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OCD – PUBG Bullet Whiz (No Voice-over)

today we’re going to be talking about
bullet whizzes or the sound effect that plays when a bullet nearly misses you in
player unknowns battlegrounds. I got the footage and broke it down so I can tell
you guys how best to handle this sometimes overwhelming sound effect. So
first off bullet whizzes and bullet cracks will only happen when the player
firing the weapon is about 15 meters away from you. Within that distance there
will be no bullet whiz, no bullet crack sound effect not entirely sure why that is but
just something to take away. The other thing to note before we get really into
it is that battlegrounds actually has a semi realistic sound engine you will
always see the muzzle flash before you hear the gunshot or the bullet whiz and
if the ammunition is supersonic you will actually hear the bullet whiz and the
bullet crack before you even hear the initial shot from the rifle. So as long
as a bullet passes somewhat nearby you you will hear a whizzing sound effect.
The distance for this is actually pretty generous it seems to be a few maybe five
meters away from you if a bullet travels within that radius of you you are going
to hear a whizzing sound effect. Now if the ammunition is supersonic
once that bullet gets closer to you you’re actually going to hear a crack –
it’s very loud and the closer it gets the louder it gets to the point where it
can be overwhelming and somewhat deafening. Now only supersonic ammunition
makes that crack subsonic ammunition does not crack but you will always still
hear it whiz. Now for the most part most weapons in this game fires supersonic
ammunition but the 1911 does fire subsonic as does the revolver. The
crossbow obviously is subsonic ammunition and the VSS fires subsonic
ammunition which is what makes it such a good stealth sniper rifle. The tommy gun
and the vector also fire subsonic ammunition so all those weapons listed
just now will not crack they will only do the bullet whiz sound effect no
matter how close you get to the person you are firing at. So now the question
becomes if you’re under fire from an unknown attacker and you hear whizzes
and cracks going off all around you how do you determine his position and the
answer is a little bit complicated. The position of the crack and the bullet
whiz don’t really tell you anything about the location of the attacker it
only tells you the location of the bullet as it passed by you it doesn’t
even really inform you of the direction well it was traveling so the best bet
here is to completely ignore the bullet whizzes and the bullet cracks which can
be hard because they’re quite overwhelming and instead try to focus on
the sound effect of the initial gunshot as you can use that positional audio to
instead tell you the location or direction of your attacker. This is kind
of counterintuitive and most people will focus on the loudest sound which
typically tends to be the supersonic crack and that’s why oftentimes they can
get overwhelmed and take an advantage of instead of actually responding to the
threat if they did instead try to isolate the sound for just the initial
gunshot. Now this becomes more complicated with silenced weapons. A
silenced weapon can have audible range fall offs that are very short. For
instance with a silenced UMP you will not be able to hear the initial gunshot
if the attacker is more than 100 meters away. You will still however be
overwhelmed with cracks and bullet whizzes as they fire upon you. In this
clip here my friend went to a random location and began firing upon me. I did
not know where he was. He had a silenced UMP, was more than 100 meters away and I
tried my best to locate him and the truth is is it’s nearly impossible. You
have to just get lucky on a visual location and without the presence of a
muzzle flash because of the silencer that is very very difficult. He basically
had to tell me where he was in fact I was so overwhelmed I even glanced over
him a few times and was not able to accurately consistently or successfully
really identify the threat. So the takeaway here guys is pretty simple:
bullet whizzes happen when anyone shoots somewhat near you. If they’re firing
supersonic ammunition you are going to hear a crack as those bullets travel
closer to you. Now try your best not to rely on the whizzes and the cracks to
determine the location of your shooter instead try and isolate the sound of the
initial gunshot and use that to potentially inform where the shooter is
located. And if that person has a silencer or if you’re unable to locate
that initial gunshot your best bet is to just hide and getting as much cover as
you possibly can because he could really be anywhere. And finally this furthers my
theory that the silencer is one of the best attachments in the game the utility
of being able to completely destroy someone’s ability to locate you as an
attacker is huge and will give you a massive
advantage. All right guys I’m going to be doing some more bite-sized content like
this coming forward. I just added a member to my family so I have a little
bit less time though I’m still going to try and get a video out a week. I want to
give a shout out to Lazygun8, of course he helped me. Check out the
description for his twitch. I want to give a huge shout out to Aegis7 the
gaming community, they are incredibly kind, they’ve worked with me to help me
get access to custom server. They’re great guys check them out, I’m going to
throw a link to them in the description. And tweet at the developers, tweet at the
community managers, tweet at playerunknown himself with the hashtag
#Server4Magnum. Let’s try and get that trending, just show them that there are
people out there who care to see me get a custom server who care to make me a
partner so I can produce more content so you guys can continue to get the
advantage and learn the breakdowns of everything battlegrounds. Guys, check my
description for twitch and twitter. I’m MagnumDopus: keep crunching those numbers

26 thoughts on “OCD – PUBG Bullet Whiz (No Voice-over)

  1. Sorry about the last video, I didn't realize so many people would want to focus on just the sounds of the bullet cracks/whizzes. I should have realized that, my brain is foggy due to all the puppy poop and lack of sleep, I'm sorry!

    Lets still try and get that #Server4Magnum trending, I'm hoping to re-apply for partnership soon.

    I also want to mention the T or "perpendicular" rule. Many people have pointed out to me that if you hear a bullet crack or whiz to your left it means the shooter is perpendicular to the line you drew to the point of the crack. That is a decent general rule but does not always work, for instance if the bullet travels over you, below you, or if your attacker is not on the same vertical plane as you. It is not necessarily a bad thing to add to your knowledge base though!

  2. Thank you. the second time I watched your video I was like it would be nice if he could just shut up a bit. this video and the previous video is perfect 👍

  3. It took me a while to figure this one out before I got the hang of the audio cues. Thanks for another video with good info, MD 🙂

  4. Thanks for taking the time to show the mechanics and systems and not only provide good explanations but good example videos for comparisons or training.

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