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Odcinek 13 – Przyrządy celownicze glock – TRUGLO TFO

Welcome to the new episode. Today we exchange stock Glock 17 iron sights on these… TruGlo TFO sights. TFO series combine advantages of fiber and tritium Thanks to this we can easily use them day and night. Truglo offers sights with fiber only or tritium only or advanced TFX and TFX PRO As always we check the gun if its unloaded. Chamber is empty, To work easly we take the slide out. Frame, barrel and recoil spring won’t be needed in this operation At first we will dismount the stock sights. It will be much easy when we use sight screw driver available in most shops selling the truglo sights Lets screw off the front sight. Here`s a tip: We have exchanged sights of the camera in Glock 17C There is no screw is simple pin you need to punch out. After taking the screw out you can take out the front sight. In its place we put new front sight. We are screwing it down to see if its fits. If it looks good we glueing the screw with locktite And screw it back. Now the more difficult part, rear sight need to be punched out. To not damage the sights surface, the best tool is brass punch and hammer. We use instead 4mm brass wire As you can see vice covered with cloth comes handy No we can begin punching in the new rear sight You need to be sure the mounting screw is not sticking out. The mark from brass punch comes out easly Rear sight should be mounted in center of the width of the slide. Then we check with caliper After a slight calibration the montage is finished. Now we can secure the sight screwing it down It is good to use loctite as well and we are ready to put all together You have +10 to SWAG with this sights We know from friends that they are improving getting sight picture faster Thank you for watching, See you in the next epis Please subscribe our channel

2 thoughts on “Odcinek 13 – Przyrządy celownicze glock – TRUGLO TFO

  1. Pytanie – wkręcaliście śrubę z zestawu od TRUGLO, czy tą od fabrycznej muszki? Bo fabryczna jest dłuższa, a u mnie po przykręceniu na g 17 gen5 muszka ma lekki luz góra-dół (na tyle że klekocze delikatnie przy ruszaniu zamkiem góra-dół. Wydaje mi się, że dokręciłem dość mocno i obawiam się dokręcić jeszcze mocniej, żeby nie uszkodzić gwintu na śrubie (przykręcałem na tą krótszą z zestawu od TRUGLO).

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