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[Official] Until We Meet Again | ด้ายแดง Ep.15 [1/4]

Next Friday is a holiday Can I sleep over at your place? This time It won’t be just a sleepover Hot! It’s so hot! You seem distracted these days That’s true Are you sick? We’re almost done. You can go back home first I have another class after this You can go to class then. I can take care of this Here For you, if you want to give it to someone Thank you Well… I will go to class first Get some rest too Why don’t you just come to class tomorrow? I had to go to the swimming club first. That’s why I’m late Pharm is not here yet? Did you even think before you ask? The answer is very obvious He’s always late He’s getting worse Speak of the devil I give you For me? Lucky me Let me see What is it? Thai pudding with coconut topping! I love it. Let me eat it We have to share this No way Give me three pieces No! Pharm gave this to me No. He give it to us Manaow! Why he seems so weird today? He acts weird Did he put something weird in the dessert too? What’s wrong? What is your symptom? Tell me What? Are you sure? It’s nothing Nothing at all… Your pitch is higher than normal I’m going to meet my uncle. I haven’t seen for 10 years I’m nervous That’s why He’s overthinking I have an idea for you to release stress Let’s find something to eat Fatty! Right I saw a new restaurant yesterday Do you guys want to go? Where is it? Right in front of our university You just called me a fatty Manaow, you’re not fat Don’t listen to Team You guys are such a liar I don’t think we can go today Why not? Look Hello Dean You’re here to see Pharm? I have a date with him That’s why You guys are going on a date and you didn’t tell me You know, Pharm couldn’t concentrate in the class He acted like this I don’t know what’s wrong with him? He didn’t answer me when I asked him questions I think he’s overthinking about something Why? What’s wrong? Nothing Are you sure? Well… Let’s eat together later then Okay Right Next week The short film that I was in it The result will be announced soon Everyone was complimenting Chor-Muang that you taught us Thank you Keep fingers crossed. Let’s celebrate if I win You can come with us too You’re paying, right? Of course, it’s on me Are you sure? Let’s think about this after I win But right now… We’re leaving first See you guys later Good bye I’m off Bye bye Let’s go I want to eat something that you cook Okay Pineapple fried rice Let’s put a lot of Chinese sausage and pork floss That’s enough Let’s pay We won’t be able to finish eating all this I want a bigger fridge You’re so small. Why do you need a bigger fridge? I can make more desserts for you to eat We can buy a bigger one when we move into a house I think condo is too small Which house? A house that we will live together I prefer to live in a house rather than to live in a condo I will throw this away first You won’t let me pay for anything Most of the things we bought They’re for me and my club members But I also use them too Am I right? It’s my repayment for your water and electricity bills Also, your time for being my chef You’re such a strict businessman I am Because my boyfriend studies economics That’s why I have to be strict Or else he might ditch me How is that even related? After we graduate You want to open a restaurant, right? Then we have to use a lot of money I might have to borrow my dad’s money to open the restaurant Wait a second Dean It’s my restaurant. Why do we have to borrow your dad’s money? We are living together. We have to help each other But You don’t want to live with me? It’s not that I love you I love you too I want to be with you I want to be with you too After we graduate Let’s move in together Why are you crying? Don’t cry You… You said like you’re asking me to marry you I am asking you now Dean… Your mom lives in New York, right? If I remember correctly Same-sex marriage is legalized there Come on Let’s start eating You have to eat a lot Don’t change the topic yet This is a big deal Yes, it’s a big deal But in the end It’s still our decision, isn’t it? That’s true Stop overthinking We still have a lot of time to think Until we graduate If nothing changes I will ask you again Okay? Okay Let’s start eating It won’t taste good if it gets cold Look at this It looks yummy You have to finish the whole thing then Of course I will finish the whole thing

100 thoughts on “[Official] Until We Meet Again | ด้ายแดง Ep.15 [1/4]

  1. this deanpharm relationship is making me jealous wtf. they date to marry not to play skdjajskdhakjdha i stan healthy relationship!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah Pharm go get some rest you're going to need it when you and Dean get hitched 😁 also shout out out for the white haired guy I hope we get to see more of him before the series ends

  3. I’m like yes the USA did legalize same sex marriage feel free to come and I will be at the wedding I will email my address to you so I better be invited

  4. Aí que lindos meu Deus que fofura o Dean planejado casar com o lindo bebê 💙👬🤗🤗🤗🦁🐼😍😍😍😍

  5. 😍 😍 😊
    You are here to see pharm

    Dean: i have a date with him
    Removing all doubts n making his claim
    Go go Dean, the long waited day is here oh my mmmm

  6. Am I the only who has re-watched this like 10+ times since this episode came out.

    "I am asking you now"

    this scene has been the cause of every tear for the last 2 days

  7. Pucha
    Si alguien muere
    Juró que voy a llorar como nunca e llorado en mi vida
    Mas que lo que llorec por el final del dorama has que nuestros días cuenten

  8. When dean says that he wanted to get. A house with pharm , lol pharm just completely change the subject lmao then walk off so fast 🚶

  9. Mano, como assim? Thailandia produz os melhores bls e não legalizou o casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo, não faz sentido.

  10. So I have been gone since ep 13 and I just realized why I needed to comeback. BECAUSE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL LOVE!!
    I feel so guilty, how could I ditch on my DeanPharm and KornIn like that TT

  11. Uuuuyyyý mis amores muchas gracias por los subtítulos en español … alegria de mi vida 🤗😄😥

  12. Esta historia se pone cada vez más interesante,desde el primer episodio me atrapó, es diferente a todas las que he visto, creo que por eso me facina

  13. Again a huge congratulations to the writers. Dean told Pharm he wasn't a player. He couldn't make it clearer than I this episode. A true and real talk relationship goal.

  14. OMG I gone for 5 days…he Rhee he sorry I'm late
    My boyfriend don't let me to watch anything in our vacation
    I'm sorry UWMA!!!

  15. Vaya son muy maduros pensando en su futuro juntos de esa manera,me gusta como siempre se cuentan y consultan todo antes de tomar una decisión,ya me estaba cansando porque la mayoria de parejas de este género suelen ser bastante tóxicas

  16. Aquí en Uruguay también está legalizado el casamiento de personas del mismo sexo.asi que pueden venir a casarse aquí. Ja 😅😅😅

  17. Manow is not fat! She is beautiful inside and out and a great friend to Pharm and Team. I really hope her man comes to her soon!

  18. Uke with their Sugar Boyfriend 👬💰💸💲

    Gimme a Sugar BF like them pleaseee 😂

  19. Super; Dean ya piensa en un futuro juntos. Una frase indirecta y muy reveladora, NY si acepta el matrimonio Gay, es decir Tai, NOO!!?

  20. studio wabisabi, will you be releasing an mv for the opening song? that's a female version of one of sompob's song for UWMA right?

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