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Officer reports bus driver on school grounds holding handgun

Some Valley High School students are on edge after hearing about a gun on school grounds.It all started just before noon Thursday on Interstate 235. Paul Smiley-Oyen was driving a charter bus …headed for Valley High School to pick up some band students. For an unknown reason he began tailgating a car…honking his horn and flashing his lights.What Smiley-Oyen didn’t know was …The driver he was tailgating…was an on duty Des Moines police captain in a city vehicle.Then Captain Mike Hoffman saw something he wasn’t expecting ….Once Smiley- Oyen saw it was a police officer he tried to hide the gun and tuck it in his waistband. Smiley-Oyen was ordered off the bus and was taken into custody. Smiley- Oyen did have a permit to carry the gun.There were no students on the bus and no student was in danger …but still some students aren’t comfortable with the situation.

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