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OBREZ PISTOL – Battlefield 1 | BF1 one shot kill bolt action pistol first look CTE PC commentary

Hello guys, how are you doing ??? I hope you’re all doing well !!! Yesterday we saw the second light machine gun revealed that is coming with the russian dlc in the name of the Tsar for Battlefield 1 In September, and it was the perino model 1908 In case you missed that video you can click at the info card in the top right corner in order to see it today We’re going to have a first look at the secondary weapon that is also coming with Russian dlc in September And it’s called the Obrez pistol Now first of all let me inform you what Obrez stands for Obrez pistol was not a specific gun that was being used back in World War 1 Obrez was actually a generic name! A name that was commonly associated with extensively modified Bolt-action rifles.. So if a bolt-action rifle was modified extensively, they would call it a Obrez Now for us in Battlefield 1 the Obrez pistol is a modified Mosin Nagant bolt-action rifle !! In case you don’t know that the Mosin Nagant bolt-action rifle is coming in Battlefield 1 with the Russian dlc in September, you can click at the info card first to know what the Mosin Nagant actually is !!
Now moving on Think of it as a mosin nagant, cut down as much as possible without any furniture and barrel and ………. You have the Obrez bolt-action Pistol !!!! So the Obrez pistol is using the same ammunition with the Mosin Nagant bolt-action rifle Now…..Ok.. guys just think of it They were actually using this kind of things.. I mean pistols back in world war I and if I can only imagine a soldier holding a pistol with one hand and firing a bolt action’s rifle round This should be very painful and very very difficult to use for sure In Battlefield 1 it isn’t painful to use at least if you are not you….. and you are your enemy !!!! But you should better be damn accurate with this pistol ! It actually needs skills in order to succeed with this pistol ! If you aren’t accurate with the Obrez pistol you are going to die ! And why is that? Because it’s a bolt-action pistol ! And you need to wait for the bolt animation between shots and if you’ve already equipped your secondary weapon And you miss, you better take some cover really quick or else you are going to die ! It has a really slow rate of fire. It’s 200 rounds per minute So ! we already have two downsides with this pistol.. The slow fire rate and it’s not very easy to hit an enemy with ! Why would you use this pistol? well if you ask me i will use it because it’s really badass, but it also has a very very did i say very ?? big Advantage !! It can kill with one shot from close range!!! Now I’m pretty sure that it should be one-shot kill only if you hit a headshot or else it will deal about 75 damage most But !!! And don’t take this for granted cause it’s CTE and it’s bugged, and it’s for test reasons only, but I’m sure i did some kills with the Obrez pistol dealing 100 damage without achieving a headsot ! But we will know for sure when the official stats are out Now sure thing is that we are going to have some really very good moments and very fun with this pistol Now let’s move on!! The Obrez pistol will be available for all infantry classes and it will have a five round clip, and you will have 30 rounds for reserve ammunition and… a really nice bolt action animation!!! Notice here that in CTE which the video you see is from it, will not have animation between all shots cause it’s bugged and it’s not very ready yet! Now I want to share this thing with you ! When I wanted to make this video, I was thinking that.. Okay, I want to say something for a pistol, so the background video should better have some pistol moments And I say oh my God, how many games should I play to have a video that it has many many pistol kills and i was thinking that I should have like 10 gameplays in order to take out of them pistol kills for a video that would be maybe five minutes or so ! But I actually didn’t have to play such many games! I used the most of the time the Vetterli combined with this pistol and the results were actually really really good !!! I didn’t expect that !! Now I hope I gave you an idea with the new pistol.. I will leave you now with some rest of the gameplay in case you want to see! if you liked the video please give a thumbs up! If you don’t a thumbs down and I’ll see you in the next video

20 thoughts on “OBREZ PISTOL – Battlefield 1 | BF1 one shot kill bolt action pistol first look CTE PC commentary

  1. When the main is a shotgun, how good the sub is in this? If there are some mistakes in English, I’d like to apologize.

  2. Nice review. I like the fact that you're talking slow, it helps some viewers. The Obrez looks hella fun too. Last thing, could you link the music please?

  3. Very nice gameplay and commentary brother. What is your sensitivity? What is your key binding?(Keyboard settings) I recently bought a mouse that doesn't have side bottoms. Thanks and once again keep up the great work.

  4. You're the friggin terminator with that thing! It would be cool if we could have an Obrez in each hand, and the ability to pull the bolt between shots with our teeth, maybe with a metal mouthguard a la Jaws in Bond. That should be a sentry loadout. Scare the crap out of the enemy.

  5. Hey guys let me know if the English and Greek subtitles i've added are helping out ! Should i continue adding subtitles to the vids ? Thanks for the support !

  6. It's not painful to shoot mosin obrez. Just no accuracy. large flash and a lot of unburned powder, so you will have a slower velocity. You can make one in the US with a tax stamp.

  7. Actually "Obrez / Обрез" stands for "cutted down or sawed off", thats not qite heavily modified. And it can de any weapon, mostly shotguns. But anyway nice gameplay comrade.

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