so many different types of guns I feel like I can shoot almost anything or its the first time I've held that weapon I feel like I can figure it out pretty quick

  19. Helmand Province eh? ever work with any Canadian Forces while over in the Afghanistan? – Great Video BTW so informative!

  20. Thanks you for this video!
    I must say about one thing.This vid is not useful for Russian soldiers.For example.In Chechnya,all terrorists used AK-style rifles,SVD,PKM.So,they are using the same weapon,that we using.
    Another thing.Almost all terrorists using 7.62 AK,while russian soldiers using 5.45 ammo,and sometimes they are using 7.62 AKM or AKMS.

  21. Really impressed with your videos. Really informative, you are obviously very experienced, thanks for sharing what you know and for your service. Great videos, happily subscribed.

  22. Cool video and btw. S-E-D is german and stands for:
    S – "Sicher" = safe
    E – "Einzelfeuer" = single shot
    D – "Dauerfeuer" = permanent shot

  23. Greetings Brent0331!
    You might have a German Uzi, they used it until they got the MP7 I think. So the E means Einzelfeuer that's Single Fire and the D means Dauerfeuer that's Auto Fire!

  24. I know my enemies weapons and battlefield pickup.  The are ALL STANDARD US ISSUE.  Between Homeland Security and that portion of the armed forces which will turn on the US civilian population I am not worried about comm-block weapons, that's what I carry.  How ironic that I carry a AKM in support of liberty and freedom.  To me there is no sweeter sound than putting an AK into battery.  Sweet.

  25. Great videos teufel hund!! Unfortunately call of duty has taught every 12 year old and up how to operate these weapons. Except for the safety's lol. No need to be safe and watch your muzzle in a video game.

  26. What's the button on the Uzi's pistol grip for? Neither the safety nor the button that release the magazine, the other one on the rear?

  27. im a few years late, but just to put it out there for the kar98 you dont need to remove the stripper clip after youve pushed the cartridges down, when you cycle the bolt forward it will knock the stripper clip out.

  28. it's probably been covered in other comments but you should mention that all those subguns would fire from the open bolt.
    It would be good to have a universal method for picking up an unfamiliar weapon and learning how it functioned quickly. Unload (likely location of mag cathes, fixed magazines) chamber checks, and then dry firing to determine function of safeties.

  29. when you were in the military and fighting against the taliban, did you ever see any of the taliban members using shotguns? also how common did any of the Islamic terror groups use suicide bombers?

  30. I like the tri desert camos you got here, I love both the Marpat desert and the tri color but kinda like the tri color about a one percent more.

  31. How many AK-47/AK-74 magazines are generally considered a basic combat load? Had 7 mags for first combat load for the M-16A1 long ago. Each additional 6 mags were considered an additional combat load. Example, 13 mags would be two combat loads.

  32. Ah Dude…
    you failed to mention, the dreaded RPG, (WTF) lol
    perhaps It could be a video in the future, knowing the RPG, is valuable information….

  33. great vid reminds me of class lol long time sorry man Google dropped you off my subbs and a lot of others stay safe brother

  34. Hey @Brent0331
    It's a german UZI from the Bundeswehr "S" like "Sicher", "E" for "Einzelfeuer" and "D" for "Dauerfeuer"

  35. Semper Fidelis to our American Constitution, Brother.

    Yet, I hope that you have awaken to what the "war on terrorism" really is, and the reality that NOT a single drop of American blood shed since 2001 has been for America and her citizens, rather, for Amerika and the New World Order.

    I am glad to witness through your teaching and training videos why the Homeland Security finds us veterans their enemy of their new anti American order.

    I re enlisted and in uniform within 35 days of the "New Pearl Harbor". Allegedly, executed by hajis with box cutters and indestructible passports.

    Blue Red and Black pilled are the levels of truth…


  36. Yes and you take the enemy's mags. All the time in the movies they take the gun, fire 1000 rounds and no mag changes.

  37. 22 seconds in and you set off a booby trap. Never just grab anything you find on the battlefield, treat everything as if it's trapped. My favorite dirty trick is to swap the fuse from an m-67 with one from a smoke grenade, the m-67 has a time delay fuse, the smoker is instant. Anyway, swap the fuse, and rig the grenade with the spoon under the thing you want to trap, then CAREFULLY cover the device and place the gun, map box, helmet, whatever on it, pull the pin and split. Ain't war hell?

  38. Addition to the intro: Be careful, IED traps on corspes and weapons is somewhat common. It is often used as bait. Edit: Oh nvm, you explained that one at 35:31 … I should have been more patient with my comment.
    Thank you for your great videos!

  39. Wonder if the ‘74 is in 5.56mm or the real 5.45×39. Know they imported semiauto AKs in 5.56 before Bubba’s gun ban.

  40. We live under tyranny from the dual citizenship Bolsheviks that have stolen our government from us, our military and have enslaved is under the usery theft system of the Fed and irs! Our soldiers are fighting the bankers wars of aggression against innocent people's of the world, all so that the communist Zionists can take over Nations oil and mineral rights, take down soveriegn Nation after Nation for their goal of their jw world order! Watch a winter soldiers tale. And you will know what our military truly is. Monsters who think they are fighting for we the peoples safety. If they truly were, they would have already arrested congress, the rothchilds, Rockefellers, and the banker's, media, FBI, NSA, S. E. S, NASA and many more. Yet they won't, and they will open fire on their own Nations citizen's when the NWO government orders them too. This breaks my heart, as they know and we know, that israel was behind 9/11 and so were the dual citizenship Israeli scum who rule over you and i, and literally think we are cattle, animals with no souls!

  41. After reading about Operation Eldest Son perpetrated by MACV/SOG during the Vietnam war I would not use enemy arms or ammunition to unless I had no choice.

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