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NSW Police Commissioner warns of dangers of 3D guns

There’s been a recent explosion, if you like, download of hundred thousand plus files that allow people to get access to CAD
material that would allow people to print their own 3D gun The New South Wales Police Force has done that, we have downloaded those files, we have manufactured two firearms We have one of those with us
today that we can show you We used up the opportunity to test the other firearm and we have a clip of
the results That’s the primary reason we want to be here with you today, this is a day we need to get a warning out to the
community about just how dangerous these things are Can I start by indicating that I primary concern is that somebody might choose to try and download one of these
files, if they haven’t already That they would then in turn manufacture one of these firearms and they are weapons, they are firearms under the
legislation, therefore they are prohibited unless you have a lisence It’s an offence to make one, it’s an offence to possess one, it’s an offence to use one So the warning is that if you are
thinking about even considering making one of these weapons, you need to
understand that not only are they illegal, but they are enormously dangerous, but to the person that you might be
choosing to use it against and to yourself as you can see The catastrophic failure of that firearm comes about because there are no standards around the manufacture of these weapons They are truly undetectable They are untracable because they have no serial
numbers, no unique identifiers, they are cheap and easy to make That we can cost us approximately thirty
five dollars to make We might that on a base entry level
3D printer That printer costs us seventeen hundred dollars It truly is a home printer for so many people and of course make no mistake about
it, not only these things undetectable, untraceable, cheap and easy to make, but they will kill The weapon that discharged into that block of material that you saw, the ballisticians, the ballistics men and
women there, the forensic services people who were at the test, confirmed for me that that is more than
capable of killing you, that went at tremendous distance into that block and certainly capable of killing anyone Can I further indicate to you that this
is now becoming a problem the world over We know that this is causing serious concerns
to law enforcement across the globe Certainly there was a bulletin
that’s been released recently in the US that confirms that, from Homeland Security, these particular weapons are almost
impossible to stop being sent electronically, these files are out there and they’re in very wide circulation There was a hundred thousand downloads on
that particular file, this weapon’s known as the Liberator, this particular file was downloaded
a hundred thousand times before it was removed from circulation at the
request in direction of the US government, but we know that download one file and it will grow exponentially in terms
of its redownloading and so we couldn’t give you an estimate
of how many of those files are out there, but we certainly know that are There’s been a number of modifications made to the file since they were first downloaded We’ve seen that ourselves and we’ve been
watching that and it’s incredibly difficult to stop
these files from being trafficked around the world, understanding that it’s
difficult to stop the illegal downloading of music, software, many other files, this will not be in any different category, it’s just as difficult to do So I think we need to realise that it is an emerging threat, it’s one that
we’ve identified, we’ll continue to monitor what happens is in
this area and certainly from my perspective it’s
something that we’ll be paying particular attention to, to ensure
that the New South Wales Police Force is doing everything it can do to keep communities safe

37 thoughts on “NSW Police Commissioner warns of dangers of 3D guns

  1. lol 3 thumbs down.. bet they are retarded gun loving cowboys. Oh please let them print the guns, they will blow their own face off.

  2. Why doesnt any goverment / law makers understand that they cant restrict the downloading of a model, they need to restrict the 3d printers or the distribution of black powder..

  3. Anyone dumb enough to try using a plastic gun deserves the backfire that kills them. What they are really trying to prevent by banning 3D printers is our rights and freedoms to make replacement parts for our own stuff, and making us pay someone else for the item, so they can earn the tax off the sale. Corporate GREED is an INSATIABLE HUNGER that will NEVER DIE until the 1% are put to death and we start again.

  4. It's not the firearm that'll have to be focused on but the ammunition. Tighter controls on bullets. Cant 3D print gunpowder and bullets yet.

  5. does this use the same materials as those demonstrated by the creator as they look different which would explain why it breaks, to me this looks like intentionally using weaker materials to disuade possible people from printing this.

  6. 30%-50% straight line infill no wonder it fail try honey comb or octagonal at around 80% infill and you might actually make cuts on police firearms

  7. It's sad these machines are used for the creation of weapons. They could be used for countless charitable things all over the world.

  8. The answer isnt in blocking the gun, it is in blocking the ammunition. Ammunition cannot be printed.

  9. I can already see why it shattered but you will probably block this.
    This is nothing new, nor are zip guns, nor are any other homemade weapons.
    Your goal isn't safety, it is to prevent people from doing what they wish.
    It is no more a threat than any other weapon. In the hands of a responsible person (who made the device properly) there is zero threat. Improperly made or used "weapons" or tools can and will cause injuries. This like other public announcements around the world, are politics.

  10. So second amendment patriots are going to kill themselves with this 3D printed gun. Darwin wins again.

  11. Great video, and I appreciate the message being sent, but the gun is useless without the bullet. Any one can make a gun out of a pipe or many other things that can fire a bullet. I really don't see the difference.

  12. Your using the wrong type of printing process, the gun DD demonstrated wasn't built using the constructive method.

  13. Have a teary.
    Any idiot with a hacksaw, file and hand drill can make a machine-gun that is cheap and far more reliable than this, from plans on the internet, same can be done with a pen and duct tape + rubber bands. This is not new. Also, I doubt you chose optimal print settings, plastics and ammunition to test with (I can see the layers). This smells amateur, it is possibly even propaganda. I know someone managed (using a low cost printer and abs) to print one and fired 8 rounds successfully.

  14. Greetings NSWPF!

    Just wanted to stop by to note that the reason it failed was because you forgot to acetone bathe the gun. It's detectable by backscatter x-ray, thermal imaging, and passive millimeter wave scanners. Printers can be made from scratch with raw materials alone. Yes, that even includes the circuitry!

    I've started a thread on the DefCad forums on bypassing shape restrictions on printers.

    There's little you can do to stop all this. Prosecute VIOLENCE, not possession of objects.

  15. If you had not taken all the REAL GUNS away from the Honast Citizens there would not be a NEED for the Liberator…..

  16. Non acetone dipped and they used a 9mm round which is higher pressure instead of .380, no wonder it KB'd.

  17. Where is the national discussion on motivation and the sociological condition itself to which these acts of violence erupt?

  18. In this technological age where people can now print automatic weapons in secret with home 3D printers, paving the way for an eventual nanotech revolution that will enable to public to create powerful weapons at home, bypassing commercial regulation itself – perhaps we need to rethink our sense of causality here. For unless you intend to outlaw scientific progress itself, regulation isn't going to amount to a damn thing in the long run.

  19. The issue here is not restricting who can obtain a firearm, the issue is how can we prevent the violent behaviors in the first place. When will this 'gun debate' move towards more relevant social science? Since the "War on drugs" commenced, there has been a massive increase in gun related drug violence- shall we just ignore this causality? There's also about 100 years of data on the relationship economic imbalance, specifically wealth imbalance and violence.

  20. The stats have become very clear now that the gap between the rich and the poor creates more violence. The bigger the gap, the more violence, and crime on the whole. Take for instance the US which has the biggest income gap in the world also has the most violence and worst public health of any first world nation. Is this not worth discussing?

  21. With all due respect, we can't be naive enough to think that the reduction of certain guns as the 'left' suggests, or the increase in armed security in public places as the 'right' suggests, is going to have any long term effect on such deeply rooted sociological problems right? A problem clearly rooted in structured dehumanisation and economic deprivation that's inherent to our social system? Is it not of some viable consideration to address this issue?

  22. I gues it would very good to make a software protective against guns, for example, to make soft to analyze the drawing and identify it, to categorize it and if it is known as a gun, abort the printing. I think it is really possible to make software working in this way: recognize and abort the drawing.

  23. Is it even legal for the police themselves to print a gun? Seems like they would need a special permit.

  24. Hahahha fail!
    The shooter loses his hand or fingers, and the victim has only a hematoma.
    Biggest nonsense I've ever seen!

  25. That would not work. The gun is not printed in one piece but in multiple pieces that are then assembled. You cannot tell whether or not an item is a component of a gun or not.Look at theimages of the one that blew up and tell me is when just a pile of part, can you tell that is a gun capable of firing a bullet.

  26. So tell me, why is the murder rate in New Zeland (populations 4.4. million) only forty two, when the average citizen does not have access to handguns or semiautomatic weapons except under incredibly strict conditions. In fact our police go about their everyday business unarmed except for the standar issue batton and some carying Tasers. Oh, and the total count of mass murder victims in New Zeland in our entire history? Around 100, which is about 1/3 of last years road deaths.

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