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Official Trailer | LETHAL WEAPON

[breathing deeply] MARTIN RIGGS: You
ready for this? [breathing deeply] You sure? Now do me a favor– don’t miss. [heavy breathing] Because
I’m not spending the rest of my life with some tube
coming out of my mouth because you morons can’t shoot. So let’s do this together. [inhales, exhales] One. [inhales, exhales] Two. [squeezes trigger] [gunshot] [cocks gun] [click] [music playing]
[screaming] The hell are you doin’? Martin Riggs. We’re gonna make a great team. [beeping] [explosion] We got a DOA in Griffith Park. Is the DOA dead? Dead on arrival– does that
mean something different here? No. I just want to make sure
there’s no one else left for you to kill. Just you and me. I’ve seen a lot of
crazy people before, but this dude is in
a class by himself. [knocking] MURTAUGH’S WIFE: Who is it? Nobody.
It’s ju– um– Hi. Martin Riggs. I’m sure you’ve
heard a lot about me. Not a word.
We were about to have dinner. Would you like to
come in, Riggs? MURTAUGH: No, he can’t. He can’t– got
stuff he gotta do. Come on. I mean, it does smell good. Oh, it tastes even better. So, do you have
any kids, Martin? I–I do not. But you’re married? [truck horn blaring] [crash] [music playing] Not anymore. She passed away. I’m sorry. MARTIN RIGGS: She
was a good one. Gave me something to live for. I need you to be
honest with me. Do you think Riggs is dangerous? Very. [chuckling] [cars racing] [crash] LAPD– put your
hands in the air! [inaudible]!
[bus honking] [crash] What? I didn’t kill him. [crash] This man is out of his mind. [gunshots] Be safe out there. Always. [cocks gun] [music playing] What the hell did this guy do? He questioned him.
The guy fled. So we– [interposing voices] -And then he pulled a gun on us.
-Yes. And he pulled a gun. Tried to shoot us. [interposing voices] Stop! You are 50 years old, Murtaugh,
and still only a detective. I like solving cases, not
kissin’ ass– [kissing sounds]

26 thoughts on “Official Trailer | LETHAL WEAPON

  1. Come on Season 4..and no..idgaf about..trolls posting no Riggs no series..get over it..he is gone and not coming back..unless they reboot with new actors..THE END..

  2. I'm a die hard lethal weapon fan but haven't seen this, but after seeing a lot of Damon Wayan's stuff like the last Boy Scout, bulletproof, and mo money. I want to see this now.

  3. Очень хороший фильм нравится классный супер велекалепный прекрасный

  4. i came here to find korbin miles. Didn't find him. Any1 knows if this is the lethal weapon series he was talking about or something different?

  5. dear Lord, Jordana Brewster needs help. She looks so skinny at 2:34 that she could have made a cameo appereance in Coco ; poor lady

  6. I remember when this was coming out. Pretty much everyone (including myself) was hating on it before it even started. Few months later those same people got hooked. It was a fantastic show but we all know what followed then…

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